How to make a bouquet of orchids do it yourself

More recently, the orchid was considered an exotic and hard-to-reach flower, it was very expensive. According to legend, the name gave her the most beautiful and very kind goddess orchid. This plant has no real roots, and it gets all the nutrients from the air. That is why the Indian tribes worshiped them and called them the daughters of the air. By the way, this particular feature allows the orchid to remain fresh longer than other flowers.

The magic of orchids

The flowers of this tropical plant may have the most unexpected color: from white to green. Shades unusually many. Perhaps an unusual combination of several colors.

Orchids have an unusual shape and size. Sometimes they are called butterfly flowers.

Phalaenopsis Orchid

Nowadays, these magic plants have pressed even roses from flower counters, because in the compositions (and especially in the wedding ones) they look incomparable. Often brides who have ordered a wedding bouquet of orchids — these wonderful and delicate flowers — want to decorate them with a room for a celebration and a wedding car.Also, flowers of various species of this plant are used for wedding hairstyles. For example, a small bouquet of small orchids, which is able to maintain its fresh look for a whole day, looks originally in the curls of the bride. The bride will be turned admiring glances of all guests.

The supremacy of Her Majesty orchids over other flowers

Orchid has always been considered the most beautiful flower in the world. For example, the Vietnamese, in whose country it blooms before the onset of spring, is associated with the birth of a new life, youth, and refined love. According to them, for the unusual smell orchid is considered a flower of passion.

Dream Bouquet

In many European countries, the orchid is positioned as the most perfect flower. The most important role is given to color. White personifies absolute purity and freshness. Red and burgundy - designed to demonstrate burning passion and feelings.

There are more than 30,000 species of orchids on the globe. A bouquet of them, even without adding other flowers, will look incredibly beautiful. The flower is remarkable for the lack of seasonality, it is available year-round. "Butterflies" are solitary or collected in branches of several (sometimes up to 20) large flowers.The unusualness of this plant, originality and magic make it suitable for the most extraordinary cases. It is endowed with great resistance to fading and, with proper care, is capable of pleasing the eye for 3-4 weeks. That's why many want to learn how to properly collect a bouquet of orchids with their own hands. Next, we will analyze this topic in detail.

Create it yourself

Do you think that collecting an orchid composition is very difficult? But if there is a desire, certain skills, some tools and materials, then you can do it yourself. Want to make a bouquet with the addition of other flowers? Yes please! And here the orchid is again on top! Both flowers of an elite row, and field are perfectly combined with it.

A lot of color solutions is so surprising variety, that a bouquet of orchids is suitable for any style of wedding and bridesmaid dress. Most often, girls love to combine orchids and roses.

These colors have the most important property: they can be used to make any shape and size.

Orchids are great everywhere, at an event of any style. Wedding in Hawaii? Take a green orchid entwined with narrow leaves, decorate it with beads.An old-style party? Arrange a mono-bouquet of pink or yellow orchids on the tables. The traditional rite of marriage? Well, of course, a bouquet of white orchids.

Bridal bouquet

Bridal bouquet

How to make a bouquet of orchids? To begin, we will prepare all the necessary materials and tools:

  • White orchid flowers.
  • Green stems and twigs.
  • Feathers, pearls.
  • The material for the wrapper, combined with orchids in color.
  • Flasks or a bouquet with a sponge. All this is purchased in florist stores.
  • Sisal.
  • Wire.
  • Ribbon for floristics and light sticks.
  • We can not do without a clerical knife, stapler, pruner and scissors.
Materials and tools for creating a bouquet

The mount is divided into 2 types:

  • frame,
  • on its own stems.


The flowers are placed in special tubes filled with a specialized gel. This bouquet retains a fresh look all day long and looks bright and picturesque in photos.

On its own stems:

Orchids have soft stems, respectively, and the bouquet can be made drop-down or assembled as a clutch. The main thing is to fasten the stalks well, so that the composition does not disintegrate in the process of celebration.

So, prepare the foundation. Flasks filled with gel or water, close the lids and wrapped with sisal. Fasten the tape. We fix decorative ornaments with a thin wire.Need more tight construction - take a bunch. We put in it a special sponge and saturate it with moisture.

White orchids should be cut so that they are not hanging down, kept in flasks or a bouquet. After cutting the stems, the flowers are immediately inserted into the base - the cuts should not come into contact with air. We decorate with ostrich feathers and beads. Everything, the wonderful bouquet from orchids is ready!

Roses and Orchids

Unfortunately, sometimes it is not possible to make a bouquet of orchids only for several reasons:

  • expensive plant
  • tender brittle stems
  • unfavorable coincidence of circumstances (there are no orchids of the desired color in the store).

In this case, you can add flowers to the composition with stronger stems and affordable price.

Roses and Orchids

A beautiful bouquet of roses and orchids is considered a classic. In order to make a charming composition of rose buds in combination with orchids, it is not necessary to choose too large flowers. Pink buds let it be smaller, and the stems of orchids do a little longer. You can choose flowers of similar shades, but a contrasting composition, which is made similar to a bouquet of white orchids, will look more interesting.

Orchid and peony - a wonderful combination

Delicate, fluffy, round bouquet of peonies and phalaenopsis will give a special charm to the image of the bride in a lush airy dress. Make a bouquet, focusing on the main colors of the wedding. White orchids look amazing with delicate bright pink peonies and will fit perfectly into the setting of a classic wedding. But the lilac phalaenopsis would be elegantly combined with white, airy buds, decorating the event in berry-saturated shades.

Orchids and Peonies

Single orchid

If you are not a fan of pretentiousness, are not going to follow fashion trends, but rather like a simple traditional style in clothes and ornaments, flowers can help add a zest to your looks. The name “mono-bouquet” does not mean at all that you cannot use beads, ribbons, feathers in a bouquet, because your strict classical costume will be beaten unusually, in a new way.

Bouquets of flowers, butterflies are afraid of drafts and direct sunlight. Store them before the event should be in a standing position in the refrigerator. Unstoppable imagination will help you in composing compositions for any holiday, and the exotic luxury of these colors and various forms will make them suitable for creating various themes!

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