How they were shot.

I remember that the Chairman of the regional court calls me (back in the 90s) and says ... "listen, and I will shoot him, shoot him! Capital punishment!" Yes, he "shot him", but the killer of four people did not have time to shoot him - Yeltsin had mercy on him .... and gave him a deadline after which he already 10 years walk free now. Maniac and sadist.
"Both murderers ended their days under the sentence of the Kalinin Regional Court, which defined them the death penalty - execution. In Soviet times, the death penalty existed in criminal law. Both were sentenced to death for crimes that even the experienced judges struck inexplicable cruelty. Here are two episodes from the archives of the Tver Regional Court (the names of the participants are changed).
On a September afternoon in 1984, a young guy, Yuri Aristov, was sitting on a bench in Victory Park. He had nothing to do, was nowhere to go. Aristov was only recently released from places not so remote, where he was serving a sentence for theft. Now he sat and thought, where to take the money.
And when a guy sat down on the bench, Aristov, as he later confessed at the trial, all thoughts flew out of his head, as soon as he saw what the guy was wearing. Despite the hot day, he was wearing a blue denim suit, completely new and clearly “brand-name”. Aristov started a conversation with the guy, and he willingly told that suit bought from a friend who dangle abroad, and money to buy - 300 rubles (a considerable sum in those days) - the parents borrowed.
Aristov, while they were talking, made a plan. To lure the guy to his home (he lived right next to the park, on Yerofeyev Street), stun him and pick up such a wonderful costume. He invited the guy to visit, saying that he had no one at home and a full fridge of beer. The park was selling draft beer, there was a huge queue, so the guy agreed immediately.
They came to Aristov's apartment, the guest sat in the room on the sofa, Aristov said: wait, now I’ll bring the beer from the refrigerator. He had the intention to stun the guest with something heavy, he began to open the drawers of the table in the kitchen and pulled out the hammer that is used to beat the meat.
Then he quietly crept to the room and looked in. The guy was sitting on the couch, flipping through some magazine.Aristov hit him in the head, but he couldn’t knock out the guest from the first strike. He continued to strike more and more - later, experts will count in the skull of the victim 14 punched holes.
When the guy stopped twitching, Aristov first of all pulled off his jeans and jacket. The body of the victim decided to throw it out the window - the windows of the apartment overlooked a wasteland overgrown with lilac. It was already getting dark outside, so no one noticed how a body collapsed from a balcony on the third floor into dense lilac thickets ...
What happened then does not fit in the head. Not explainable. Having just committed a murder, Aristov did not wash down the blood (it was flooded with the entire sofa). He could not wait to walk in the "update", put on a denim suit and walk around the city. At trial, he later admitted that the first thought after he got rid of the body was the fear that jeans might not fit him. Jeans were just right.
Aristov pulled on his denim suit, which still kept the body heat of the previous owner, and went to the nearest store. He did not even notice that a bloody stain with adhered hair and fragments of the cranial bone spread on the shoulder of the denim jacket! The men, seeing this spot, frowned, the women screamed in fright, the children closed their eyes.For another hour or two, Aristov walked through the streets of the city, caught sight of the passers-by and thought that they were jealous of his new denim suit.
The biggest trouble for Aristov turned out to be that the guy whom he threw out of the window upside down turned out to be still alive! The groans were heard by mothers who were walking around with carriages. True, help arrived too late. Someone from the police in the dark was able to see the drips of blood on the balcony lattice - from there, most likely, and threw the body. When the doorbell rang, Aristov met the police in a denim suit, and the whole apartment was covered with blood, which he was just about to launder.
The suit was attached to the case as evidence. The parents of the victim were crushed by grief - he was their only son. Therefore, the public prosecutor represented their interests at the trial. When he listened to the story for the hundredth time about how Aristov killed his guest with a hammer, he could not resist and shouted: why did you do it, why ?! Aristov shrugged and replied: I liked the denim suit, and there was no money to buy the same money.
In the village of Chevakino of the Torzhok district, the locals treated Elena and her mother very well.Elena was known here from childhood, her mother was respected as a veteran of labor. Then Elena met Grishakov. He was a seasonal worker, came from Vologda, and every time he quarreled with Elena and her mother, he shouted: yes, it would be better if I left for Vologda!
That fateful day, June 14, 1985, was no different from the others. In the evening, Grishakov decided to drink, brought a bottle, did not suffice. He demanded money from Helen, the scandal began. After that, Elena packed her things - not for the first time - and went to sleep with her mother. Usually, this ended their quarrels: Grishakov, Elena's mother was afraid of him, and when, after the quarrel, Elena went to her, went to bed.
He could not then explain to the court why he decided to go to the mother’s house “to continue the conversation”. Already approaching the house, I noticed an iron bar in the road dust. I grabbed it with me.
What happened later is described in detail in the indictment, but perhaps we will save the reader from the details, they are too bloody. We can only say that for 16 hours Grishakov slowly killed two women - beat them with a rod, broke bones, crushed fingers ....
During this time there were at least two possibilities to stop this crazy execution.First, the postman knocked on the house, to whom Grishakov said that the hostess was not at home (the postman then remembered that while talking to him, Grishakov was leaning on an iron bar — he said he had his back). Another time, a neighbor's granddaughter, an eight-year-old schoolgirl, ran in. Grishakov went out on the porch, chatted with the girl, even helped her climb over the fence, planted.
Then he came back and finished off his victims for several hours. On each of the bodies, forensic scientists counted a hundred strokes. And almost all the damage was in his lifetime - Grishakov stretched the execution of his victims as long as possible. For what, why he didn’t kill him right away, he couldn’t explain to the judge, the prosecutor, or the fellow villagers of those killed.
When at the trial Grishakov was pronounced a death sentence, I wonder if he uttered his catchphrase at that moment: “I'd rather go to Vologda”?


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