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How to make beer (32 photos + text)

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I was with a group of strange people (happened to happen) - collectors of beer paraphernalia (corks, labels, etc.) - they have a whole society of such people. Of course, it is very difficult for me to understand this kind of hobby, but as a democratic person I admit that "what would the child not play about." Our excursion involved a couple of company employees - pr-manager Olga and chief brewer Mikhail.
Here is the plant outside. Frost and sun - a wonderful day. Especially when it is Saturday and when morning begins with beer.
And here we go inside. Of course, in our group there must be a person of the Avduevsky format.
Strange thing, but they also drink coffee at this factory. I here believed that at such enterprises even in the sink instead of water it flows.
And here is the first beer attribute dear to the heart.
And then it began - tanks and pipes. Nothing is clear, for I did not listen to the explanations - but still impressive.
To see a person in this factory is a great success. I wonder how it is with ghosts. By the way there is a cemetery nearby.
But the lovely women behind the glass. Obviously this is a lab where they study a refreshing drink.
Language does not turn to call the worker a person engaged in such.
And here is the final part - the production is completed and bottling begins.
But behind these gates is located - the place of your dreams, where you would like to live.
Of course, such a tidbit - it is guarded in the strictest manner. Here it is what security.
In general, it is a warehouse of finished products.
People are always wondering how a person who looks like the main thing to what beer tastes and is responsible for it. A man who is supposed to work every day to drink beer to control his taste. Here Mikhail - a man by the way is very much our format, he used to work at Ephesus, he was in Ireland - and he studied beer in Germany. I am sure that in all these parties like Belfast, he has as many friends as I do. I asked Mikhail if he had a desire to drink beer besides work, if he was tired of it. He said he drinks with pleasure. Well, I am proud that such people live in our country.
Something was found in the corner of the warehouse. Surprised inscription Poison.This is probably what the staff did not eat, and the rats probably do not really know how to read.
And then tasting. And if you are a pr-manager in a beer office - then you are a specialist in a wide profile - that is, it’s not a problem to stand behind the bar and spill beer.
Well, the last photo. For some reason, I immediately remembered the Soviet Union.

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