How to order a Sberbank card online: order processing

Sberbank is the bank to which great trust has been formed on the part of the inhabitants of our country. Coming to this institution, people make deposits, draw up loans. Especially popular are bank cards. By means of them purchases in shops, cafe, restaurants are paid, accumulations are carried out. Some cards have credit limits. In general, this is the most convenient banking product. Can I order a Sberbank card online and how to do it?

Visit the official site

In the modern world, a lot is being done through the Internet - phone bills are replenished, any purchases and services are paid. Even bank cards are issued through the World Wide Web without a visit to credit organizations. For registration of "plastic" from the Savings Bank is required to go to the official website.It contains all types of bank cards - both credit and debit.

Making a choice on the official website of Sberbank is very convenient. For each card is presented for review part of the most important conditions. A bank, for example, specifies the size of credit limits, the cost of annual maintenance, some additional features (accrued cashback, transfer of funds to charitable funds). All this information allows you to quickly find a suitable option for yourself and order a Sberbank card via the Internet.

Types of Sberbank Cards

Debit Card Selection

Sberbank debit cards are presented in a wide variety. Simple, classic Visa and MasterCard cards are suitable for crediting personal money and making purchases. You can order as standard in design "plastic", and unusual with an individual design. You can choose a beautiful image or an original sticker on the Sberbank website in the gallery. Also allowed to upload your image.

Among the debit options, it is worth noting the presence of a special youth "plastic" (Visa, MasterCard). Such a Sberbank card can be ordered via the Internet and issued at the offices can be up to 25 years old. Its main advantage is the low cost of annual maintenance. It is 150 rubles.For comparison, we give the cost of servicing a simple classic card - 750 rubles in the first year and 450 rubles in the future.

Sberbank Debit Cards

Debit Cards WORLD

One more bank products from Sberbank are MIR debit cards. The classic version is aimed at public sector employees and is issued as part of the salary contract. World Card convenient:

  • pay for purchases and services ordered in real life and on the Internet;
  • save bonuses and change them for discounts.

Especially for pensioners, the MIR pension card is issued by Sberbank. You can order it online for several reasons. First, on the pension card free annual maintenance. Secondly, when storing savings, the bank charges 3.5% per annum on the balance.

MIR card from Sberbank

Choosing a credit card

Sberbank credit cards on the official website are presented in a special section. They are divided into 5 types:

  • classic;
  • gold;
  • bonus;
  • for traveling;
  • for charity.

Classic options are simple credit cards without any non-standard bonuses. They are offered a certain credit limit, an interest-free period of up to 50 days, SMS informing on all financial transactions.Gold cards are profitable options, as they are provided with a set of additional services. Owners of such credit cards enjoy special offers and discounts.

People wishing to receive a large credit limit should be ordered via the Sberbank online card of the premium option. It provides a loan amount of up to 3 million rubles. Additional “bun” - return up to 10% of the value of purchases made. Travel cards allow you to accumulate Aeroflot Bonus miles, while charity cards allow you to help children deal with serious illnesses.

Maps for travel from Sberbank

Registration of debit products

To order a Sberbank card via the Internet on the official website, you must first determine its version, and then press the appropriate button to submit an application. After performing this action, a questionnaire appears. At the top, the selected card is automatically indicated and the possibility of establishing a currency is provided.

The questionnaire consists of 3 parts. At the first stage, the basic information is indicated - last name, first name, middle name, e-mail address and mobile phone number. You need to write accurate information, because then the bank employees call back to clarify the information and confirm the relevance of the application.To fill the second part of the questionnaire will need a passport. The client indicates the place and date of birth, citizenship, series and document number, date of issue, etc. The last step in filling out the questionnaire is to select the address for obtaining the finished card.

Applying for a credit card

The process of processing a credit card is slightly different. Customers who do not have access to the Sberbank Online service and who wish to order a Sberbank card via the Internet for free, select the desired plastic on the official website, press the button to start the application process. Then indicate first the phone number. After a few seconds, it comes to the code that you want to enter on the site. Only after specifying the numbers access to the questionnaire.

When filling out an application, the client is reminded of 2 basic conditions - this is a grace period of up to 50 days and the interest rate valid at that time (0%). Further proposed to establish the desired credit limit. The minimum allowable amount is 10 thousand rubles. Below the bank indicates the interest rate, which will be valid if the terms of the grace period are not met, and the cost of annual service.The following fields are filled in by the client, indicating in them brief information about themselves, passport details. Be sure to write the most convenient time to call an employee of Sberbank.

Sending an application to Sberbank card via the Internet

Making a credit card through the service "Sberbank Online"

This method is available for regular customers who have a personal account in the service. To order a credit card online through Sberbank Online, you need to perform a few steps:

  1. Go to the official website of Sberbank and in the upper right corner click "Enter". After this, a transition is made to the Sberbank Online service.
  2. To enter your personal account, enter your existing login and password. Access to all data does not open immediately, but only after entering the code received on the phone number. In this way, the identification of the client.
  3. In the upper panel of the personal account there is a button "Maps". It will need to click. A page will open on which there will be a link for processing credit cards. After clicking on the link, a questionnaire will open, thanks to which you can order a Sberbank card online.

The questionnaire for users registered with Sberbank Online does not differ from the questionnaire discussed above, which is available to Sberbank's new customers.It also indicates the basic information about yourself and a convenient time to communicate with the operator.

Filling out an application for a card in the service "Sberbank Online"

Easy online application and some drawbacks

The convenience of design in the first place is that you do not need to go anywhere. The application can be sent from work, from home, from leisure. However, it is not known what decision the bank will take on a credit card. Sometimes he refuses to issue bank cards. High chance of approval from those people who:

  • receive a pension or salary on a Sberbank debit card or simply use any of the existing debit cards;
  • have a contribution to the Savings Bank;
  • have already made loans and successfully paid them out without delay.

There are also negative reviews about the process of registration of "plastic" online. Some people could not order a Sberbank debit card via the Internet. According to the sent applications, the staff did not call back. It is not clear what it is connected with. Perhaps, there are just technical failures, and the employees do not receive the application, or they cannot contact the customer with the specified phone number.

Obtaining a Sberbank card upon request

In conclusion, it is worth noting that it is convenient to issue cards via the Internet.This method of filing an application saves personal time. However, it is best to personally contact the bank about receiving debit cards. The application is made by the employee pretty quickly. The client is immediately informed about how much time it will take to manufacture, when the card will be ready and when it can be picked up from the bank.

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