How to cook semolina correctly?

Almost all semolina brings memories of childhood. It is remembered to someone with joy: as a sweet delicacy, gentle and airy. And to someone, on the contrary, with Sadikov’s unsweetened torment, full of nasty foams and lumps. And it is difficult to convince such people in the future that semolina porridge can be very tasty. But nutritionists believe semolina indispensable cereal for those who have problems with the stomach or intestines, and for children during their growth. How to prepare semolina, so that it caused in the eaters only positive emotions? We will talk about this now.

how to cook semolinaRecommendations

It would seem, what could be easier? But in how to cook semolina, has its own secrets of skill. Consider some of them. First, let's decide how to make semolina: on water or on milk? If you prefer savory porridge, the water is fine. A little trick: to make the semolina tender, boil it in already boiled water. Take the following proportions: half a liter of water - three quarters of a glass of semolina.If you want it to be a beautiful color and consistency, then fry the cereal in a frying pan (deep enough) with butter to a creamy tinge. Make sure that it is not burned. Then pour boiled water (warm) directly into the pan, add a drop of salt, carefully, most importantly, quickly, mix everything, then let it boil for a few minutes (no more than three). Turn off the heat, cover and let your porridge stand until it swells. This option is preferable for adults. You can serve it with vegetables, grated cheese, cheese, greens or by itself.

Baby food

"And how to cook semolina for children?" - ask you a question. Of course, almost all children love sweets. And porridge they should cook sweet, with milk. Boil semolina need all in the same proportion: half a liter of milk, take three-quarters cup of cereal. You need to bring the milk to the boil, and then pour it into the sieve (namely, the sieve, so that the cereal is evenly scattered throughout the milk) semolina. You need to cook it just a couple of minutes and do not forget to stir intensively all this time - why do you need lumps?

how to make semolinaFinal stage

After that, just as in the first case, cover the porridge with a lid and let stand for a while (not more than 15 minutes).Spread it with butter and serve your fidgets with honey, sugar, fruit or nuts - this is how your fantasy tells you. This variety in the pitch will help teach a child to love semolina, because every morning he will receive a new dish, and not the annoyed one and the same porridge.

Original recipe

But the secrets of semolina do not end there. For example, do you know how to cook semolina on apple juice? Take the following ingredients:

- sugar - 1 tsp;

- egg - 1 piece;

- apple juice - 2 glasses;

- raisins (remove the seeds in advance) - to taste;

- rind of one lemon;

- Butter - 1 tablespoon;

- semolina - 2 tablespoons;

- Egg - 1 piece.

how to weld semolinaCooking process

Boil apple juice, add cereal, stirring constantly, add sugar, dried fruits, zest and, of course, butter. Let simmer for a couple of minutes and cover with lid, as in previous cooking methods. Beat the egg in the already prepared porridge and mix.


Hopefully, all the tips on how to cook semolina will be useful to you, and you, like your loved ones, will fully appreciate this healthy and tasty porridge, which many people so unjustly dislike.

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