How to draw Mom?

Are you interested in how to create a portrait of a mother? After all, many of us are asking this question, but they do not know the answer to it. In kindergartens and schools, children learn how to draw a portrait of a mother, but not all of this is obtained. Moreover, many do not know how to draw a mother in pencil. But we will help you. We will follow certain instructions and quickly and easily learn this simple drawing. So let's get started.

How to draw a mother in stages

  1. Start drawing from the oval. Draw a normal oval - the human head.
  2. It is necessary to add several lines for the face. Draw 5 horizontal lines (eye line-green) and 1 blue line of the mouth. 2 vertical lines (front side), eye ball in the center with a green line. Lines in the middle are not necessary, but preferred in order to keep the face in symmetry.
  3. To calculate the position of the eyes, nose and mouth, you need to add several lines. These lines are just a few pointers to the knowledge of the distances between each feature.
  4. For the human eye position, always keepforget the 5 colors that place for the face. The position of the eyes, nose (blue color form), in the middle between the eyes, the line of the mouth below the nose. Line center with line (when we wear glasses) the eye and line end with the same line (do not forget it), and call everything done here similar to the "human face formula" sketch.
  5. Using a black line that sketches the whole main line, draw the eyes, nose, ears and mouth that matches the human sketch of the face formula.
  6. Continue drawing sketches for the eyes, nose, ear and mouth.
  7. By making a sketch of the shadow for the eyes, nose, ear and mouth, you can see that a realistic female face appeared.
  8. Use your pencil and shadow in your hair tohave a completed result of a human face. It takes time to create a pleasant looking face. This is the other side for a human face for a woman. I start drawing with 2 ovals and 1 cervical line here. 1 - the skull that takes most of the head. 2 - space to draw your face. 3 - cervical line.
  9. Add a face line, 3 eye intervals,coordinating the angular, triangular, nose shape, the line for the mouth. Now, doing a sketch outside draw the main line, eye, nose, mouth. Keep your patience calm.
  10. Coloring the detail and shadow for the eyes, nose, mouth, we use various pencils. If you have a digital program, use a customized hair brush.
  11. The important part is when you shade -Figure out where the light source blow your figure. In this case, from the facade, contrasting a lot of shadows in the middle section of the face instead of the sides. When someone smiles, they have deep creases in their cheeks.
  12. Once you have completed your drawing, you can erase the sketch lines.

Thus, we realized that there is nothing complicated in the picture of the mother's portrait. The main thing is to choose the lines of symmetry of the nose, eyes and head. Successful drawings!

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