How to increase hair?

How to increase hair?

  1. choosing a hairdress on a computer program will not give a real result, still in life you will look different. if you have short hair, do not be afraid, go and do hair extensions-it's so cool to be new-yes, and long hair will adorn any girl. there are several ways to build-the artificial locks on the end have small clamps-clamps, which are pinned to the roots of your hair. nothing special there)
  2. There are not so many ways to capsule !!!! Generally, hair extensions are a definite haemorrhoid! Require careful care! And when grow vashche moka-comb it is simply not possible !!!! And how they REMOVE .... Mom mia ... the histopo rests! soaked in cream or in balm, and then scat! !!
    THE UZH ....
    Better naturally and zhivenko
  3. To date, there are about a dozen ways to build hair. The main division occurs depending on the method by which the build-up takes place: it can be either a cold or a hot method. The hot method uses a heated resin to bond the donor hair strands. Attachment methods are also different. So, the English technology of expansion provides for a special pistol, from which the fixing resin is fired. On the reasonable question, how dangerous such a resin, you can give numerous pros and cons. But the fact remains that this is the most common method of hair extensions.

    Specialists say: the technology of hot building is rather gentle. However, she has some disadvantages. In the area of ​​the hair connection, ricekin is obtained from the keratin capsule, which can be palpated, and sometimes glimpsed. With a cold build-up, the thermal effect on the hair is excluded, and from this procedure becomes practically harmless. The strands of artificial hair are attached to the natural by means of glue. Experts argue that this method is more suitable for blondes, because the glue after drying gives a whitish shade.

    What hair is used for building? For this stylists use specially processed strands made of natural human hair. Of course, the quality of hair should be the highest. Before the procedure, they are specially treated, the pigment is evaporated, resulting in the hair becoming almost transparent. Then comes the procedure of coloring in different colors. The color scale of scalable hair is multifaceted. Each attached strand contains up to 50 hair.

    Those who dared and decided on this procedure, it is worthwhile to know that the procedure of building up is only the first stage on the way to beautiful hair. After this begins the everyday struggle for a smart hairstyle. Increased hair requires special, everyday and quite expensive care. Even with normal hair washing, it is worth sticking to certain rules. So, you can not apply conditioner and hair masks directly to the capsule. You can not stand shampoo on your head for a long time. Do not use shampoos for dry hair and conditioners on hair roots. But, most importantly, when washing, you can not tilt your head forward, as the capsules can fall off. It is best to use professional washing and styling products designed specifically for hair extensions.

    Hair can be worn for two to six months. It depends on the quality of the hair and on how they are looked after. Every two months you need to make a correction and, depending on the condition of the capsules, decide on the replacement of hair. In general, wearing foreign hair for 3-4 months will devastate your wallet on 400-600 conventional units. But beauty costs money. And the impression on others around you is guaranteed.

  4. my friend once increased her hair, this is a very long procedure, she could not sleep the night, and the next day she went to take them off and even spent half a day on this procedure.

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