How to pickle meat for shish kebab? Meat for shish kebab: marinade, recipe, photo

From only one word "shish kebab" many are drooling. After all, this is not just a dish - it is a ritual. What could be more beautiful than a company of friends on the bank of a river or a lake, sitting together under the rustling crowns of trees, the crackle of a fire, old songs with a guitar and, of course, skewers with juicy pieces of meat! Cooking kebabs is a necessary and honorable business. And the situation here is even more acute than with borsch, the recipe of which is different for each housewife - after all, both amateur chefs are engaged in marinating meat and baking it with the same zeal. The controversy about how to pickle meat for kebabs never subsided. Surprisingly, each is right in their own way.

how to pickle meat for kebabs

The origins of the science of barbecue

Meat is one of the first products that our dense ancestors thought up to process thermally. And of all the methods of heat treatment, roasting on coals was the first after roasting on an open fire. You can call this method progressive - because it is safer and more reliable.Once having tasted the meat cooked this way, the person no longer wanted to part with it. It accompanied him everywhere - on land and sea voyages, military campaigns and trade trips. This product was offered to the guests inns and taverns, it was served in the monastic refectory and ate in the soldiers' camps ...

Marinade history

It is assumed that the mariners were the first to come up with marinate meat before frying. Initially, they hardly thought about how to pickle meat for a barbecue more tasty. And what kind of kebabs could we talk about? It was just necessary for the sailors to keep it fresh. Moreover, the marinade at hand was always abound - just the sea. Yes, the first marinade was salty sea water with organic compounds dissolved in it. Seafarers noticed its preservative properties and began to use them. In most countries that have known sailing since ancient times, recipes for marinating meat and fish in sea water have been preserved and are still used. Apparently, the sailors liked the taste of pre-soaked meat, and they shared their experience with sedentary fellow citizens.On the mainland, seawater was replaced with ordinary salt water, and over time they came up with adding spices to it. The inhabitants of the Mediterranean went even further, starting to pour the wine into the marinade. So the first acetic marinades appeared.

What to make a kebab?

Everywhere for roasting take the meat, which is most consistent with the culinary traditions of the region. Before you cook the meat for the kebab, you should decide on its grade. For this dish is perfect pork, beef, lamb. Excellent barbecue is obtained from chicken, turkey. Suitable for baking and many varieties of fish.

the best meat for kebabs

How to choose meat?

Before you marinate the meat, you need to deal with a responsible matter - the choice of this very meat. Of course, it is best to purchase the product from trusted vendors who grow animals themselves and responsibly go to the veterinary quality control procedure. Natural markets for such purchases are certainly not suitable. The best meat for shish kebab should smell good, have a natural color. Do not hesitate to ask for a certificate - a conscientious seller will gladly provide it.

kebab meat marinating

General rules for pickling

  1. Meat, spices and all ingredients must be fresh.
  2. Before you marinate the meat for the kebab, it must be well washed and freed from the fascia.
  3. It is necessary to cut the meat along the fibers, not across.
  4. Artificial ingredients always need to prefer natural.
  5. Perishable products can not be used.
  6. It is best to pickle meat in a glass, ceramic or enamel bowl.
  7. The use of oppression is desirable.
  8. Do not combine in one recipe two or more pickling ingredients: wine and vinegar, kefir and beer, etc.

how to pickle meat

A wonderful marinade is lemon juice. It is suitable for meat, game, fish. Good marinades are obtained on the basis of fermented milk products. But to carry such kebabs is far from safe. After all, kefir is a perishable product. You can soak the meat on the kebab in yogurt or yogurt, for example, in the country. But if you plan a long trip on a hot day, it is better not to risk it. Of course, this does not apply to the happy owners of road refrigerators.

Choose a method depending on the type of meat

Marinating meat for shish kebab should take into account many features.The first thing to consider is the variety of the meat itself.

  • For chicken and turkey marinades are perfect, made from dairy products, homemade tomato, white wine.
  • Pork loves acid. Vinegar makes it tough only in case of excessive consumption. A moderate amount nourishes meat with a savory taste and makes the fibers softer. Perfectly combined with pork juices: pomegranate, lemon, lime, pineapple.
  • Red wine is suitable for beef. Veal is marinated in finely chopped onions. Quite interesting and popular is the method of dry rolling in spices.
  • The ideal option for lamb - homemade sour with seasonings. You can add chopped garlic, herbs, herbs. Suitable for her soy sauce, fruit vinegar, wine. In the Caucasus, lamb is soaked in strong tea.
  • The fish is combined with light marinades of white wine, olive oil, with a little addition of fruit vinegar or lemon juice.

