How to be a friend of a child?

Raising children is not an easy task, and mostparents want to grow out of their children good members of society. To do this, it is important to be able to explain to them the norms of morality and behavior, to teach them to resist difficulties and lead a happy, meaningful life. To achieve all this, you can only develop a warm and friendly relationship with the child. But being a real friend to your child is not so easy, and our article will tell you how to achieve this in practice.

How to become a friend of a son or daughter

Friends with their children can both dad and mom. In this case, the father can be the best friend for the daughter, and the mother - for his son. A child at any age is important to have a trusting relationship with one of the adults, and it is better if they are parents, or at least one of them. The following recommendations will help develop a friendly relationship with your child.

Step 1 - win trust

Without trust, any endeavor is doomed to fail. Whatever you say, however you try to convey information eloquently to the child, if he does not trust you, your efforts are in vain. Therefore, first of all get the confidence of the child. There are two ways to do this. First - never deceive your son or daughter. If you always tell the truth, even when she convicts you, you will show the child that you can be trusted. In response, he will also want to open up to you, and so you will begin to build a solid chain of mutual trust. The second way - do not doubt the motives of the child, his sincerity, desire to help - he will certainly want to justify your trust.

Step 2 - Help

You can always rely on a friend, and he is ready toAny minute come to the rescue. In your relations with children, the same principle should work. The child should know that you will always support him, intercede, come to the rescue at a difficult moment. If parents have no time to listen to their child, to understand his problems, the child will soon lose any desire to contact them, and he will find help and understanding somewhere else.

Step 3 - manifestation of love

Your relationship with your child should be based onlove, not fear. Parental authority is, of course, good, and every child should respect it, but it must be supplemented by love. Surely many parents will be surprised and say that it goes without saying, and that love is always present in the relationship between children and parents. However, this should be balanced love, and not blind, when the principle of permissiveness is encouraged, which only harms children. The other extreme is fear when the child does something out of fear of parental anger. What, then, should be the approach? For the development of friendship, it is important that children listen to their parents, because they are afraid of upsetting them, giving them trouble, disappointing. And even in this case it is important to convince the child that you will love him, despite his mistakes and mistakes.

Step 4 - be yourself

Trying to develop friendship with your child, it is importantremain at the same time. Do not imitate someone, copy someone's behavior, try to behave in an unusual manner to you. Falseness and unnaturalness will be felt immediately, and can be mistaken for insincerity. Being friends with a child does not mean acting with him in a friendly way, it means treating him with trust, with love and being ready to help whenever you need it.

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