How to clean amber beads at home and not to spoil them?

Amber jewelry is one of the most beloved of ladies. Such beads and earrings are bright, sunny, sparkling. This mineral reminds of summer, honey and sun. In general, amber products evoke only positive emotions.

Of course, only as long as the stones do not fade and lose their original attractive appearance. And what to do in this case? Fight in all available ways! And then a completely natural question arises: “How to clean amber?”

Amber Bead Bath

It happens that, after lying for some time in a box or a drawer of a bedside table, amber jewelry loses its former beauty. They become dimmer, lose their rich golden color and shine.

The reason for this is dust. Get rid of the scourge is quite simple.

Amber Bead BathHere's how to proceed:

  • type in a small enamel bowl clean water;
  • add 2-3 ice cubes to it;
  • dip the dyeing in the bowl;
  • leave them there for a few hours (6-8);
  • Remove amber and wipe dry with a soft cloth.

This method is suitable precisely when amber has only faded a little. In more "neglected" cases, more serious treatment is required.

How to clean amber in a soap solution?

As a rule, strongly tarnished amber is cleaned in a soap solution. It is prepared very simply: it is necessary to add a few drops of liquid soap to a small plate with water.

You can also use lumpy soap: just lightly soak it in water, foam it up and dip it in water again. Repeat until the water is sufficiently soapy. Once the goal is achieved, you can proceed directly to cleaning jewelry.

The algorithm of action is as follows.

  1. Prepare a soap solution.
  2. Put the decoration in it.
  3. Take the beads, ring or bracelet that you want to elevate in your hands and start rubbing each stone with a damp cloth. For a better effect, you can use a soft toothbrush, which will also provide a polishing effect.
  4. Then wipe the beads with a dry cloth.
  5. Cover the mineral with a thin layer of olive oil.

Done! The more minerals need to be cleaned and the more neglected they are, the longer the procedure will take. Be prepared for the fact that a thorough cleaning can take away a few evenings.

Tooth powder for cleaning amber

Beads from amber, the elements of which are made in the form of balls, are very convenient to clean with the use of dental powder. You only need to take a small amount of this substance and grind it with a soft toothbrush or flannel cloth.

You can use only tooth powder, and not paste: it is capable of clogging up in cracks in the mineral and changing its color.

Amber polished

In completely neglected cases, when simple cleaning no longer helps to restore the former beauty to the jewelry, polishing will save the situation.

Methods for polishing amber

If the minerals do not have any damage, chips and cracks, the product can also be polished at home. This is done in several ways.

Simple polishing

To perform this procedure, it is enough just to take the jewelry in your hands and carefully wipe each stone with a velvet or flannel rag.

It is necessary to rub with soft circular movements, especially paying attention to the joints of the mineral with metal elements of decoration. Then cover the minerals with olive oil.

Treatment with steeping in a salt bath

Treatment with steeping in a salt bathSometimes getting rid of the layer of dirt on the surface of amber with ordinary polishing does not work.

Then you need to resort to using a salt bath. To do this, put in a bowl a little water at room temperature and salt it.

Then put the decoration in it and leave for 7-8 hours. After that, remove it and let dry for 30 minutes.

Then polish with a small piece of wool fabric. At the end of the procedure, wipe the amber with a small amount of olive oil.

Make sure that there is no excess oil on the minerals: such accumulations are a favorable environment for accumulating dust.

How can you not clean amber?

Many housewives love to improvise in the matter of solving any economic problems at home. However, in the matter of care for amber jewelery, it is better to calm your ardor and learn thatcan not be used to clean this mineral.Contraindications include:

  • ultrasound technologies that work well with other jewelery, but are not suitable for amber;
  • aggressive chemicals;
  • alcohol and alcohol solutions;
  • cleaning products for metal products;
  • abrasives and hard brushes.

How to care for amber?

Solar mineral does not tolerate careless attitude. So that he always pleases the eye and warms the soul with its beauty, you will have to work hard to observesome rules for caring for him.

  1. Do not expose amber beads to direct sunlight. Although this stone plays precisely when sunlight hits its surface, such contact at home is best avoided.
  2. Take a separate box for amber products. They are quite picky and do not tolerate too high temperatures - both high and low. It is also undesirable to “addict” neighbors to them in the form of gold or silver jewelry, since amber is not the hardest metal and may well receive memorable signs from them in the form of scratches of different depths.
  3. Do not allow drops of various sprayed cosmetics on the surface of the stones: hair spray, deodorants, toilet water, etc.
  4. Avoid getting on amber dyeing particles of household chemicals.

With the right approach to cleaning amber and proper subsequent care, jewelry with it will please the eye for a long time.

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