How to get rid of ants on peonies?

Peonies are very unpretentious and beautiful flowers. They will be the perfect perennial decoration of your garden. Peonies have large and beautiful buds that emit a lot of carbon-rich juice. Ants are very fond of him, which is why they often gather on them and spoil the appearance of flowers by eating them.

That is why getting rid of ants on peonies is not superfluous. First you need to establish why pests appear on the buds, and then how to deal with them and what means are better to use: folk or industrial (insecticides).

Why do ants appear on pions?

The reason for this is, as already mentioned above, the juice, and, more precisely, nectar, which contains many elements attractive to the ants. He stands out most often from the still unopened buds, and pests often gnaw, or even flower buds, gnaw.

The result of such ant activity is crooked, nibbled flowers with damaged petals.

How to get rid of ants?

There are many ways to breed ants, and everyone will be able to find a suitable one.


Chemical agents have several disadvantages, among them:

  • How to get rid of antsshort duration - when using aerosols, the buds will be protected from ants only for a while;
  • high contagion - insecticides that are part of the chemical preparations, can act on other insects, such as bees, which is not very good impact on the health of the whole garden. That is, not only pests will suffer.

Advantages of chemicals:

  • high efficiency and availability.

Chemicalsthat will help you get rid of pests, can be purchased at any store for gardeners. The following drugs are among the most popular.

  1. "Ant-eater". It can be either in the finished solution or in the form of a powder. The active agent is diazinon - a very strong intestinal poison. 1 ml of the solution is diluted in 10 liters of water; it is necessary to water the flowers and the anthill itself with this solution.
  2. Multiple analogues of "Anteater", for example, "Muracid" and "Ants".
  3. Expel in powder form. Produced on the basis of venom chlorpyrofos 2%.Very effective, but dangerous for pets and humans if used improperly.

Physical means

These methods include various baits, scarers and all kinds of traps.

Getting rid of antsA more advantageous option is to use the latter version of physical assets.

The effectiveness of the traps lies in their poisoned baits, which act on the principle of contact-intestinal poison. With such traps, several individuals can infect an entire colony.

Such traps are safer for other animals and insects, because they do not have direct access to the trap due to the structure of the device itself.

The best traps:

  • "Raptor". As part of this trap has chlorpyrifos, are sold in several pieces, which is very practical and convenient.
  • "Combat". The active ingredient is hydromethylnon. The package has 4 traps, and it costs only 450 rubles.

Folk and proven remedies for pests

Folk remedies differ from others in their low cost, practicality and gentle attitude to animals, as well as to the ground, because they do not pollute it with any chemicals.

Folk and proven remedies for pestsComplex steaming.First you need to find the nest of ants and, after digging a little, discover the larvae. These larvae need to be filled with boiling water, for the best effect, you can cover the anthill with a film and leave it for some time.

Boric acid.Boric acid is completely harmless to humans and animals, at the same time it is very detrimental to ants.

You can make a bait of sweet jam or honey, mixing them with water in a ratio of 1 to 2. Add a tablespoon of boric acid in powder form and mix well. After this bait you need to put under a bush peony, to be found by pests, or directly close to their colony.

Another example for which you will not need a lot of money and do it quite quickly isbay leaf infusion.It is prepared as follows:

  • take a bay leaf and fill it with boiling water, let it stand for a while;
  • The resulting tincture needs to process each sheet of peony to achieve the best effect.

Now you know what to do with pests and how best to get rid of them. Now every flower and leaf of your garden will be beautiful and protected, and no pests will no longer be a threat.

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