How to connect free SMS on Tele2, and how much will it cost?

Some subscribers prefer to communicate with other people using the text messaging service, which is provided by all modern cellular operators. Despite the fact that SMS can be sent to Tele2 for a low cost in any region of the country with this telecom operator, it becomes necessary to activate additional packages provided by a certain limit of free messages. Such options are especially relevant for mega-communicative clients and on the eve of holidays, when it is necessary to send a lot of messages with congratulations to their families and friends. How to connect free SMS on Tele2? How much can such a service cost, what are its conditions, and is it possible to receive non-tariffable messages due to the bonus balance?

how to connect free sms on tele2

Options for getting free messages

For Tele2 customers, there are two options for receiving free messages. One of them is activation on the number of the SMS Freedom service, which has a monthly fee and provides a certain amount of messages every day. The second way to stop paying for messages is to activate the rewards of participants in the bonus program. Tele2 Bank offers to activate accumulated points not only for megabytes and minutes, but also for SMS. How to connect free SMS on Tele2 by each of these methods will be described below.

Option “SMS freedom”: description

  • General description.The option “SMS freedom” is the ability to send hundreds of messages to your relatives, colleagues, friends. Depending on the region, you can get 200 free SMS on Tele2, and other operators throughout the country. The amount of SMS that is available for free sending every day varies, as well as the subscription fee. For example, in the Tula region, customers can send 150 messages daily for a nominal fee to the numbers of any operators in the country. For some regions, a limit can be set and only available to subscribers of their area.Details can be obtained from the employees of the salon and contact center, as well as by visiting the official portal of the service provider. In the list of options, you should find the service "SMS-freedom" and view information about it.

send sms on tele2

  • Financial conditions.To activate this service, you will have to pre-replenish your account, since in addition to the subscription fee there is also a payment for the connection. Mark the exact amount is not possible. For example, in the same Tula region it is possible to activate SMS-freedom for 50 rubles (the daily payment will be only 3 rubles).
  • Limitations.Sending free messages is not carried out on short numbers, implying the order of some services. Only the numbers of subscribers from different regions and mobile operators fall under the option. If you decide to connect some content by sending messages to a short number, then they will be charged according to the tariff plan.

200 free sms on tel2

SMS Freedom option: connection

You can activate the above option independently through a personal account or via USSD functionality. To connect, use the request of the form: * 155 * 21 #.To disable “SMS-freedom” you need to replace the last digit of the above command with a zero or use the personal account again. If it is difficult for you to turn off or activate the service, you can contact the call center operator’s staff and clarify how to connect free SMS on Tele2. Refusal of service is free.

SMS Freedom option: checking the balance of messages for the current day

In order to see how many messages are left until the end of the current day, you should use one of the methods:

how to connect free sms on tele2 for bonuses

  • visit your personal account (in one of the menu items you can find a list of activated services and options, as well as information about them, including the amount you can send SMS to Tele2);
  • dial the request * 155 * 2 # on the telephone keypad and wait for the text message to arrive; a few minutes after entering the command, an SMS containing the data required by the subscriber will be sent.

How to connect free SMS on Tele2 for bonuses?

If the service described earlier is not quite suitable for you, then you can use the points accumulated in Tele2-Bank.How to connect free SMS on Tele2 throughout Russia? Among the reward packages available package consisting of fifteen messages, the cost of which is 10 points. To connect it, you should dial the request * 116 * 21 # on the number. Disabling the option is not necessary: ​​as soon as the volume is exhausted, it is deactivated automatically.

how to connect free sms on tel2 throughout russia


In this article we told how to connect free SMS on Tele2. Two options are offered to subscribers: the first one implies a subscription fee and more than a hundred free messages per day. The second does not require cash costs and provides a little, but still free - fifteen messages. Each of these services is activated within a few minutes after the activation operations (dialing a specific type of request or using the commands of the personal web office). Disabling the bonus package is not required, after all the messages are spent, it will no longer be "listed" on the number. In the case of using the SMS Freedom service, as soon as the need for mass sending of messages disappears, it will be necessary to initiate its disconnection in order to save money.In the future, if necessary, it can be re-connected under the same conditions.

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