How to make a bracelet? Elementary!

Who among us has not met with the problem of "the same,only with pearl buttons "? Unfortunately, this happens too often - you go to the store, knowing what you want, but God forbid that there was something there that remotely resembles your ideal., This happens especially often with jewelry: as a rule It is possible to search among more expensive handmade jewelry, of course - there the materials are more diverse, and the approach of the master to the design of the gizmos is completely different, but the cost of such a thing will be comparable to that of jewelery but jewelery is not so universal that one and the same beads, for example, can be worn with all sets of clothes in a row, but you can not attach yourself to each expensive jewelery. However, we have created a certain image in our head that must be completed with a small but very significant nuance, for example, in the form of a bracelet - and without it anywhere, the image falls apart and becomes vague. What should I do?

By the way, it is quite possible to make braceletshands. This is not difficult, but very exciting. Many people have no other way than to weave bracelets from beads or threads familiar to us from early adolescence, but in fact there are a lot of them - everything is limited only by the flight of fantasy. Yes, and jewelry from beads can be fantastic beauty - you just need to look, for example, on the Internet or in special magazines, how to weave bracelets from all sorts of materials, and you will certainly want to do something with your own hands.

If you are seriously interested in how to do itbracelet, then you can visit the sites for handicrafts and handmade - despite the similarity of these concepts, they still differ a little: if the needlework is more important process, then in handmade - the idea and the result. Perhaps this depends not so much on these words themselves, but on who uses them, and accordingly, creates similar sites, and even more so uses them, but it is somewhat easier to find what you need knowing this difference.

So, we looked at several sites and foundthe product of your dreams. Or at least what is done in this way. What do we need before we make a bracelet? That's right, the materials. Materials can be ordered on the Internet - a lot of different resources sells all those things out of which jewelry is made. These are all kinds of beads, bases, fasteners, simply making up elements - finding the right one does not seem complicated. You can also see what you need in the shops for needlewomen, but there, in general, not quite what, besides, is much more expensive.

Before you make a bracelet with your own hands,think what will be its design. Most likely, it will be unfastened, perhaps, from several elements. Sometimes it is enough to purchase several separate constituent parts, put them together, attach a buckle - and the bracelet is ready. In addition, it is possible to attach decorative elements, for example, several pendants. By the way, bracelets with pendants are very easy to make - it's enough to buy a rather thick chain with a buckle, attach to it small key rings corresponding to your mood, and a fashionable thing is ready. Also, single-piece bracelets in ethnic style are simple in execution: it's enough to buy a wooden blank, and then you can do anything with it: paint with acrylic paints and varnish, order a special film with a printed pattern and paste, then varnish, thread, beads, burn pattern - the scope for creativity here is limitless. You can even buy a lot of these blanks of various thickness and shape, and you will not only have a lot of exclusive gizmos for each set of clothes, but also an exciting hobby, as well as the issue of gifts will be solved for a long time. Who knows, maybe your crafts will be valued not only by you and your friends - it may well become an additional source of income, and even bring fame, and you yourself will already give master classes and tell how to make a bracelet.

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