How to determine whether the spell worked or not?

How to determine whether the spell worked or not?

  1. If the spell has acted, then its action is not noticeable is not possible. A person is completely dependent on you, from communicating with you. And even from a distance she would find the opportunity to communicate with you. That is, if everything simplified you would need it were like air. Draw conclusions yourself.
  2. in magic do not play .... you will pay health .... but there will not be any sense ....
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  4. What are the signs of a spell?
    External actions magically charmed person.

    * The man after the spell does not find a place either next to the "beloved", or away from it. As soon as he leaves, he begins, according to the spell, "shaking", the energy thread stretches and pulls him towards the woman. Take the rubber tourniquet, tie one end to the tree, and the other to the belt. Step back a few steps. The tourniquet pulls you back. And when you come back, what's going on. The tourniquet and its power WEAK. Similarly, a love spell - next to a bewitching woman, he loses much of his strength, and this woman, if a man does not have feelings, he does not need. Therefore, the man will look for an opportunity to break off relations and leave. But far it will not go away, because the garter thread stretches again. The man from such left-come guaranteedly emerges a whole bunch of mental illnesses, nervous and physical disorders, mainly in the heart, brain and genital area. Do you need a sick man?

    Moreover, the love spell with black magic (black, or hard spell) very often falls on the "charmed" man as a strong evil, spoiling. Many immediately have problems in their affairs, a series of setbacks begins, a perfectly well-established business rises. Thus, through a love spell instead of a rich and generous admirer or lover, a woman can get a nervous, evil, with a bunch of groom's debts. Even if your evil is not ripped off on you, you can not see money as your ears. Therefore, before privorotom need to turn to clairvoyance, see if it will bring the desired benefit or result.

    Privorot. Other symptoms of the spellbound spell:

    1. In business, health, material well-being, relations with relatives show deterioration (both in one area and all at once).
    2. If all or almost all people talk about a person's shortcomings, but you do not see this and, on the contrary, think that people are mistaken, that they just do not know how magical and wonderful a person has appeared in your life - you are fascinated.
    3. If you are too aggressive take criticism of a loved one, then this, too, can be an effect of a spell. There is no objective assessment of a loved one.
    4. If you consider yourself happy next to your loved one, despite the many inconveniences that he gives you, despite the fact that you often get nervous because of a loved one, are dissatisfied with his actions.
    5. There is an unexpected craving for a particular person (although, earlier you treated him more calmly), thoughts about him are obsessive, there is a strong sexual desire.
    6. You are told that you have changed a lot, do not like yourself. You have such traits as aggressiveness, nervousness, vague fear of something or fear, anxiety. There is no inner peace.
    7. Injuries, life-threatening situations are also not uncommon in the life of a person who is fascinated.
    8. The result of life charmed with a hard spell is often unnatural death.
    This applies only to those spells that are made with the help of black magic.

    Sorcerous love spell is more often used by those who do not need a soul, but a physical environment of the one to be charmed. That is, there is a desire to have something, to be, if indirectly, master. Here you can include as direct physical objects an apartment, a car, a dacha, a good salary, and an indirect male power, beauty, sexual power, etc. That is, in a privation, a woman thinks primarily about how she personally will be good at that or a different situation, and when using love magic as an IM, it WILL BE GOOD with a TWO, material interests, if any, depart here into the background. Therefore, before choosing a magic it is important to decide what you need - a dark love spell (money) or bright love magic (love).

  5. To bewitch the girl who is ready to surrender at her first wish .. and she will not bewitch anyone to you, for she does not have a heart, but she thinks to other organs and obeys only his call
  6. You should know the following: What should I avoid after a love spell?
    1. Suffering.
    Suffering is the loss of energy
    Suffering is the swing of the situation and the splash into the channel of extremely unpleasant emotions
    Suffering is the inhibition of the development of the situation
    Suffering is fraught with meditation, which leads to the re-enactment of the goal
    2. Throwing.
    Throwing and changing priorities is wasted energy
    Throwing is sticking in a situation (prescribing in not all possible options afterwards does not allow anyone to escape from the trap neither the hunter nor the victim)
    3. Troubling fears and questions.
    Fears and questions work as limiters of a neglected action.
    The best way to get things to a halt is to prescribe fears
    4. Categorically no one can talk about the impact, they told, they shared a "secret" with a friend - all work went to nothing. That's why you can not hear reviews about the lucky charms.

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