How to join the "Debt" in the "Stalker": tips

How to enter into "Debt"? This is a question that many S.T.A.L.K.E.R. The answer is simple: it depends on which game the person plays. Each part has its own nuances, but the essence is the same everywhere: you just need to assist this militant group. Read more in this article.

how to enter into debt in a stalker

This is our duty!

The date of foundation of the group is 2009, when the helicopter of captain Tkachenko crashed on the territory of the Zone. The officer announced the forced creation of a paramilitary group, and himself - the general "Duty". In the course of its existence, the group expanded at the expense of the influx of stalkers from the former military, members of the special services and law enforcement agencies. General Tkachenko himself died, hitting with a small detachment in a temporary anomaly. The successors continued his business, focusing on the implementation of the main task - localization of the Zone, containment of it, targeted destruction of mutants and other threats emanating from the Zone.

In 2010, the soldiers of "Debt" established a base onthe territory of the Research Institute "Agroprom" and clashed in the zone for the first time with the bandits (who does not pull there in pursuit of valuable artifacts and swag) and the ideological opponent - the group "Svoboda". The latter consider the Zone to be something like the eighth wonder of the world and wish to coexist peacefully with itself, studying its miracles.

The enmity between the factions grew over time into a real civil war in 2011. A powerful ejection opens the way to Limansk, as a result, the Zone was literally flooded with bandits and troops of the militant group Monolith. The new release multiplies the losses in the ranks of "Debt", they are forced to move to the territory of the plant "Rostok", where they protect the created bar "100 X-ray" - a place that has become a symbol of the stronghold of the group in games and in literary works.

2012 - the war continues with the group "Freedom". Dolgovtsy put barriers to repel attacks of mutants. And also in the game "The Shadow of Chernobyl" an attempt is made to eliminate the commander of the "Svobodovtsy" - Lukash. The main character can take part in it.

stalker shadow of chernobyl how to enter into debt


Militarized "dolgents" are distinguished by strict discipline, live by the charter, paying tribute to their origin, and also tacitly cooperate with the military, who periodically appear in the Zone.

In the plot of the game, sometimes they cooperate with the SBU.

The artifacts found in the Zone are handed over to scientists for research, and not to merchants, as other stalkers in the game do.

The latter are treated with caution until the newly arrived stalker proves that there is no threat to the grouping.

Game "Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl". How to enter into "Debt"

In the "Debt" in this part of the game (in any case, in the original version) can not enter. You can only get the achievement “Friend of Duty”. You will need to complete several tasks. For example, steal an RPG-6 grenade launcher based on Svoboda, eliminate a sniper in the same place, save the life of the debtor, and also take part in an attack on the base by grouping these anarchists in order to kill their leader Lukasz and further eliminate those completely.

It is worth remembering that not all are good about the "debt." Achievement will immediately turn a stalker into an enemy of Freedom, representatives of the opposing group will automatically open fire on the player. That is, the merchant on the basis of "Svobodovtsy" is no longer to get, and he sells very good equipment. Therefore, players who think about how to enter into “Debt” in “Stalker” need to decide whether it is worth it.

stalker call pripyat how to enter into debt

If the mod is installed

Installed modifications of the “Solyanka folk type” for the “Shadow of Chernobyl” implement many hidden features of the game. Also added new quests and branches of the dialogue, if installed on the game "Stalker" mod. How to enter into "Debt" in fashion - a question no less interesting. The answer to it depends on the type of installed modification. In some, you can enter just by having a heart-to-heart chat with the desired debtor, and in some you cannot even become a friend. An example of this is the “War in the Zone” mod for PM: wherever you go, everywhere fights, shooting and stabbing (even mutants fight each other).

The prequel "Stalker: Clear Sky". How to enter into "Debt"

The game is a background to the events of "Shadow of Chernobyl". The introduction here is the least problematic: you just need to implement the idea of ​​flooding the underground research institutes “Agroprom”, so that mutants and other vermin creeping out of the way that prevents an honest stalker from living peacefully stop creeping out. It remains only to express the desire to join in a conversation with the commander. After that, the question "how to enter into the" Debt "in the Stalker" disappears.

Doomed grouping

“Both soldiers, and mechanics, and scientists” - this is how members of the “Clean Sky” formation spoke about themselves. The plot of the prequel revolves around the personality of the Arrow (the main character of “The Shadow of Chernobyl”).The group is confident that the emissions are the result of the activities of the aforementioned stalker, because in this part they find the Scar mercenary (the main character S.T.A.L.K.E.R. "Clear Sky"), which is tasked to eliminate Arrow.

The group, in record time, accomplished the tasks of a breakthrough to Limansk with the aim of stopping the progress of the aforementioned daredevils to the Heart of the Zone. The scar and the top ten survivors of the “neat” manages to break through to the station and disable the Strelka psi protection. But an ejection occurs, as a result of which the survivors (and Scar) fall under the program S.T.A.L.K.E.R., realized by O-Consciousness, and become zombie. This is evidenced by the final movie "Clean Sky".

