How to make a pig in Minecraft?

You do not know how to make a pig in Minecraft? Then you should carefully read the text, which will tell you how these animals are created, for what they can be used and how to deal with them in the game.

Making a Pig in Minecraft

Pigs belong to the category of friendly mobs. For the first time they became available to the player with the advent of the Survival Test version of the game Maynkraft. Pigs are valuable animals, which are the main source of pork. In addition, pigs can be used for other purposes. These mobs are renewable, their parameters are 1.1875 blocks in height, 1.25 blocks in length and 0.625 blocks in width. To create a pig, a spawner is needed, which is taken from the server console menu and entered into the game world, but this spinner, unlike others, is able to generate only pigs. For example, to generate a spider you will need a completely different spanner.

Taming and reproduction of a pig

Pigs wander aimlessly around the neighborhood in the gameMeincraft. How to tame a pig? To do this, you need to be away from the pig no further than 16 blocks, and also have carrots in hand - this is the product that this animal eats. Carrots attract a pig, so she will walk behind the player until he keeps this product in hand. After the pig has eaten the carrots, it enters the "stage of love", which ends in the breeding of the pig. But, as is known, one more animal is needed for reproduction, which, like a concrete pig, will be surrounded by hearts. Animals search for each other, after which reproduction begins.

How to get pork

After you make a pig in Meincraft youyou can get meat from it. And you can get meat, both in fried form, and in raw. With a killed pig, one to three pieces of meat will drop. If you want to get fried meat, then you need to kill the pig with fire. Note that as a result of lightning, the pig will turn into a zombie pig. This creature practically does no harm.

Pig Management

In order to ride a pig oryou need to put a saddle on it. For this, take the saddle in your hand and press PKM on the animal - the saddle will be on the pig. But it can not be removed according to the rules of the game, since, according to them, the saddle will fall from the pig only after she dies or perishes in Maynkraft. How to control a pig? Thanks to the right mouse button you can sit down and get off the pig.

To the pig was constantly under your control,you must have a fishing rod with a carrot. Then the pig will follow your eyes. The pig accelerates for a few seconds slowly, and then increases the speed. Clamping PKM, sitting on the pig, and holding the fishing rod, you will increase the speed even more. The maximum speed of the pig is 6.67 blocks per second, which is approximately 24 km / h. About what to feed the pig to Mainkraft, it was said above - this carrot and no other food is suitable for feeding this animal.

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