How to connect and how to disconnect the mobile Internet on "Tele2"?

Now we will try to figure out how to disablemobile Internet on "Tele2". In addition, we learn about the terms of connection thereof. This mobile operator offers very advantageous tariff plans for the Internet. And so they also need to know some information about them. After all, before you connect the mobile Internet to "Tele2" or refuse it, it is worthwhile to have an idea about the conditions on which we will work. Perhaps, it is not necessary to refuse or to be connected to those or other services. Let's try to understand this difficult issue.

how to disable mobile Internet on the phone2

Internet for every day

The first option that can only be offered,- this is the daily charging from the operator. That is, you will pay a monthly fee for using the Internet for the day. For example, pay attention to the proposal called "Internet for every day." For him you will pay 5.5 rubles a day. And with all this you will get 100 megabytes of free traffic. After this limit is exhausted, the speed will drop to 64 Kbytes per second.

In truth, the "Mobile Internet" service on "Tele2" has many alternatives. But sometimes this option is suitable for customers. It connects quite easily and simply, and it turns off too.

Possible options

Before you enter any specifics,pay attention to the fact that all operators have the same principles. So, if you are interested in how to disconnect the mobile Internet on "Tele2" or connect it, then in all cases, regardless of the offer, you will use the same methods, but with some adjustments. Which ones?

First, it is the use of a hotlinecellular operator. Call "Tele2", inform about your intentions to connect / disconnect from the Internet on your mobile device and wait for the result. Nothing difficult. True, this situation does not please many.

how to connect mobile Internet on TV2

Secondly, in order to independentlyperform actions to connect or disconnect the service (not necessarily the Internet), you can use the so-called USSD-request. On the mobile you need to type a certain combination that activates a particular function.

Third, quite often used "Personaloffice "at" Tele2 "and other cellular operators, where you can connect and disconnect any services and change the tariff plan using a computer and the Internet.No, there is nothing special about this.

Fourthly, in some cases SMS inquiries can help. Form a message of a certain type, then send it to a short number and wait for a response. It's easy and simple.

Connect / disable for every day

If you're interested in how to turn off mobileInternet on "Tele2", then you can go several ways. The first is sending a USSD request, the second one is using the "Personal Cabinet" on the official website of the operator. The Internet connects in the same way.

Let's start with the connection, because without this, disablethe tariff can not be. So, how to connect the mobile Internet to "Tele2" with the terms "Internet for every day"? Just dial on your phone a combination: * 155 * 151 #. After that, press the call button and wait for the answer. The connection of this proposal will cost you 10 rubles.

how to disable the mobile Internet service on the phone2

Disconnect is absolutely free. To implement this idea will have to print on the phone * 155 * 150 #. As well as the last time, we send a request and wait for an answer with an answer. Internet is disabled.

If you decide to use "Personalcabinet ", then go through the authorization on the" Tele2 "page, then select" Services "-" Internet. "Now you need to find the" Internet for every day "and click on the corresponding line.At the end of the page you will see" Connect "or" Disable. "We click on the button, confirm actions and the problem is solved.

"Day on the Net"

The next offer from "Tele2" is "Day inNetwork. "You pay only for those days when you really used the mobile Internet.To be truth, it's a very advantageous offer, especially for those who do not want to overpay.The day of such an Internet will cost 15 rubles. Just like the connection. all this you get 250 megabytes of high-speed Internet traffic per day, after which the speed will decrease.

Connection via "My" Tele2 "is carried out in a manner similar to the previous method, the same applies to the disabling of the service.

But when using the USSD-teammake some adjustments. How to disable mobile Internet on "Tele2"? In order to cancel the use of the "Day on the Net" service, send the request * 155 * 160 #. Connection is via * 155 * 161 #. A couple of minutes of waiting - and you will receive a response with the appropriate text. Either you hooked up the service, or turned it off.

mobile internet service on tele2

"Internet Package"

There is also the following advantageous offerfrom our today's cellular operator. It is called the "Internet Package". What does the service provide? For 250 rubles a month you get unlimited mobile Internet on "Tele2". True, a high-speed connection will only be until you download 5 gigabytes of data yourself. After that, the speed will decrease. In principle, a very profitable proposal.

The variant with the "Personal Cabinet" will no longer be considered, because it is no different from previous cases. Of greater interest are the USSD teams. They differ from each other at every tariff.

In our case, the connection is made usingcombination * 155 * 191 #, and if interested, how to disable the mobile Internet on "Tele2" ("Internet Package"), then you will have to dial * 155 * 190 #. Click on the call button and wait for the result of processing the request.

"Portfolio of the Internet"

Next on the list is the proposal "BriefcaseInternet. "Perhaps this is an even more interesting option, which Tele2 can give its subscribers, because when you connect this service you get 15 gigabytes of high-speed Internet for only 350 rubles a month.It is quite profitable and practical.However, as soon as the limit is exceeded, The connection speed will decrease several times and it will be 64 Kbps.

how to check traffic on your mobile phone2

This offer is connected easily and simply. Again, we form the command and send the request. It is necessary to dial * 155 * 201 #. And if you are interested in how to disable the mobile Internet on "Tele2", then it is enough to write * 155 * 200 #.

"Suitcase of the Internet"

Well, here we are with you to the lastoffers from "Tele2". "Suitcase of the Internet" - this is the name is unlimited high-speed Internet for 450 rubles a month. By the way, you are given 30 gigabytes of traffic. As in all past cases, it's worth exceeding this limit, as you get the most usual Internet connection on the phone.

You can activate the service by request. We dial on the mobile * 155 * 211 # and wait for a response from the operator. The "Suitcase of the Internet" is disconnected with the help of * 155 * 210 #.

Check traffic

Do not forget that if youconnect to a mobile tariff that gives high-speed Internet to a certain traffic, you always have to control the balance. This is done, of course, with the help of an appropriate request. On each packet of connections it's yours. How to check traffic on "Tele2" (mobile Internet)?

Unlimited mobile Internet on TV2

  1. "Internet for every day" uses a request of the form * 155 * 15 #.
  2. "The Day on the Net" - * 155 * 16 #.
  3. "Internet package" - * 155 * 19 #.
  4. "The Internet Portfolio" - * 155 * 020 #.
  5. "Suitcase of the Internet" - * 155 * 021 #.

As you can see, nothing difficult in our today'splans no. Check traffic, connect or disconnect the Internet on the phone - it's not such a difficult task. Anyone can cope with it. The main thing is to know which combinations to use. After all, we now know how to turn off the Mobile Internet service on Tele2, which includes a certain package for connecting to the Network.

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