How to paste a paper box beautifully?

In any home goods store you will find a variety of organizers and storage containers. But why spend extra money if it’s not at all difficult to decorate any boxes in your home? All you need is decorative materials and suitable containers or boxes for storage. How to glue the box with paper with your own hands to make it beautiful?

Interior storage boxes

Do not rush to throw out thick cardboard boxes. With decorative paper or wallpaper residue, you can quickly turn them into beautiful storage containers. Use boxes of different sizes, they can be folded cosmetics, accessories, children's toys and other household trifles. Packing from shoes, dishes and fragile souvenirs is best for storage.

How to paste a box with paper

For decoration, you can use gift wrapping paper, colored or crepe paper for children's creativity, wallpaper residues or pieces of cloth. If desired, the containers can be signed, printed on the printer label or neatly filled by hand.Additionally, decorate your containers for storage with ribbons, bows, rhinestones, artificial flowers, beads, or shaped buttons.

Selection of materials and tools

How to glue the box with their own paper? Start by choosing materials and tools. If you use paper wallpaper or decorative paper, it is best to glue on PVA or double-sided tape. Fabric, foil or glossy gift paper will adhere most firmly to the cardboard base, if you choose glue "Titan" or "Moment-Crystal".

Universal option for wrapping boxes of any materials - double-sided tape. The craft will look neater if the tape is thin and flat. Be prepared for the fact that the scotch will need quite a lot. As auxiliary tools you need a pencil, ruler, scissors and stationery knife.

How to glue the box with gift paper

How to glue the box with paper and what else is needed for this? Do not forget to choose the base - a box of suitable size, as well as paper sheets for decoration or wallpaper.

The classic way of making paper boxes

It is very good if you have a large enough piece of paper or fabric for wrapping the box. Place a box in its center, and circle it with a pencil in the bottom.Then also, by fitting, draw the contours of the walls for cutting. Be sure to leave allowances of at least 1 cm at the edges of the elements. If you plan to paste over the lid of the box, make the same pattern for it. Cut out the paper blanks and proceed to pasting the box.

First glue the bottom, use double-sided tape or glue. The most crucial stage of work is pasting walls. Your task is to carefully glue the corners and prevent the appearance of folds. How to glue the box with paper exactly? Begin to glue each side of the bottom, qualitatively smoothing and pressing. Then glue the paper at the top. The allowances, designed to bend inward, leave unlinked. Cover with paper all four walls of the box. Last of all, fix the allowances by beautifully filling out the top edge of the box.

How beautiful to glue the box with paper if there is not enough material?

Sometimes small scraps of wallpaper, gift paper are left from the repair or packaging of gifts. If desired, even small pieces can decorate interior storage boxes. Separate the details of the cut walls and bottom, do not forget to make allowances.If the paper is very small, the bottom of the container can not paste over.

How beautiful pasted a box of paper

How to glue the box with paper using small pieces? If your container is rectangular, start with long walls. Then glue the paper on the remaining sides. Lastly, the bottom is pasted over and the upper part of the walls is decorated.

Mosaic or collage is an interesting technique for decorating storage containers.

It is original and interesting to arrange storage boxes by pasting them with separate paper elements. In this technique, you can make a complex application by depicting decorative ornaments or pictures. The alternative is to arrange pieces of paper randomly, resulting in an abstract mosaic.

For pasting the container in this technique, be sure to use glue, tape is not suitable. Paper can be used any - color, packaging. If you want to create plot applications or draw some kind of patterns, make pre-patterns. Making them is very simple - draw the desired images on plain paper and cut them out. Then on these patterns cut out all the details separately.

How to glue the box with paper

Much easier to perform the technique of abstract mosaic. You can make a box in it by cutting out arbitrary elements of different colors immediately before gluing it onto the base. Abstract, or arbitrary mosaic is an excellent technique for children's crafts. How to glue the box with colored paper according to this principle, even a small child will understand.

Decor of interior storage boxes

If you used thin paper to design an interior box, it can be varnished to give strength to the product. Pre-dry the craft, preferably wait at least a day. Clear acrylic lacquer must be applied in 2-3 layers. After complete drying of the composition, you can proceed to the decoration of the product.

You can make the box more beautiful and original by decorating it with a ribbon. Simply tie a container in the middle or a couple of centimeters from the top edge. On the ribbon you can make an additional bow.

How to glue the box with colored paper

You already know how to glue the box with gift paper. But how to decorate it in addition to the ribbon? For the decor of the original crafts, you can use artificial flowers, rhinestones or large beads.If you plan to make several boxes of approximately the same size, you should think about making labels for them. You can sign containers using regular rectangles cut from paper or cardboard of a contrasting color. With the help of figured scissors or hole punching it is possible to arrange the edges of the label.

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