After that, the surviving stalkers left the swamps and wandered around the Zone, the group completely ceased to exist.

stalker how to enter into debt passage

"Call of Pripyat"

The procedure of joining the ranks of the group in the final part of the Stalker: Call of Pripyat trilogy looks more or less obvious. How to join Debt in it? You need to help the group in every possible way. It is based at Yanov station, where two militant groups concluded neutrality (exclusively on the territory of this structure).

In the southern part you can find the head of "Debt" - Lieutenant Colonel Shulga, and in the north - the leader of "Freedom" named Loki. They can get the main character, like any other stalker.

Approximately it looks like the answer to the question about a rather interesting point in the game "Stalker" - how to join the "Debt"? The passage of the "Stalker" is very interesting in itself, the mods of the game offer a lot of options for the development of events, we, in turn, just offer those who want to become members of the group to get acquainted with some of the subtleties.


  1. Having bitten the unscrupulous “debtor” Morgan, who is responsible for guarding the weapons warehouse of the group, but secretly trades with the bandits, mercenaries, and also merges information to the Freedom to attack the warehouse, give Shulga the Morgan CPC.
  2. Tell the Duty leader that Flint is not who he claims to be.
  3. Having found out the details of the death of General Tkachenko, give the PDA found to the leader of Duty. If you give the gadget to the leader of Freedom, stalkers in the central part of the hall will talk about the unsuccessful past of the debtors, which will negatively affect the attitude to the main player from Shulgi and the company.
  4. Help the debtors to recapture the warehouse they lost due to the betrayal of Morgan.
  5. Transfer documents to Schulge from “Jupiter”, the plant, where they may have been engaged in secret development of the “Gauss Cannon” - a powerful impulse weapon. During the raids on the plant, the main character will be attacked by mercenaries who were guarding the bunker of scientists.
  6. Since, because of the aforementioned events, scientists remained unguarded, there would be no better candidature than the “Debt”. We need to talk to Shulga about the security of the bunker, after which these guys in black can be seen at their posts.
  7. In the process of passing you can stumble upon a group of "unusual" stalkers. They are former Monolith who have managed to get rid of the control over their consciousness and are seeking refuge in one of the groups. If the above tasks have been completed, you can apply to Shulga with a request to take the Rogue and his group into the “Debt” ranks, after which you can continue with the Stalker game.

stalker game enter into debt

How to join the "Debt", we told. The main character is already in the group. In different versions of the game you need to perform a different number of tasks in order to increase the level of respect for the debtors.

Pluses dolgtsev

An indisputable advantage is the support of the group: if the main character gets into trouble, the “Duty” fighters will always come to the rescue. This is the good game "Stalker". Entering into “Debt” is a smart move that opens up a lot of opportunities and also influences the further process and endings.

  • For example, a technician named Azot on “Yanov” from “Debt”, therefore the prices for his services will decrease.
  • Neutral Medic Kostoprav will start selling army kits.
  • A mass of useful items will be added to the personal box - brotherly snapping from Shulgi.

stalker mod how to enter into debt


The negative side of the question of how to enter into “Debt” in “Stalker” is the deterioration of relations with everyone who sympathizes with “Freedom” or is a member of it.

For example, the Hawaiian shopkeeper will raise the prices of their goods and be less friendly.

Also, if you do not complete a single quest from Hypericum, Svoboda will be completely negative about the main character.

Why do I need to solve the mystery of the death of Tkachenko

In “Call of Pripyat”, when the main character wanders around the Cooling Tower, you may hear steep calls for help. The voice from the radio says that the food and water have run out.

From the monologue it is clear that the officer’s group fell into a spatial anomaly. At first they tried to get out, but wherever they went, they were surrounded by fog everywhere and every time they returned to the same place from which they began their journey. First, one of them is gone. Everyone thought that there was a way out, but it was not there.

Then one of the officers became insane, killed his comrades, and then killed himself. Observing all this, Tkachenko decided to make a death record on his gadget, after which he himself put a pistol to his temple and pulled the trigger.

stalker clear sky how to enter debt

An anomaly can be detected only with the help of the Svarog detector, after which the dead bodies of stalkers and weapons in excellent condition fall out of the “temporary bubble”. When searching the bodies, you can find only the CPC of General Tkachenko.

How to enter into "Debt" in the "Stalker" in this case? You need to give the PDA Schulge. In the final video at the end of the game it will be said that the Svobodovtsy were completely ousted from “Yanov” and died in a skirmish outside the station.

If a player wants to join the “Freedom”, you should hand the gadget to Loki, then in the final video the station will leave “Duty”.

Those who wish to maintain a balance between the groups and not enter anywhere can sell valuable information to Sych, an inhospitable huckster on Skadovsk.He certainly will not give out this information to anyone, at least for free!

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