How to choose a cookware for induction cooker: tips

How to choose the dishes for the induction cooker can tell the responsible consultant of a specialized store with high-quality dishes. True, you need to be able to distinguish when an expert really says useful things, and when he is simply trying to sell the most expensive product. If there are doubts about the honesty of the seller, you can try to determine for yourself which of the stores on the shelves is best suited. It is necessary to pick up the dishes carefully, otherwise there is a chance to spoil the expensive coating.

how to choose cookware for induction cooker

With needles! How to achieve the perfect kit?

As a rule, the repair in the kitchen is not a simple change of the wall covering, but also a thorough work on the complete re-equipment of the room. Traditional plates threatening the possibility of an explosion have long gone. The most modern products - induction. They cost dearly, but their characteristics attract attention.

How strong is the disappointment of the owner, who put such a miracle of technology in his home and found that the frying pans, saucepans, in a word, everything that is available at the moment does not fit at all! Not knowing how to choose the dishes for the induction cooker, you risk easily getting into a deadlock: the device simply does not turn on. However, if you look in the grandmother's stocks for an old cast-iron skillet, the surface can with great pleasure heat it up quickly. What is the secret of such capriciousness? The manufacturer can also tell about it: usually the instructions give the characteristics of the dishes compatible with the purchased item.

What to do?

Of course, you can entrust the cooking of old-fashioned dishes, but only you need to understand: there is a high probability of scratching an expensive panel. Is it worth the risk? Instead, experts advise: you must first carefully study the instructions, then visit the store specializing in products for modern plates. Consultants will tell you how to choose cookware for an induction cooker, and the buyer will be able to decide in favor of suitable options by limiting his budget in advance. The benefit of the choice of the modern man is.

What kind of cookware suitable for induction cookers features

What I have?

Before spending money in stores, it is worth checking what is in the home stocks. Of course, not any kind of cookware is suitable for the induction surface, but the probability of finding relevant products is quite high if a person has several pots and pans. To understand what will work, you need to arm yourself with a magnet - at least with a decorative one, with the fact that it hangs on the fridge or was brought from a long-forgotten trip to the southern seas.

So, how to choose dishes for an induction cooker? With a magnet, you can quickly understand which products activate the tile. Suppose the object does not manifest magnetic qualities - then there will be no benefit from it with a new plate. The only exception is ceramic glassware, but only because it fits to ovens, microwave ovens. On the surface, which requires ferromagnetics, they also will not be able to deliver.

Two main rules: key features

What dishes are suitable for induction cookers:

  • having magnetic qualities;
  • smooth and even.

What kind of cookware for induction cooker is suitable

Preference should be given to products with a rather thick bottom. In addition, if the bottom is uneven, the plate will not work, as the fit will be insufficient. Any irregularities are a potential chance to scratch, ruin the working areas.Given the price of the plate, it is better not to save and buy new copies, rather than risk being bent and uneven.

Magnets: why should they?

Understanding which cookware for an induction cooker is suitable, not everyone understands why you need to check products with a magnet. This is explained by the specific rules of operation of the induction surface - they are not at all like the usual gas or electric burners. In the classic version, the burner is first heated, and the dishes are heated from it, followed by the contents. Energy is not only spent on the process itself, but also dissipates in space, warming the air, objects near the stove. Electrical products do have a low level of efficiency, especially old models: they heat up slowly, cool down even more slowly, and heat is spent on heating the entire space around, as well as gas. The most recent copies, of course, are more energy efficient, but still significant losses.cookware for induction cooker how to choose a sign

When figuring out what kind of cookware is needed for an induction cooker, it must be remembered that here the heating of the panel does not occur. Heat is transferred through the bottom of the dish directly to the products inside.The process is fast and is associated with minimal energy losses.

The technical side of the issue

To understand how and what kind of dishes for an induction cooker to choose, it is necessary first to get acquainted with the physical aspects of the process of cooking with a new dress in the kitchen. Here, the heating is due to eddy currents, for the existence of which a magnetic field is required that is activated when the panel is turned on. The process is started through a high-frequency radiating magnetic field element - a coil. This provokes electronic movement, on the basis of which the temperature rises.

how to choose the right cookware for induction cooker

The cooking surface is practically unheated during operation. In fact, the temperature rises only where it is touched by the heated pottery bottom. Understanding how to choose the right dishes for an induction cooker, you should pay attention to this aspect, because it is directly related to safety. For example, if you touch the panel, it is almost impossible to get burned; runaway products will not burn. To minimize the danger, you need to pick up the product with non-heat conducting handles. Then the probability of injury will be minimized.

