How to make an electroscope at home? Brief instruction

When conducting experiments in such areas as electrostatics, it is impossible to do without the most primitive equipment. Some may include an electroscope. How to make such equipment at home?

General information and short action principle

What is an electroscope and why is it needed? This device is able to determine the available electric charge. This simple device will be able to determine its presence, even if the charge is very weak. How to make an electroscope at home so that it is not inferior in quality to factory types?

In order to create a quality thing, you need to understand how it works. The basic principle of the functioning of the device lies in the fact that like-charged bodies will mutually repel each other. This is a fairly simple and well-known law among people working in this field.Since the device will be home-made, then as the bodies will be used or pieces of foil or crepe paper. How to make an electroscope at home from foil and a few more elements?

how to make an electroscope at home

Required materials and brief instructions

In order to make the most primitive version of the device, you will need the following items:

  • The first thing needed is a regular glass jar.
  • The second important element is a nail with a small diameter. If this is not available, then you can use copper wire.
  • As mentioned earlier, you will need foil or crepe paper.
  • The last material needed is plain thread.

Then you can proceed to the main question, how to make an electroscope at home?

The first thing to do is to make a hole in the center of the plastic cover from the can. The diameter of the hole must match the size of the nail or copper wire. After that, you need to insert a metal rod, that is, a nail or wire, into an existing hole. Next, you need to use thread to wrap the foil or crepe paper to the end of the rod.After that, the resulting lid with a nail to close the jar. After that we can assume that the manufacture of the device is completed.

principle of operation of the electroscope

One small nuance that concerns who will use the wire. To keep it in the hole and not fall down, a small loop should be made at the end. To it you need to attach the foil with the help of thread.

Check whether the device works, you can quite simply. It is necessary to bring an electrified comb to the glass jar, namely to the head of the nail wrapped with foil. Petals foil will start to repel. The strength of the charge can be determined by how strongly the elements repel each other. The greater the distance, the stronger the charge.

Second option

It is possible to use an electroscope not only to check the charge strength of a certain object. This equipment is also suitable for determining the ionization of air. That is, it can be used to check radiation. As mentioned earlier, the basic principle of the electroscope is based on a certain law. It is worth adding that if you calibrate the scale on such a device, you can accurately determine the strength of the charge. Some of these things are called electricians.

metal rod

How to make?

There is another production method for which materials such as foil, transparent vessel, rubber stopper, nail, drill, hairdryer, comb, nitrocellulose glue will be needed.

The first step is to make a hole in the rubber stopper so that the nail fits tightly into it.

The second step is to cut a strip of foil 6 cm long and 1 cm wide. The resulting strip is folded in half. At the bend, a small hole is made with a needle. After that, the foil is put on the metal rod just below the cap. To securely fasten the two elements, glue is used.

The third step. The edges of the strip are bent in such a way that they both look down and are parallel to each other. When inserting a nail into a cork, it is important to ensure that it leaves at least 3-5 cm from the other side. It is important to note here that in no case should the edges of the foil touch the bottom of the bulb when the cork is inserted.

glass jar

Fourth step. Using a hair dryer, it is necessary to dry the jar from the inside. After that, it immediately closes the cork so that the pieces of foil hang clearly down.

After that we can assume that the electroscope is ready.

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