How to plant raspberries in the fall

Raspberries are a favorite berry of many people. The plant is quite unpretentious, even an abandoned garden can be a place for planting. But in such conditions, the bushes quickly cease to fully bear fruit and become impassable thicket. Therefore, knowing how to plant raspberries and care for them is worth it. It will bring large fruits and a well-kept plot with neat bushes.

Preliminary preparation

Before planting raspberries in the fall, gardeners and gardeners need to decide on a place. It is necessary to bypass and inspect their possessions. It is best to choose a plot that will be located in the southern or southwestern part of the garden or vegetable garden. Many people do that. The place chosen for planting raspberries should be well lit by sunlight. If earlier currants or gooseberries grew on this site, then here you can grow a delicious berry. A place for bushes should be as protected from the cold winter winds as possible.

how to plant raspberriesAlso, before planting raspberries, you need to plan your garden. Her neighbors should not be solanaceous crops, fruit trees or strawberries. It is required to prepare the ground in advance.Each gardener or a gardener has information about what the soil on his site. If it is peaty, then it is worth making sand, based on 1 square meter 4 buckets. If clay, then put manure. Also, for 1 square meter you need 70 grams of superphosphate, 50 grams of potassium sulphate and 20 kilograms of manure. It is necessary to fertilize the land before planting raspberries, in about one and a half or two months. At this preliminary training is over.

How to get a good harvest

If a person does not know how to plant raspberries in the fall, this article will be very useful to him. It is the most important issues that will be addressed here.

Let's figure out how to plant raspberries. The selected area is divided into rows, between them we determine the distance of one and a half to two meters. The trench itself should be about 50 centimeters wide and deep. Holes pour water and seedlings spread out at a distance of 70 centimeters. The roots of the plant should be well straightened and lowered into the pit. Fill with earth so that there is no void inside. Otherwise, the roots may freeze in winter. If a person knows how to plant raspberries in the fall, then the next year he will receive a bountiful harvest.

how to plant raspberriesWhen the seedling falls into the ground, it is worth paying attention to the replacement bud. It should be a couple of centimeters below the ground. On saplings make pruning shoots. Leave only one long twenty centimeters. Trimming is done with sharp pruners. So that the seedlings become even, they pull tight rope along the row. When the raspberry is planted, it is necessary to compact the soil and make a small depression. Put sawdust, straw or humus in this hole. After a few days, water the bushes.

Landing time

In autumn raspberry seedlings are best rooted. How to plant them on your site, we have discussed above. Suitable dates for the reproduction of raspberries - from the 15th of August until the end of September. Several times before the frost bushes watered. When snow falls in winter, they are given roots for more heat. Anyone who knows how to plant raspberries in the fall, gets healthy bushes and tasty healthy berries.

how to plant raspberries in the fallAlready in early spring shoots will appear on the bushes. Over the summer, they grow to two meters. All excess shoots are cut with a well-ground tool (shears), you need to leave only one to three shoots.In the autumn period, raspberries are watered at the rate of about 20-30 liters of liquid per 1 square meter. This approach helps the roots to not dry out during the cold period of time. Humidity of the soil is an important point in the cultivation of raspberries, for it is constantly monitored.

How to prevent the growth of culture

Some varieties can bear fruit twice a year. They are the most popular among gardeners and gardeners. To grow tasty berries, it is not enough to know where and how to plant raspberries. You need to have information about how to make the plant does not grow throughout the site. To do this, you can bury the slate around the perimeter to a depth of half a meter. This method is time consuming. There is another way: put tin sheets around the area with raspberries and move along them constantly. So the earth will be compacted, and raspberry does not like compacted soil. She will not be able to sprout her shoots on such a plot.

If an undesirable seedling has appeared, then it must be dug up with a sharp bayonet spade. It is worth removing it from the root, otherwise it will grow again in time.

Fruiting twice a year

Many gardeners choose to grow exactly remontant varieties of raspberries.They are a bit choosier than usual, but they bear fruit twice a year. At the repair raspberry, the growing season lasts a long time. Once the berries appear on the shoots of last year, and the second - this. So, how to plant a raspberry?

how to plant a raspberryIt is not very difficult, you need to buy planting material. Sometimes it is sold directly with the fruits (to attract customers). Before planting, all the berries from the planting material must be removed, and then buried in the ground. The stems of seedlings should be cut, and the roots within a radius of 30 centimeters should be mulched organic (not less than 5 cm thick). In winter, the bushes are cut to the ground level for a larger harvest for the next year. Also humus or manure is applied to the soil. This will keep the roots warm and healthy minerals.

With the repair raspberry you get a good harvest in late autumn. Many amateur gardeners grow it for late ripening berries.

Garter shoots

Raspberry bushes grow to 1-1.5 meters. To make them even, you need to make a trellis. This is such a system of pipes, tied shoots and wire. It is not difficult to make a trellis, you just need to prepare the necessary materials.

Pipes or posts are clogged along the rows of raspberries, their height must be at least 1.5 meters. Strong wire (most suitable galvanized 5 mm thick) at the level of one meter is tied to the racks. Then, raspberry shoots will be tied to her.

how to plant raspberry cuttingsA year later, it is worth adding two rows of wire to the trellis: one at 30 centimeters from the ground, and the second at 1.5 meters. Such a system will provide convenient harvesting and protect raspberries from snow. Every new season you need to tie shoots so that between them there is a distance of ten centimeters.

Variety Names

The period of fruit ripening will depend on the variety of remontant raspberry. The most famous among gardeners, gardeners: Autumn Beauty (ripen until mid-September), Golden domes (ripen until August 15). All varieties of remontant raspberries have time to ripen to the first frost.

In the autumn, the berries are not particularly sweet. But it is in the cool time that nothing is more fragrant than raspberry. Her taste is tender and juicy. During this period there is no heat and pest beetles, because the fruits are clean. Also in the fall there are few fragrant, juicy and sweet berries, because raspberries are a favorite delicacy.In cool time, the cost of fruit is very high.

where and how to plant raspberriesEvery year new varieties of remontrant raspberries appear, such as Paradise delight, Chief Marshal, White Guard, Red Guard, Darling.

Affordable breeding method

Often amateur gardeners do not know how to plant raspberry cuttings, and how to keep them indoors. Make it easy. From the bush you need to cut off the shoots of the first year, you can determine them by color (they are lighter than all the others). For such work it is worth taking sharp secateurs. Cut the stalk to the ground, its height should not exceed 30 centimeters.

In this way, it is possible to propagate not only raspberries, but also currants. After cutting, the cuttings are placed in a slightly sweet liquid. Calculation: in 5 liters of water dissolve 5 teaspoons of sugar.

Tanks with cuttings are placed on the south window, where the most warm. It is advisable to make a stand of foam. Thirty days later the cuttings will be visible roots. You need to let them grow to about 5 centimeters.

At the bottom of the pots poured small stones, then a mixture of earth, humus and sand. The roots of the cuttings must be well and gently straighten. Then they are densely sprinkled with earth.The soil should be fertilized infusion of onion peel. Already in spring, cuttings can be planted in open ground.

Beneficial features

Raspberry has long been considered a useful berry. Jam from this fruit is used to prevent colds, and it is a favorite treat for children and adults.

raspberry seedlings how to plantRaspberry leaves contain a large number of salicylic acid. Because whole branches are used in traditional medicine. Infusions of the leaves treat pain in the joints.

Also raspberry contains folic acid. Because it is very useful for people who suffer from vascular diseases. But the main wealth of the berry is considered to be Elaginic acid. That it prevents the formation of malignant tumors.

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