Products for marinade

Before you marinate meat for kebabs, you should familiarize yourself with the properties of products that are usually used for this. The laws of compatibility of components, too, should not be neglected.

  • Vinegar is an excellent preservative. The longer the meat has to be stored, the more necessary in the marinade is vinegar. Fruit is softer than table, and certainly at times more fragrant.
  • Good mustard meat preserves. It can also be added to the marinade. It softens the meat and gives it a piquant flavor.
  • Pineapple juice accelerates the process of pickling, and all thanks to the content of bromelin - an enzyme that destroys protein tissue.
  • Kiwi puree even meat of an elderly animal will make tender.
  • Highly carbonated mineral water can help out in cases where you need to pickle meat quickly. Carbon dioxide penetrates the fabric instantly. In mineral water, you can marinate even unfrozen meat.
  • Pomegranate juice will provide a rich taste.
  • Onion puree can act independently as a marinade.
  • In order to make tasty meat for shish kebab, marinade can be made from live beer. But the usual bottle does not fit.

meat for marinade kebab

A few words about the wood

For cooking kebab no less important are the coals over which it will cook. Firewood from coniferous trees is by no means suitable for these purposes because of the high content of resins in them. But the fruit twigs fit perfectly.Firewood from cherries, pears, plums, peaches, and apple trees will fill the smoke with unique aromas. A small trick that many barbequeers use is the use of table salt. Half a kilogram pack will increase heat and retain heat several times. In the conditions of lack of firewood, salt can save them significantly. It needs to fall asleep over the burned coal.

Choosing a recipe

Meat for kebabs need to take a little more! Perhaps this is the main rule. The rest of the creative approach is welcome. And in order to make it easier to choose how to marinate kebab meat, here are a few steeping recipes that can be called classic.

Kebir Kebabsuitable for those who do not like culinary risks. This dish is quite possible to treat even children. The proportions of the products are as follows: a kilogram of pork will require 1 liter of kefir, a pair of large onions, a bunch of cilantro and salt. Meat marinated for the day.

Lemon and Basil Marinadewill appeal to lovers of spicy flavor. Per kilogram of beef or pork will need 1 lemon, a large bunch of basil, onion, salt, ground allspice. The optimal time of marinating is 6-8 hours.If you marinate the meat longer, the lemon flavor will clog the rest of the ingredients.

Homemade Tomato Juice with Spicesmarinates even middle-aged meat. In the tomato, you can add garlic, onions, any greens. Special taste can be given with the help of bell pepper, rotunda. Herbs and vegetables best grind together with tomatoes. The meat is completely marinated for 6 hours. It is noteworthy that from such a marinade you can make an excellent sauce for kebabs. You just need to boil it over a small fire to evaporate excess moisture.

Wine marinadesbest made from homemade wine. The ratio of products: half a cup of wine per kilogram of meat. Shop drink is also suitable. It is known that red wine or port wine is better suited for beef, and white wine for pork. Marinated meat in a wine marinade is best under the yoke.

how to cook meat for kebabs

Kebab serving

The right marinade is 80% success. The main thing - do not overdry the kebab and finish it hot until ready. To do this, you need to carefully monitor it during baking and periodically sprinkle flames between the coals.

Traditionally, kebab served on the same skewers, which was fried.Most supporters of the classic cuisine prefer to eat it that way. Permissible serving on plates. In this case, pieces can be sprinkled with chopped greens and offered to ketchup kebabs. Baked meat goes well with tomato and sour cream sauces, sharp vegetable adjikami, mustard. Soy sauce is also good for it.

Very tasty and unusual option with pita. Pieces of grilled shashlik with fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and greens are wrapped in thin pita bread. There is also usually added sauce. By the way, many varieties of Caucasian bread are perfectly combined with kebabs. It can be served directly on the tandyr cake.

soak the meat on skewers

Usually side dishes are not served with kebabs. But many people like the combination of juicy meat, spicy sauce and baked potatoes in the ashes. Fresh vegetables and greens are great for him.

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