How often should I bathe a newborn baby? Care of the newborn

The long-awaited child after the birth ofmakes a lot of changes in the life of their parents. Moms and dads, faced with their child, are often lost, not knowing how to behave, what to do with a new member of the family. It is necessary to calm especially nervous parents - such emotional storm meets everywhere, because before them there are many questions concerning the care of the baby, especially if the child is the first. What to feed and when? How to calm down? How often should I bathe a newborn baby? All these questions swarm in their heads and do not give often to bathe a newborn baby

Pure baby

From this publication you can learn the basic ruleshygiene and bathing of the baby, as well as get an answer to the question of how often to bathe a newborn baby. Pediatricians recommend completely bathing the baby every day. Someone will find this advice strange, because why wash a child, if it does not get dirty? But at this age, water procedures perform not only the function of skin cleansing from pollution, but also contribute to harmonious physical development, muscle relaxation, relieving nervous tension in the child. In addition, water treatments are an excellent way to harden a baby.

The first "swim". When to start water procedures with a baby correctly

Many parents are frightened by the process itself, and the firstBathing is becoming a real stress for all participants in the exercise. The baby responds very strongly to changes in her mother's mood, so she must control herself and if there is any doubt as to whether she can independently perform such a procedure herself at first, it is best to enlist the support of a loving grandmother, a more experienced girlfriend or a visiting nurse. They will be able to show clearly how to hold the child, will tell the basic subtleties concerning the microclimate in the room and will prompt how often to bathe the newborn baby.

first bathing

The first bath is a baptism of fire. It is very important to provide for all the nuances and initially correctly carry out water procedures. The baby in the womb was in the water, so for him the swimming is somewhat familiar, it is another matter that it is necessary to provide comfortable conditions, most similar to amniotic waters.

Traditions or medical recommendations?

Many argue about how to bathe the newbornthe first time at home, whether it should be done on the first day after discharge, in which water the baby will be best, what temperature in the room is most suitable.

And it is at this moment that the firstconflict of generations. According to the recommendations developed by the leading pediatricians of the country and the world, the first acquaintance of the baby with water should be done on the day of discharge from the hospital (the exception may be if the child was vaccinated the same day). Previously, really adhered to a different tactic, and moms performed a similar hygiene procedure after the navel disappeared. Of course, this issue is purely individual, and everyone has the right to decide how to take care of their own child, but bathing immediately after birth is a normal process.

how to bathe a newborn first time at home

According to pediatric norms, the temperature in the room should be within +220... 230FROMfor full-term babies, those who were born a little earlier than the term can not be supercooled, so it's best to warm up the room to +250... 260C. Water also has different temperature values. A healthy strong child will be quite comfortable at +37 ... 380C, while the premature baby needs to pick it upthe value is a couple of ones. But too hot water can not be done in any case. Overheating adversely affects the health of the baby, because its thermoregulation is not developed as in adults.

Water is hot, well ...

A lot of disputes arise not only aboutHow often to bathe a newborn baby, but also what water to use for this. There is no unequivocal answer to this question. Physicians for reinsurance are advised to use boiled water during the first month of life to disinfect it. By this time, the umbilical wound certainly completely heals, and from this time it will be possible to bathe the baby in the water from under the tap.

If there is one hundred percent certainty of cleanlinesswater, you can not boil it, and add a few granules of potassium permanganate, slightly dyeing it in a pale pink color. Concentrated solution is able to cause chemical burns to the delicate skin, therefore in no case should you use a lot of potassium permangan!

But herbal decoctions are a proven meansnot only by time and by many generations, but also approved by doctors. It is necessary to take into account the different properties of herbs, as some dry the skin (chamomile), some relieve irritation (string, calendula), while others have sedative properties (mint, special soothing fees). Before using them, it is better to consult a district pediatrician or a doctor in charge.

Good little by little

No matter how useful it is to bathe, everything is necessaryknow the limits. First of all, it concerns the question of how much one should bathe a newborn. The first days are purely symbolic, and bathing takes no more than five minutes. But over time it can be done more. And when the baby grows up, sits alone, is in the water with great pleasure and can play for a long time, then it is not only pleasant but also useful to spend 20-30 minutes in the many times to bathe a newborn

Important points

How many times to bathe a newborn, depends onseason. Provide a stable temperature in the house all year round impossible. Rarely can anyone boast of a warm house when the frost crackles in the street. And if for the child this is a problem, he does not like such coolness, it is extremely cold after bathing, it is not necessary to do water procedures on a daily much to bathe the newborn

In summer, in order to alleviate the heat,splash in cool water, not only at bedtime, but also several times during the day. Many worry that frequent bathing can overdo the skin of the baby. But actually it is not. The main thing is not to overdo it with detergents.

Even specially formulated children's soaps, foams and shampoos are best not to be used more than once a week, and after bathing you can use moisturizers.

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