How to make a cud. The production process is interesting.

She is always with us, without her we do not leave the house, we use after eating and everywhere we keep handy - this is chewing gum. Virtually no modern man can do without it. But not everyone knows how to make chewing gum and what it consists of. Let's talk about this in more detail.

how to gum

Start of production

In order to find out what chewing gum is made of, let's delve a bit into history. Modern prototypes of this product were mentioned at the time of the Mayan tribe. True, in the description it is indicated as hardened juice of hevea, and easier to say, rubber. Chewing gum and the ancient Greeks, they were especially popular resin mastic tree, perfectly refreshing breath. In India, betel leaves and areca palm seeds were used for this purpose. By the way, a similar mixture of seeds is chewed in our time in many Asian countries.

Modern production is distinguished by sophisticated technology and not so pure natural composition of the product. It began to develop in 1848.The first large factory in the world was built, of course, in America. It was thanks to her that the rest of the world learned how to make chewing gum, and began to use it in such quantities. Several manufacturers alternately tried to derive its correct formula, ideal for the consumer, but this happened only in 1928 with Walter Dimer:

  • Rubber in it should be no more than twenty percent.
  • The main part (up to 60%) is sugar and its substitutes.
  • Corn syrup - 19%.
  • Flavors - no more than one percent.

We can inflate large bubbles precisely because of its composition.

what is chewing gum made of

And now how to make gum?

The production of chewing gum in our time practically does not differ in its technology from that described. True, rubber is now too expensive, and its counterpart is synthetic rubber, and in addition to it is a large set of various preservatives, flavors and thickeners, without which it is difficult to imagine any modern product.

how to make chewing gum

The basis

The production process is difficult, everything here is made with the help of automatic machines and in large volumes. And it all starts with the basics. It uses plastic and synthetic rubber, which is loaded into a special tank with a mixer.Here the mass is heated and mixed with glucose syrup, dyes and flavors. As a result, it becomes soft and supple, comfortable for further processing.

The most pleasant smells are always heard from the warehouses with flavors. Here they are in large quantities, but what is interesting is that a certain taste does not really exist. For example, how to make a watermelon gum? It can take up to thirty different types of flavors. All of them have their own specific shelf life, lasting from several months to five years. For the manufacture of bases they are selected separately and delivered to the workshop in limited quantities.

After making each individual taste, the big mixer has to be cleaned, it is very laborious and time-consuming work, which takes a lot of time, but it must be done to prevent mixing of flavors.

chewing gum how to do it

Give shape

This is only the beginning of the process, but how do they chew it? Now let's go to the press. The resulting soft mass is fed into a special machine, which heats it even more and squeezes, pushing through a narrow gap.The result is a long flat ribbon.

The next automaton gives it the desired shape, familiar to us, similar to a plate, and sends further along the moving belt to the cooling chamber. We all know the sticky properties of gum. It is necessary for their elimination and subsequent convenient processing of the product.

how to make chewing gum production

Divide into pieces

The cooled gum progresses further and is cut into the same bars with the help of special knives. Everything happens very quickly, literally in one second, up to a thousand of its pieces are formed and sent for packaging, each of which is sent for mandatory testing.

Of course, it is random, a person cannot, as an automaton, quickly measure thousands of pads, but such verification is also an important aspect in this production. Each of the firms has a certain limit between the maximum and minimum size of the product, and if a discrepancy is detected, the entire batch will be sent for recycling. Smoothness and the look of chewing gum are also taken into account.

How to do it next? Now she is sent to a special cold warehouse, where she will lie for about three days and only then will undergo the process of coating.

At the packing stage, everything is automated; here the chewing gum is wrapped in special paper, goes further to the packaging and is folded into the boxes. So we figured out how to make chewing gum.

Chewing gum is not recommended to chew longer than fifteen minutes, let's find out why.

how to gum

Good or bad?

Anyone who is interested in how and from what make chewing gum, always ask the question: "And how harmful is it for our body?" There is an opinion that its influence is purely negative. But having considered the process, you can see for yourself that this is exactly the same confectionery product as any other, and the harm from chewing gum will be exactly the same as from the cake.

It should be noted that the composition of all known manufacturers of chewing gum meets high modern requirements and includes only ingredients acceptable for food production. It really should not be chewed for more than a quarter of an hour, as it negatively affects the stomach, causing an increase in digestive processes and, as a result, a large release of gastric juice, which eats away its walls.

Do not forget: dentists indicate that chewing gum is intended solely to freshen breath and enjoy its pleasant taste.

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