How to kill time? How to kill time at work: tips

Boredom can become unbearable, but defeating it is easy with the help of a mass of techniques and means. Sitting in a waiting room, standing in line, staying idle at work, school or at home, people never know how to kill time. Everyone sometimes has free minutes that they want to take, but due to fatigue, lack of motivation or a bad mood, nothing comes to mind. Simple tips will help you to have fun and usefully pass the time and pull boredom out of the way. Some of them are suitable for office, others - for the home, others are universal and can be used in almost any environment!

Tips for all occasions

look at the ceiling

Close your eyes and dream. Teens are especially good at this way of relaxation, but many adults completely forget about it. They are too serious, tense and hurried to just relax and escape from the everyday hustle and bustle. Anxiety and worries of any kind should not be attributed to dreams.You should not plan how to live further; you should simply allow your mind to go on a free flight. Some people can not be called dreamers. So you do not need to force yourself, because there are millions of other ways to kill time in the office or at home.

Knowledge is power

Read the book - it is worth making the first item on the to-do list for free hours. Readability is a quality that is useful repeatedly and will help in many cases. If you need to wait for someone or something, it will be useful to grab a magazine or a paperback book with you. Electronic devices also count - but is it worth it so often to look at the screen? A traditional book is able to give a special feeling associated with its texture, smell and your own associations. Do not like to read? Go to the next item!

In a healthy body healthy mind!

kill time in the office

How to kill time with health benefits? Do exercises - it will strengthen the body, bring a charge of vivacity and help to lose those extra pounds. Charging can be done both at home and in the office: doctors recommend breaking away from sedentary work at least every hour to stimulate blood circulation and keep muscles in good shape.

  1. Mash neck, shoulders, back, arms, legs, fingers.
  2. Perform clapping hands behind your head.
  3. Go to the rotation of the arms in the elbow and shoulder joints.
  4. If gymnastics in the office attracts too much attention, try isometric exercises (tension and muscle relaxation in certain static postures).
  5. Go back to business with new forces!

With music for life

If the playlist of 15 favorite songs has not changed since 2003, it is time to bring something new into it. Today, searching for music is much easier than ever. Thematic Internet services can offer to listen to new artists, and you can download songs from many well-known resources. Friends can also help by sharing their best finds.

how to kill time at work

How to kill time at work

Sometimes there is nothing better than to forget about the performance of official duties. For example, when Friday comes to an end and focus on work is completely impossible. It’s not worth making a habit out of it, but you can come up with something better than just stare at the ceiling for the rest of the day. Since many people work at the computer, this problem is solved quickly, and the connection to the Internet makes the effect maximum. Talk with friends, get the latest news, play mind-developing games.Access to chat rooms and social networks is closed? Do not forget about the possibility to pay personal bills, make purchases online or read an interesting article. If at work you are constantly thinking about how you can kill time, take a break and find a new occupation. Life is too short to waste it: value your strength and use opportunities effectively.

how can you kill time

Creativity in free time

Write - it can be notes in a personal diary, notes or letters to friends. Notebook does not take up much space in your bag or folder, you can even put it in your chest pocket. With the advent of SMS and e-mail, manually created letters have become something special for many people. You do not need to be verbose if you are not in the mood for this: it is enough to make a simple drawing and write to your friends how wonderful they are.

Many hobbies allow mobility - so that the clock flew by unnoticed, you can take hands with your favorite thing. Create sketches and sketches, knit, braid bracelets using macrame technique. Another option is to start your own blog. It is not necessary that he has subscribers, a special theme or a consistent style, just create a placewhere you can always take your soul. Perhaps someone else will read and comment on your blog, not knowing in turn how to kill time otherwise.

how to kill time

Order - the key to productivity

Always keep in your head a list of possible activities that can help in organizing your space. These can be routine tasks that are always postponed until later and do not need special conditions for implementation. Perhaps in your free time you want to go to one of them. Here are some examples.

  • Update the scheduler. Today, many people prefer to keep it in their mobile device: old records can be deleted, and new ones - streamlined.
  • Clean your phone from unnecessary messages and contacts. If the mobile has a lot of old information (call statistics, files, music, images), it's time to get rid of them.
  • Place your order in a bag or wallet. Be careful to hide large sums of money and valuables from prying eyes. When people are around, you can organize business cards, bank cards and other items that will eventually be easier to find.

How to kill time in school

It is worth thinking a few times before moving on to other activities in the classroom.In the short term, the student runs the risk of spoiling the relationship with the teacher, getting a bad mark and causing parental discontent. In general, worse - he may not get knowledge that seems useless only at the moment, but could be useful in the future. Attentiveness and interest in the words of the teacher make time go faster, but you should not count the minutes before the call, otherwise they will seem like long hours. If boredom in the classroom is simply intolerable, you can occupy yourself with something fun. It is necessary to understand how to kill time correctly: take advantage of it and not harm its reputation. Draw, write notes, plan for the future and make lists of cases. Sitting on the last desk, it is much easier to pass the free minutes - visit your favorite sites, chat with friends and family.

Time price

how to kill time at school

Imagine that every morning you get 86,400 rubles to your bank account, but every day the unused balance of funds is consumed. How would you manage your money if you couldn’t leave anything for tomorrow? Naturally, you would have used every penny. Each person has such an account, and his name is time.Every day 86,400 seconds appear on it: by the end of the day they will be lost, regardless of whether they were able to invest in a good business. Killing time for nothing - the personal choice of everyone, irretrievable loss and missed opportunities. Invest every minute of life in health, happiness and success. Reflect on the value of time when you feel bored, do useless or ineffective work.

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