How to choose a water heater to give?

In order to choose a high-quality water heater to give, first of all it is necessary to determine its varieties. To date, there are electric and gas modifications. Additionally, specialists are developing devices that are able to work on solar batteries.

However, at the moment they are best not to be taken seriously. Also, the separation of water heaters is carried out according to the method of obtaining water. In this regard, flow-through and cumulative models can be found on the market. Recently added bulk modifications.

instantaneous water heaters for summer cottage

How to decide on the purchase of a gas model?

If a gas pipe is connected at the dacha, then the purchase of a water heater of this type is very tempting. Fuel consumption depends on the manufacturer. The model should be selected only with the protection system. Also, the buyer needs to know as much information as possible about the heat exchanger of the device. It is made, as a rule, from aluminum.Sensors of bitterness of water are installed near the outlet. On average, the noise level of the device must be 45 dB. The contact relay at the water heater should be located under the heat exchanger. There is an average gas water heater to give in the region of 28 thousand rubles.

Electrical devices

Electric water heaters for giving today are the most popular. When buying them, the buyer must inspect the control panel. As a rule, they have a special display system installed. According to the modes, the electric water heaters for the dacha are quite different. The average power of the device should be 4 kW.

If we consider large-sized devices, then this indicator must be at least 5 kW. Due to this, the heating time of a full tank of water will not exceed 20 minutes. Electricity consumption in this case depends on the type of contact relay. On average, this parameter is 2 watts per hour. Safety valves in an electronic water heater are most often installed copper. Herewith, the diameter of the tubular heating element is 1.3 cm.There is an average electric water heater to give on the market in the region of 16 thousand rubles.

For whom are storage devices suitable?

The water heater for giving (accumulative type) is considered very productive. In this case, the system is able to withstand a maximum pressure of 3 bar. However, this information should be clarified with the seller. When buying a cumulative model, it is important to familiarize yourself in advance with the modes of its operation. Basically, the user is able to switch between economy and maximum mode. In this case, the temperature of the water in the tank will vary.

In order to avoid problems with the heat exchanger, it must have a protective coating. All this will minimize the risk of metal corrosion. There should be at least three valves in the system. The power of cumulative modifications averages about 3 kW. In this case, the dimensions of the model are very different. A large family needs to select a water heater for the dacha (storage type) of at least 90 liters. The average device of this type costs around 18 thousand rubles.

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Selection of flow model

Flowing water heaters for giving today are not strongly demanded. However, they still have advantages. The first thing to note is the compactness of the devices.They also weigh extremely little, and their installation is very simple. Choose a good model is necessary with a maximum power level of 2 kW. All this will allow for a minute to warm up about five liters of water. Additionally, pay attention to device management.

In this case, it is more expedient to give preference to instantaneous water heaters with displays. Also, the seller must clarify the parameter of maximum pressure. For devices of this type, it must be in the region of 3 bar. The average water heaters for giving are about 16 thousand rubles.

Bulk modifications

The water heater for filling has a lot of advantages, but the choice of models in the store is not so great. This is primarily due to the complexity of their service. Additionally, it should be noted that their performance is at a low level. According to the display system, the models are quite different. To date, you can purchase the option with the display.

In order for the device to work for a long time, the heat exchanger must be made of aluminum. Additionally, you should pay attention to the locking pads.As a rule, they are quite quickly erased, and the device begins to leak. Gaskets are made most often from ordinary rubber. In this situation, it is better to choose a model with silicone counterparts. The water heater for dacha on average costs around 13 thousand rubles.

Electrolux gas models

Gas water heaters of this brand are famous for their performance. In this case, check valves in the devices are installed quite strong. Power in this case is about 4 kW. For a large family, you can choose a higher power model. Safety valves under the heat exchanger are most often installed steel.

Thanks to this, the system is able to withstand 4 bars. The gas boilers of the above brand are connected through 2.3 cm diameter pipes. Models are attached to the brackets, which are included in the standard set of the device. An average gas water heater for a given company will cost around 29 thousand rubles.

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How to choose electrolux instantaneous water heater?

