How to become bright?

Being a gray mouse is unlikely to be any girlenjoy. Usually shy and closed gray mice envy beautiful, successful and effective, thus dreaming to be in their place. Some of them continue to sigh, dream and envy, but someone acts and achieves his. Do you also want to learn how to become bright and unique not in words, but in deeds? Then we will help you! Forward, to bright changes!

How to become brighter externally

Stand in front of a mirror and look closely at theyourself. Outline your strengths and weaknesses. The first will emphasize, the second - to hide or get rid of them. Let's say you have beautiful eyes and chic hair, but not a good figure. Eyes emphasize make-up, from hair we will make a class hairdress, and we will correct a figure in a sports hall. In general, the first thing to do is to adequately assess your appearance and understand what and how to highlight and what to hide. And most importantly, do not just think about, but really start acting!

In makeup, if you do not dye or paint yourselfvery weak, let yourself a little more bright colors. For example, you can select a bright lipstick sponge (the juicy color of the lips will draw attention to your charming smile) or beautifully turn down your eyes. But never make your lips and eyes bright, just one thing.

Let's see what's in your closet. So, so, boring straight fashonchiki and faded colors? Make yourself a small gift - buy a few things bright, juicy and suitable to you tones. It is impossible to become a bright girl in a gray, poorly sitting jacket or in ugly worn jeans. The main thing when choosing new things is not to become like a parrot. To avoid this, choose the pure colors that you really go, and do not combine all the bright in one outfit. The bright top is the quieter bottom, and vice versa. An exception is a beautiful stunning dress, which, by the way, at least in a single copy is available for every bright girl.

And the last point, which touches the exterior, isit is grooming. To your brightness was really beautiful, you need to be well-groomed. Well-groomed - it's clean, sitting on a figure and well-ironed clothes, neat manicure and a pedicure, clean hair, fresh breath, etc. Clean and tidy is the law.

How to become a bright person

However, a beautiful spectacular appearance is not enough forof becoming bright. Your behavior, character, habits and manner of communication will give you a gray mouse, if you do not work on yourself. How to become a bright girl - an interesting personality, attractive and charming? To begin with, I advise you to work on your manner of communication with people. The bright girl communicates confidently, knows how to listen and she speaks to the place and in a beautiful voice. You used to mumble to yourself in a low voice and avoid the look of the interlocutor? Get rid of these habits! More self-confidence! First of all, learn to speak louder and harder, more clearly, while watching the interlocutor in the eye (you can first train in communication with loved ones). Your next task is to make the voice more beautiful. Record yourself on the recorder, you can read a short story in different tones of voice. Then carefully listen to the record, identify the shortcomings of your voice and start to get rid of them. Perhaps the voice will have to be changed completely. And the third is to learn how to make your speeches convincing. This is impossible if you have low self-esteem, so first work on it, and then your speech will become more convincing and confident.

A bright girl is a cheerful optimist. You do not have to walk with a beech, take offense at everyone around you. Learn to treat people more easily, smile more to both acquaintances and strangers (you can train a smile in front of a mirror), laugh, joke. A beautiful girl, and this is exactly what you'll be when she laughs, just charming!

That was, than to interest people, developtheir talents and interests. Distinguish from others, think up your own non-standard hobbies and hobbies. For example, few of the girls create clothes for themselves or know several foreign languages. Read, learn, think, develop. Form your worldview and your view of the world, be sure to have your point of view and be able to protect it. Do not limit yourself to one thing, constantly expand your knowledge and interests. Use every opportunity, every chance to learn more in your life (of course, choosing only the prudent). Then you will become an interesting conversationalist, and listen to your beautiful voice, which will tell something interesting, will open your mouth! Strive for communication with people, open yourself, fight with uncertainty and fear. You'll see, everything will turn out, you just have to try!

We gave you initial advice for external andinternal change, now it's up to you. Change and become bright will not be easy, but you will like the changes! Let your life be happy and full, let every day be bright and memorable!

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