How to choose drum sticks

Playing the drums does not lose its relevance for many years and the manufacturers of the mandatory attribute - drum sticks, do not cease to improve their products. Before you go shopping, you must carefully examine the types of drum sticks, as they all differ in sound, weight, balance, strength and other characteristics. Only well-chosen sticks will allow you to fully reveal your musical abilities and emphasize the uniqueness of the style of play.


Types of tips

Drumsticks can be divided into four types according to the type of heads: round, drop-shaped, pointed and cylindrical. Despite the fact that each manufacturer slightly modifies its products, making them different from the models of other firms, the standards are generally respected.

  • Round heads are especially valuable when playing cymbals. They focus the sounds and eliminate some of the differences in sound that occur when struck from different angles.
  • Teardrop head contributes to better sound control,as in contact with the plastic change the slope of the sticks.
  • Pointed head sticks are especially popular. This is due to the fact that when they strike, they give out a sound of medium focus.
  • The most open and scattered sound is produced by sticks with cylinder heads. This is due to the greater area of ​​contact with the drum.

types of drumsticks

Tip material

Heads can be both wooden and nylon. The first is to choose if your goal is a soft sound. Of the minuses of natural material can be noted fragility. Nylon heads are more expensive, but they are able to produce truly distinct, clean sounds and are practically not subject to wear. These tips are essential for playing electronic drums.

Wood, steel or plastic?

When choosing sticks, it is important to consider not only the form, but also the content. Traditional materials for their manufacture are oak, maple and light walnut (hickory). In addition, each of them has its own distinctive features. The most durable, dense and heavy are oak models. They are rarely used. Hickory models are less solid.Unlike oak, such drumsticks are able to dampen vibrations upon impact.

And finally, maple. The best drum sticks for a quick game are made from this very tree. However, it is worth remembering their ability to quickly wear out and break at the most unexpected moment. Polyurethane, carbon or aluminum rods have gained popularity due to their durability and the ability to replace broken individual parts. For example, ahead of the drum sticks ahead with removable tips are well proven.

best drum sticks

Manufacturers are increasingly moving away from traditional materials. Heavy steel drumsticks are gaining popularity. But they are used not for playing, but for training. Not all eminent drummers agree with this approach, since the hands can become stronger, while losing the flexibility necessary for a virtuoso game. Here the correct technique is important, allowing to strengthen hands, but not to overdo it. Many famous drummers go away from tradition and play with exclusive chopsticks, for example, from rare woods or unusual artificial materials.

The Subtleties of Digital Marking

Traditionally, marking of sticks consists of numbers and letters. The first one indicates thickness, and the larger the number, the thinner the stick. For example, sticks labeled 5V will be thinner and lighter than models labeled 2A. Standards, standards, but still products from different manufacturers with the same marking may differ in ergonomic characteristics, and nova drum sticks are not at all the same as products from other well-known manufacturers with similar markings.

ahead drumsticks

Letter symbols

The letters present in the marking indicate a particular style of play. Thus, models with the letter “A” (orchestra) are popular among groups playing dance music, jazz and blues. These sticks allow you to play quite quietly and gently. In addition, they are somewhat thinner than the sticks with other lettering. To date, these drumsticks occupy a leading place among musicians around the world.

Experts recommend beginners to master the game of drums with the help of sticks, the marking of which contains the letter “B” (band). Such models are traditionally used in symphonic and brass bands, they are convenient and popular.If you decide to learn how to play, then start at the sticks labeled 2I.

The letter "S" (street) is present in the marking of drum sticks intended for military or street orchestras. They provide maximum volume and impact power, and are practically not used when playing traditional drum sets.

nova drumsticks

The letter “N” present in the marking is a rather new designation indicating that the stick has a nylon tip. The letter is added at the end of the traditional marking.

Right choice

When purchasing chopsticks, you should listen to the advice of consultants and experienced drummers. However, the most important thing to feel with your own hands is a much-needed attribute. Do not rush and buy the first available model, suitable for marking. The only way you can choose standing sticks. Was the purchase successful? Do not take care of them too, wrap tape, etc. Enjoy the game ... and go for new chopsticks if your accessories are out of order.

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