How to check vision at home. Simple Tips

Time flies - people almost dailysit out behind the screens of monitors. From overexertion of vision, long directed almost to one point, they begin to notice that it becomes fuzzy. Yes, and when reading the book there is a desire to push it away from the eyes.

As a rule, in case of problems witheyes are first searched on the Internet, how to check vision at home. Checking visual acuity is an assessment of your ability to distinguish individual details. Visual acuity is checked at a great distance, and separately, after 40 years, the vision is checked near. With the standard procedure for checking the eyes of an ophthalmologist is familiar to any citizen.

How to check vision at home? You can use various tests from the Internet or print a familiar table to all eyes and hang it on the wall, from 5 meters try to read each letter separately in 12 rows. Visual acuity from 0.1 - the top row and up to 2.0 - the bottom row. If you can read the 10th line, then the vision is normal. Otherwise, correction is necessary.

There is another option, how to test vision inhome conditions. It is necessary to look at the letters "E" drawn in different directions from the sides of the lines with 0.5 cm. The person whose vision is normal will correctly determine their direction: bottom, top, left or right.

All household methods are approximatechecking the visual acuity, since for carrying out such a study, the contrast of visible signs and illumination are still important. Therefore, without wondering how to check vision at home, it is better to go to the ophthalmologist.

What vision is normal?

This visual acuity, compared with the indicatorsnormal view of people who can read the letters of the bottom rows of the table from a distance of 6 meters. 6/6 or 20/20 in feet is an indicator of normal visual acuity. The first number is the distance from which the vision is checked. And the second number is the distance from which normally seeing people can read the same line on the table.

If the second number is less than the first number - visionbetter than normal, if more, then worse than normal. Indicator 20/10 (6/3) means that a person sees at a distance of 6 meters, and a person whose eyesight is within normal limits will read this line from 3 meters. More complete information, which vision is normal, can be obtained only from an ophthalmologist.

The user, who is looking at the monitor screen,the muscles of the eyes remain motionless. By nature, they are dynamic. Duration of work and increased concentration - this is an additional burden on the eyesight. In addition, the screen as a light source is an instrument of active contrast, while a sheet of plain paper is a passive contrast. On the screen, the image is dynamically updated at a low frequency, which causes flickering. As a result, the eyes get tired, headaches, irritability, nervous tension and stress. The most important side effect of the computer is its ability to lead to the development of myopia.

Secure from this can be high-resolutionthe ability of the monitor, and therefore a more accurate and clear image. In this case, the fatigue of the eye is reduced. Periodically, as a preventive measure, take your eyes off the monitor to the side, and also do simple exercises of gymnastics for the eyes.

The consequence of continuous work on the computeris a "dry eye syndrome", which means the drying of the eye surface. For prevention, the following exercise is recommended: Close your eyes and then open your eyes after 2-3 seconds. Repeat 10-20 times. Do not forget that the computer and the vision are very much interconnected.

Do not be lazy, give each hour only 2-3 minutes to these simple exercises, and this will help to keep your eyesight. Do not forget that through the organ of vision we receive 90% of all information from the outside world.

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How to check vision at home. Simple Tips How to check vision at home. Simple Tips How to check vision at home. Simple Tips How to check vision at home. Simple Tips How to check vision at home. Simple Tips How to check vision at home. Simple Tips How to check vision at home. Simple Tips How to check vision at home. Simple Tips How to check vision at home. Simple Tips