How to quickly and easily remove the bitterness from the eggplant?

Eggplant - vegetables This product is used by housewives in the preparation of various dishes. Salty snacks and side dishes are made from it. Vegetable is used for winter preparations, as in canned form it is perfect for everyday and festive table. But he may have a little bitterness. It can spoil the taste of the dish. Remove the bitterness of eggplants in various ways, which are described in the article.

The benefits and harm of vegetables

Eggplant is considered a useful product that must be in the human diet. In Solanaceae there are valuable vitamins and trace elements. For example, they are rich in vitamins C, B, PP. They also contain magnesium, calcium, pectin, potassium, phosphorus.

remove the bitterness of eggplants

The beneficial properties of the vegetable include:

  1. Ability to get rid of cigarette addiction. Due to the presence of vitamin PP, or nicotinic acid, the absence of cigarettes is more easily tolerated.
  2. You can get rid of excess weight.This is due to the low calorie content and the presence of many vitamins.
  3. Removal of toxins and excess fluid. The reason for this is the presence of fiber in the vegetable.
  4. Digestion is stimulated, cholesterol is removed. This is due to the content of pectin in it.

Harm is associated with solanine, which is in the skin of eggplant. In large quantities, it can be a poison, cause poisoning, in which nausea, fatigue, high fever, malaise are observed. Solanine is usually present in old fruits. Neutralize this alkaloid after poisoning may be milk, egg white, mucous soups.

Choosing the right vegetable

For any dish it is important to choose the right fruit. The bitterness does not come from the pulp, but from the hides of the nightshade, because it has a special component - solanine. In large quantities, this substance is harmful to humans, it, as we have said, can cause poisoning.

how to remove the bitterness of eggplant before cooking

Immediately after tearing off the bed, the eggplants have almost no bitterness. But after storage on the counter, they produce a lot of solanine. To choose a product without bitterness, you must use the following tips:

  1. It is preferable to buy young fruit.If it is possible to purchase them on the market, then this should be done. Such vegetables can be cooked immediately, and no bitterness is needed.
  2. It is necessary to examine the stalk. It should be elastic, and the leaves are green and alive. Do not buy products with dry leaves.
  3. You need to choose eggplants with a smooth surface. And she should creak a little while holding her finger on it. Fruits with slippery sandpaper should not be bought.
  4. Large soft vegetables contain a lot of solanine. They are considered old, so they do not need to choose.
  5. You need to choose fruits with a darker skin, because they have more antioxidants.

How easy is it to remove the bitterness from the eggplant? For this, several effective methods are used. You need to choose them depending on what dish will be cooked. Using simple methods, it will turn out to make a tasty and healthy dish.

Salt treatment

Remove the bitterness of eggplants in two main ways. Both are performed using iodized salt, which is in every home. The first method is considered “dry” because it does not require soaking. Eggplant slices can be treated with salt.For this you need:

  1. Prepare food - rinse thoroughly, wipe with a napkin, cut, remove the tails. Coarse salt is required. Small granules can be quickly absorbed, so the dish will turn salty.
  2. You need to take a deep bowl, put the chopped vegetables in there. Everything is covered with salt. It will take about 20 minutes for them to appear liquid.
  3. After that, eggplants should be washed, dried and used for cooking.


The wet method is also considered to be in demand. It is used in the event that you do not want to cut the fruit before processing. Work will require oppression, due to which solanaceous will not float. So, how to quickly remove bitterness from eggplant using soaking?

to remove the bitterness from the eggplant as easy

This is done according to the following instructions:

  1. The pot must be filled with clean cold water, which must be salted (1 tablespoon of salt is enough for 1 liter of water). Vegetables should be cut into slices, cubes or slices. They can remain whole.
  2. Eggplants must be moved to the pan. They will not all drown in water, therefore it is necessary to establish oppression: in its quality there can be a wooden round board in the size of a saucepan, over which a stone is put.
  3. Vegetables should be kept in salted water for half an hour.But if the eggplants are whole, then the process of eliminating bitterness will take up to several hours.
  4. Fruits need to rinse, squeeze a little. After that, they are ready for cooking.


How to remove the bitterness of eggplant before frying, if you do not want to mess around with it for a long time? It is enough to peel, after which you can already cook. To do this, use a peeler or a sharp knife. With the removal of the peel the source of bitterness is removed - solanine. Cleansing is preferable to follow the rules:

  1. You need to thoroughly wash the fruit, wipe them with a towel.
  2. Peeler or knife to gently remove the skin.
  3. Then the fruits are cut according to the recipe.

how to remove bitterness from eggplant quickly

Eggplant bitterness can be removed in another effective way. Fruits should be placed in the freezer for several hours. For this you need to wash them, dry, cut into slices. Then they are put on a plate and placed for freezing for 4 hours. After that, it is necessary to remove excess liquid from vegetables, slightly squeezing. But such eggplants are suitable only for mashed potatoes and caviar, as they quickly lose their shape during cooking.

other methods

And how to remove the bitterness from the eggplant before cooking?

how to remove the bitterness of eggplant before frying

Other effective methods are used for this:

  1. Cut the vegetables should be salted, and put a paper napkin on top and sprinkle with milk. All this should be pressed down with a load, and after 10 minutes the product will be without bitterness. Juice cleaned with paper. Vegetables need only wipe dry.
  2. Remove the bitterness of eggplants can be and boiling water. Pour them for 5 minutes, and the water while salt is not necessary. Then the liquid should be drained and the vegetables should be dried.
  3. You can boil eggplant. This method is best used in cases where the shape of the vegetable is not important. Dip cubes into boiling water and boil for 2 minutes. Then they are removed by a colander, and after running off the water, you can proceed to cooking.
  4. The bitterness after removal of seeds is eliminated. If you have time and desire, you can delete them.

Using any of these methods, you will be able to quickly get rid of the bitterness of eggplants. Now you can cook different dishes without fear for their taste.

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