How do solar street lamps work?

The invention of solar cells is one of the most important and useful achievements of modern science. Best of all, this technology of the future is already available to everyone today. In the shops of goods for the garden can be found street lamps solar-powered. What is it and how do these devices function?

The principle of operation of solar lamps

Solar street lightsToday on sale you can find lighting devices in this category, markedly different from each other in design and size. However, the design of all models is about the same. Solar panels are an energy conversion element.

High-quality modern photo modules are able to charge the battery even in cloudy weather. The heart of the lighting device is the battery. It accumulates energy and consumes it in the dark season. Modern street lamps on solar batteries are equipped with a controller,which turns on the lamp when there is insufficient natural light, and also turns off the device if the battery is low or it is sufficiently light outside. Also, the lamp has a housing and directly LED lamp-lamp.

The advantages of solar lighting

Solar Street Light ReviewsMany refuse to highlight the garden because of the high cost of equipment and electricity. Do not forget about the complexity of the installation of conventional lamps. It is quite another thing - solar street lamps. All you need to do to install them is to simply place them on site. On sale you can find models stuck in the ground, suspended and table / floor, which should be put on a horizontal surface. The variety of designs and forms - this is another plus, which can boast street lamps solar-powered.

Photos posted in the article, show only part of the popular models. Such lighting devices do not require complex care and constant user participation. These lights are automatically lit at nightfall, they do not need to be recharged, just enough to sometimes remove the pollution.

The disadvantages of solar lamps

Solar street light photoSolar lighting has a number of drawbacks. These lights shine dimly and can be used only for decorative purposes or for passive illumination of tracks, recreation areas. If you want a solar-powered street light to shine before dawn, place it in direct sunlight. If the territory of your garden plot is not properly guarded, decorative lamps can be stolen by intruders. However, this problem can be solved if you remove the lighting in the house during a long absence.

Tips for choosing and feedback from owners

Outdoor decorative lamps on solar batteriesHow to choose outdoor decorative solar lamps for your site? An important characteristic of the light elements themselves: LEDs or LEDs. The more of them, the brighter the light will be. Capacity and battery voltage characteristics are responsible for the night time operation. Since solar lamps are installed under the open sky, the degree of protection from moisture, dust and dirt is important. This parameter is usually characterized by IP marking.It is advisable to purchase to determine the place of installation. The necessary type of mount / stand depends on it.

What do people who have already managed to buy this novelty for their manor plot say about solar lamps? Many people like this kind of garden lighting: it is economical and convenient. Moreover, even the most inexpensive and simple models look mysterious and interesting in the dark.

Solar-powered lamps have negative street reviews. Inexpensive devices often break down quickly enough, paint may peel off, and decorative elements deteriorate. As for the power of lighting, to illuminate the track, it is better to install the lamps in pairs on either side. If you want to illuminate the recreation area, also place a number of 2-3 devices nearby. And yet solar-powered lamps have more advantages than disadvantages. If you are still choosing an option for lighting your own garden, be sure to calculate the advantages and disadvantages of these devices.

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