Instantaneous water heaters of this brand have increased power.At the same time they are suitable for large families. Additionally, it should be noted that their dimensions are rather modest. Also, the user should not have problems installing devices. Choose a quality water heater for the shower in the country can be not only the power parameter, but also according to the capabilities of the device. Today, the manufacturer is ready to offer many modifications that can work in an economical mode. At the same time power consumption will be insignificant. If necessary, you can also turn on the turbo mode. Due to this, the water warms up pretty quickly. The heat exchangers devices are very different. First of all it is necessary to pay attention to their coverage.

If the water in the country is used poor quality and it contains a lot of metals, the heat exchanger is best chosen with a corrosion-resistant coating. All this will extend the life of the model by about three years. It is also necessary to pay attention to the connecting pipe. In this case, you need to inspect the output of the water supply system, which is located in the country. If it is installed in a standard size, then the diameter of the pipe in the device must be 2.3 cm.There is an average instantaneous water heater for a shower at the dacha of this brand in the region of 20 thousand rubles.

water heater for giving bulk with the heater

Opinion on the filling devices "Termeks"

The water heater for giving (bulk) with a heater is on sale of various capacity. To select a quality model, you must consider the performance of the device. On average, it fluctuates around 5 liters per minute. If more than three people live in the country house, it is necessary to select a model with higher productivity.

In this case, it is also important to pay attention to the control panel. With the display, water heaters of this company are produced quite rarely. In this case, they use different thermometers. The safety valve in the device must be installed copper. All this will significantly reduce the wear of the retaining gasket. The water heater for the dacha (bulk) with a heater of this brand is 17 thousand rubles.

electric water heaters for gardenSelection of a suitable Termex flow device

Flowing water heaters of the presented manufacturer are distinguished by low-speed dimensions. However, for the price, many models are very frustrating.It is connected to a greater extent with the use of rather expensive contactors. In this case, the control of the devices is convenient.

In order to choose a good instantaneous water heater, you should ask the seller for its performance parameter. On average, this figure is 6 liters of water per minute. Relays are most often used in contact type. At the same time heat exchangers are installed in different sizes. If you choose a compact and economical model, you should look to the devices with pressure switches. There is an average instantaneous water heater of the specified trademark 16 thousand rubles.

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What they say about the gas model "Vailant"?

Gas models of this company are able to boast of fairly high-quality relays. In this case, the user has the ability to switch between different modes. Thus, the gas consumption of the device can be adjusted. You can choose a quality model by performance level. If you count on three people, then this parameter should be about 6 liters per minute. Additionally, it is better to give preference to models with an ionizer.

The security system in this case is evaluated separately. Relays in many models installed contact type. The system can be controlled via the display. By size, these devices, of course, are large. Therefore, to install, you must invite wizards. The outlet for the connecting pipe is provided by the manufacturer with a diameter of 2.5 cm. The average gas water heater of the presented brand is worth about 22 thousand rubles.

"Vailant": water heaters to give. Prices, characteristics

Electric water heaters of this company are actively bought today. Many owners value them for valve reliability. The maximum pressure in the system, they are able to withstand 4 bar. Thus, the load on the safety ring is small. On management, many models are quite simple. In this case, thermostats are most often used electronic. Additionally, it should be noted the low power consumption of devices at 3 W per hour of continuous operation. On the market are many models of 60 and 90 liters. Thus, the choice is quite extensive.

Special attention is given to the design of models. At the cottage devices will look great. To install them on the wall all the mounting brackets in the standard kit are available. The exit under the water supply system in this case has a diameter of 2.4 cm. An average water heater will cost to give with a heater of the manufacturer on the market in the area of ​​27 thousand rubles.

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Tips for choosing a gas model firm "Zanussi"

Gas water heaters of this company are distinguished by durable valves. At the same time, there are also disadvantages in devices. The first thing to note is the weak protection of the heat exchanger. In some cases, hard water can damage it, and in the service center it will have to be replaced. Since the heat exchanger is quite expensive, this problem is quite expensive. It should also be borne in mind that the noise level of gas water heaters is at 60 dB. Compared with other manufacturers it is a lot.

Of the advantages it should be noted quite simple control, and the display in the models used is understandable. Thus, it is quite easy to set up a gas water heater.Special attention deserves polyurethane insulation. There is also a safety system against overheating. The heat exchanger does not suffer from increased temperature. The average gas water heater of the manufacturer in the store costs about 28 thousand rubles.

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