How to make a basement yourself? Some recommendations

No owner of a private country house will notagainst the idea of ​​building a basement. After all, the underground not only serves as a warehouse for food reserves, but also plays an important role in the thermal insulation of the premises. The only problem is that it is more difficult to dig a basement in a finished house than at the stage of building a dwelling. In addition, not onlyhow to build a basement with your own handsmake a basement with your own hands, but also protect it from moisture, which is extremely harmful not only for the foundation, but also for the safety of your supplies.

If the foundation of your house is located belowthe level of freezing of the soil (however, as it should be), then there will be nothing difficult in excavation. But before digging in any case, do not forget to contact the survey company! It may happen that the soil under your house is not suitable for any work at all because of the possibility of shrinkage.

We'll talk about how to build a basement with our own hands today.


First, decide on whereto enter the entrance to your "catacombs". Of course, it is better to do it wherever it will not disturb anyone, where there will be no chance of accidentally falling into it. Starting to dig the basement with your own hands, immediately solve the question concerning its depth. The fact is that with large volumes of excavation you will have to solve the problem with the bars on which the sex lairs lie. In this case, the channel will come to the rescue or I-beams, which, in order to save space, are best laid along the walls.

By the way, it's better to think about where you're going to put the entire land. It can be sent to the garden, or you can make a pile out of it.basement with own hands

So, we continue. After excavating the pit and leveling its bottom, we pour to the floor up to 0.4 m of high-quality fatty clay without organic impurities, after which it must be tamped to the state of the stone. After that, strengthen the walls, making a masonry of brick or using a tamping machine. Then you need to wait until the clay on the floor dries, then pour the surface of a layer of thick concrete 10 cm thick.

If the outside is warm, then the material can dry outabout a week. After this, two layers of ruberoid are rolled over it, and the sheets should be fastened with molten bitumen. For the best result, you can spread high-quality plastic film on top. Along the walls we leave allowances not less than 15-20 centimeters. Doing the basement with your own hands, try to do all the work as accurately as possible, without hurrying.

The remaining allowances are also firmly weldedto the wall. To do this, use the same molten bitumen. In order to be as reliable as possible, a small retaining wall is placed near the wall, the only purpose of which is to press the materials against the foundation. After the cement has dried in the masonry, the top is poured with concrete. After it has dried, the entire support wall is carefully plastered.basement in the garage with your own hands

Some masters are wondering howmake a basement in the garage (with your own hands, of course). In principle, the sequence of work is the same. However, there is a slight difference, but it is that digging deep excavations is much more serious.

Now you can go to outdoor work. A layer of melted bitumen and mastic is laid on the plinth. If there are ground waters near the surface of the soil, then as a means for waterproofing bitumen is not necessary, in this case, you need more high-quality and modern materials. As you can see, making a cellar with your own hands is not such a difficult task. The main thing is to take work seriously and responsibly.

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How to make a basement yourself Some recommendations How to make a basement yourself Some recommendations How to make a basement yourself Some recommendations How to make a basement yourself Some recommendations How to make a basement yourself Some recommendations How to make a basement yourself Some recommendations