How to choose a gas heater for a tent: tips and reviews

On any trip, be it a weekly fishing trip or just a hiking trip, you need to take it with you for a tent. Of course, if this is a regular trip in the summer, then a heater is not necessary, but winter fishing with a tent is something special.

gas tent heater

There are two groups of people here. Some are heated with alcohol, and the second - with heaters. And since the second option is more acceptable, we’ll talk about him.

Travel Heater Features

The key point is that if we go camping, then, as a rule, on nature. Consequently, the outlet in the rocks or on the lake can not be found. Therefore, the only normal solution would be to get a gas heater. In this case, you will have to carry a fuel tank, but it's worth it. Especially since the heater itself is very compact and easy to transport. True, it depends on its power and manufacturer, but more on that later.However, you need to understand that, whether it is a winter or a tourist tent, it requires compliance with a number of requirements. It is not very pleasant to set it on fire at night, but this is not the saddest thing. Let's deal with the main types of heaters. There are a lot of them, but not all of them are good and suitable for us.

Types of heaters

This will include only those models that can be considered non-volatile. The most popular and widespread heater among tourists and fishermen, which, in fact, will be discussed in this article - gas. This decision has become popular only in the last ten years. The key feature of this equipment is that it can operate in two modes: heating and cooking. In addition, the gas heater for the tent is very compact, which is also very important.

infrared gas heater for tentIt is worth considering another gasoline model. Plus they consist in relatively low cost of fuel and unpretentiousness of the equipment itself. The price of such heaters is also low. Fans of mountain tourism and mountaineering, where there is a strong cold, use collapsible stoves, they are also stoves.

About gas burners

The gas torch is very compact, unpretentious in work and is almost silent. Of course, this is the strengths of such equipment. Among other things, it is worth noting its small weight, so this is the most preferred option for hiking. Currently, there are a huge number of manufacturers, both domestic and foreign.ceramic gas heater for tentGas burners are available in two versions: a burner on the cylinder and a connection to the cylinder through a hose. The first option is suitable for autumn and spring trips, when the ambient temperature does not fall below 5 degrees Celsius. At low temperatures, a burner connected to the cylinder through a hose is preferable. In general, the solution is not bad, but there is one drawback. Any branded burner is connected only with "native" cylinders. Although Russian people always invented various adapters or something else, but such experiments are hardly worth carrying out.

Gas heaters for the winter tent

Do not confuse heaters and burners. This is due to the fact that the first are more versatile and powerful. All models are usually supplied with a reflector,A special regulator allows you to change the position of the device and set it to the cooking position. The power of such heaters is different. For example, 1 kW is enough for a tent of 5-6 cubic meters.

If you decide to take a ceramic gas heater for a tent with you, then you should understand that it is intended only for heating. Cooking on it is already impossible. However, it should be noted, and a significant plus - it is fireproof. But, although the minimum weight of the equipment is 0.7 kilograms, it has large replaceable cylinders, so it is not always advisable to take such a heater on a hike.

gas heaters for the winter tent

It is extremely important to be able to choose the right gas tent heaters. As noted above, there are currently a large number of manufacturers. Heaters of the Korean company Kovea are rather popular. This is a fairly high-quality and relatively inexpensive equipment. Domestic Elekon have a cost of only 2-2.5 thousand rubles. At the same time their power can reach 2 kW.

Consumer reviews

Many experienced fishermen and tourists say that it is very convenient to use an infrared gas heater for a tent.The fact is that although it is not suitable for cooking, it has a large heating area, unlike various burners, both gasoline and gas. Consumers do not recommend to give preference to Chinese models. The technique with which you went camping should be of high quality and, most importantly, reliable. If the equipment fails at the very peak of the frost, it will not be very pleasant. It is for this reason that it is better not to save money, but to spend a thousand rubles more and buy equipment from a domestic or foreign manufacturer. Experts note that if liquefied gas is used as a fuel, it effectively burns down to -10 degrees Celsius at ambient temperatures. Further, the intensity of combustion decreases as the temperature drops. As for the duration of one cylinder, it is usually about 3-4 hours. But a lot depends on the power of the equipment.tourist gas heaters for tents


Do not forget about security measures. Since most heaters do not have a position sensor, they must be placed on a flat surface and ensure that they do not accidentally overturn. Otherwise, it is a relatively safe equipment for heating tents.

As a result, you can give a few tips.Choose heaters from a reputable manufacturer. Before buying read consumer reviews, as this will help you make the right decision. Pay attention to the cost of cylinders for the heater. Sometimes the equipment is cheap, but here is one collet cylinder surprises rates. In principle, this is all that you can tell about this topic. Take heaters with you and use it, but do it all wisely.

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