How to get to Kiev?

Traveling to Kiev can be very pleasant and very short. The main thing is to plan it correctly. How can you get from Moscow or St. Petersburg to Kiev?

Under the sound of wheels

The most traditional answer to the question abouthow to get to Kiev - by rail. About 10 direct and transit trains run daily between Kiev and Moscow. Traveling to them takes up to 15 hours. And the fastest is the branded "Metropolitan Express" Kiev-Moscow, which overcomes 860 kilometers without stops in just 10 hours. In Moscow, trains in the Kiev direction depart and arrive at the Kiev railway station.

But between Kiev and St. Petersburg runsonly one direct train. In the way, his passengers will need to spend almost 23 hours and drive through the territory of 3 states. In St. Petersburg this train arrives and leaves from Vitebsk railway station.

The main advantage of this method of travel -convenient location of the Kiev railway station. It is located almost in the center of the city, and next to it there is a metro station, public transport stops and intercity bus station.

Under the wing of an airplane

The fastest way to get to Kiev -take advantage of air transport. Flights from Moscow to Kiev take just two airports - "Borispol" and "Zhulyany." The main advantage of "Zhulyan" is its location in the city. To him goes a huge number of urban public transport routes, and a taxi from the airport to the center will cost no more than $ 5. But from this airport per day, one flight is made to the airports "Vnukovo" and "Domodedovo". From "Borispol" daily up to 10 flights to the airports "Domodedovo" and "Sheremetyevo". The main drawback of Boryspil lies in the fact that it is located far beyond the city. You can get to it only on an expensive taxi or a bus that rides infrequently. But the flight between Moscow and Kiev lasts a little over an hour.

All flights from St. Petersburg to Kiev take the airport "Borispol". Daily between these cities make up to 5 flights. The flight time is only 2 hours.

On wheels

You can reach Kiev by bus or car. From Moscow to Kiev on the roads of about 900 kilometers, and this distance can be overcome in 13-15 hours. But between Peter and Kiev 1200 kilometers, and the journey can take almost a day. The main inconvenience of car travel is the difficulties that can arise when passing the border. The fact is that there are regular jams due to slow passage of customs control.

Vain fears

In general, special problems at the border crossingbetween Russia and Ukraine should not arise. Customs control at airports and on the railway passes quite easily: it is enough to fill out the migration card and not to conduct anything forbidden. Particular attention at the border guard can cause companies of men who are not able to clearly explain the purpose of their visit.

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