Enamel and steel: friends of the hosts

Understanding how to choose dishes for an induction cooker, reviews of which are presented in a wide variety), it is necessary first of all to study the abundance of enamelled cookware. As can be seen from the numerous responses, the best options are products where enamel covers magnetic steel. The thicker the bottom, the more it fits the induction panel. Many say that this type of dishes can be found in stores for more than an adequate price.

The alternative is stainless steel, represented by an abundance of trademarks. How to choose dishes for induction cooker of this category? It is reasonable to take any copy that:

  • like the look;
  • fits into the budget;
  • has magnetic bottom properties.

cookware for induction cooker how to choose marking

As some professional chefs say, it is stainless to become the best option. Products are durable, aesthetic, fit perfectly into the interior of any kitchen. The main thing is not to make a mistake at the time of purchase, since there is magnetic and non-magnetic steel on sale.

What else to see?

Above, the grandmother's inheritances were mentioned - cast iron products for the kitchen. Of course, well-worn objects usually have a rather uneven bottom, so they can easily spoil the induction cooker.How to choose the dishes, the price of which would be within reason, and the weight of the material made it possible to feel that in the hands is really worthwhile thing? Modern stores have excellent cast-iron specimens. They look as impressive as inherited, but they have an even bottom and will not damage the surface of the slab. Be careful: they weigh a lot!

Another option - aluminum products, the bottom of which is made of steel. They are inexpensive, have a decent quality. To make sure that the product fits, you need to pay attention to the labeling. How to choose dishes for the induction cooker correctly for this parameter? We explain :: if zigzags are drawn, loops on the bottom, therefore, the manufacturer has foreseen such use of the product, you can take it without hesitation. In the absence of icons, the same test with a magnet works. You can additionally check with the consultant. Many modern manufacturers offer buyers polished aluminum products with a steel bottom, so there is something to choose from.

By the way, also glass!

Indeed, there are quite good collections of glassware with a special bottom suitable for a magnetic surface. You can find very beautiful kettles.True, some believe that they are rather fragile and unreliable, but it is difficult to argue with beauty. However, the use of a special plate in any case requires an increased accuracy from the owner, so a reminder about it in the form of a glass teapot becomes only a positive thing.

what dishes are needed for induction cooker

Attention to detail

Before you buy products for use in the new kitchen, it will not be superfluous to carefully examine the options you like literally from all sides. As a rule, the manufacturer decorates the bottom of the pictogram, symbolizing the possibility of using the product on such a new technological plate. If there is no mark, it is worth checking with the consultant, otherwise the acquisition may be disappointing.

Features of physical processes

The idea of ​​induction hob in minimizing the energy costs of cooking. In this case, the bottom is heated, but the walls - only from the products located inside the product. Consequently, the relatively low and wide capacitance, the area of ​​contact of the plate (bottom) of which is rather large, will fully warm up much faster. But the high walls will have to give a lot of time before the contents, and with it the dishes reach the desired temperature.

As the experts say, it is better to purchase a special dish with a set - it is not only more profitable than buying separately, but also gives the kitchen a stylish and modern look.

Bottom features

To the dishes gave the maximum effect, it is necessary that its bottom was perfectly smooth and thick enough. Such products guarantee uniform heating, temperature distribution. Otherwise, there will be zones of sudden drops, which adversely affects the quality of the dish, as well as spoils the product itself.

If the bottom thickness is less than two millimeters, during operation you can occasionally hear sharp clicks, frightening sounds, reflecting the deformation associated with a local temperature rise. Of course, such products can be used, they should not fall apart at all (although no one will give guarantees), but you should not risk for your own peace of mind. Manufacturers of induction plates recommend to look only at the dishes, the bottom of which is thick - from 2 mm or more, and even better to take five-millimeter copies.

cookware for induction cooker how to choose reviews

Features of materials

Often, special dishes for induction hobs are made of metal,although the condition is not obligatory: it can be alloys from different elements, united by the peculiarity of ferromagnetism. But the surface of the walls, they themselves are made from a variety of materials. It does not matter how much they can be exposed to a magnetic field, since there is still no close contact with the plate, so heating is impossible even with special ferromagnets.

It is best to choose a dish that is coated on the inside with non-stick formulations. It will be more convenient and more pleasant to use it, and the products themselves are much more utilitarian.

It is important!

Experts recommend first of all to consider such versions of dishes, the bottom of which is a cast disk. This feature of the structure prevents deformation during operation. In addition, the dishes will fit snugly to the surface of the plate, which means that efficiency and efficiency will be at a height.

And finally - about the cost. Prices for dishes for induction cookers vary greatly. It all depends on the brand and quality. For example, the budget option of the traditional three pots will cost around 3,500 rubles, while for a good big set from a well-known manufacturer you will have to pay 30 thousand rubles or more.

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