How many times can you be a godmother?

Faith is a kind of science, which canons can only be understood through in-depth study. Especially many dilemmas arise during the rite of the sacrament of baptism. A lot of controversial issues cause prejudices. One of them: how many times can you be a godmother?

Mixture of statements

More than a thousand years have passed since Christianity spread in our lands. Along with the new religion, traditions and rituals unique to the locality arose. Part of the reason for the emergence of extraordinary rites was the previous pagan faith. No less imprint on Orthodoxy left the time and mentality. Church rituals are overgrown with many prejudices and gossip. Among them is the sacrament of baptism.

how many times can be godmother

Therefore, nowadays, modern people know little about the laws of the Most High, and many questions arise for believers. In particular, how many times can you be a godmother or father?

Religion does not give a clear answer. But the priests say that only the person himself can solve this problem.Along with the title of second parents, godfathers assume significant responsibilities, the failure to comply with which is considered a grave sin.

Mystery of baptism

Before taking responsibility for a new, alien child, a person should find out what exactly is hidden behind this rite, and what role the godfathers play in it. Having dealt with this issue, each woman will understand for herself how many times she can be the godmother to her.

The main thing that needs to be understood is that the ritual provides for the child's introduction to church life. At the same time, all the sins of his parents and relatives, which were transmitted with blood, are removed from the baby. This ceremony is a new, religious birth of a boy or girl. With the sacrament the child joins God. Now, not only parents are responsible for his fate, but also the Lord, who will protect the baby from evil and misfortune.

From the day of the ceremony, mom and dad should bring up their child in the Orthodox faith. The godfathers help them in this task. If you are a believer and are ready to take on this responsibility, then the answer to the question of how many times you can be a godmother is unequivocal - as soon as they ask.

how many times can you be a godmother

Mission of parents

Being godfathers honorable.Such a title means that of all the acquaintances you, the newly minted parents consider you worthy of their children. They trust the fate of their child. For this you must meet their expectations.

As a true Orthodox person, the godmother will introduce her new child to God. This involves going to the temple, studying prayers, and living according to the laws of the Lord. People who believe that the main task of the godfathers is to be friends with the parents of the adopted child are deeply mistaken. A birthday present cannot be bought off. How many times can a godmother become a woman who does not care about the Orthodox upbringing of her children? The correct answer is never.

A person who is unable to pay due attention to a godson should not take on additional duties. Being a mom is a difficult mission. If your parents could not or did not want to attract a child to the church, their child grew up as an unkind person, then this sin will be on your soul.

Failure is not a misdemeanor

A person who understands responsibility can safely refuse such duties. The reason for the disagreement should be explained in detail to parents. If you are not able to bring to mind such friendsInformation yourself, the priest will help. The father will explain in detail how many times you can become a godmother and why. Refusing to be godfather is not a sin. But to take in the sacrament of a child whom you will not be able to guide on the right path in the future - heavy wine.

It should be noted that, besides this, there are no other serious reasons to refuse to baptize an infant. The only exceptions are people who were brought up in a different faith. After all, the main task of a mother or father is to help a child become a real Orthodox Christian.

how many times can you be a godmother

Inquiry Office

In any situations where it is difficult to find a solution on your own, you should ask the priest for advice. This concerns not only the material side of the rite, but also how many times you can be a godmother, can you marry cuma ...

A person who is not well versed in Scripture, and instead believes in gossip and prejudice, cannot soberly and correctly assess the situation. In addition, a person who does not understand the laws of the church should not independently draw conclusions based on the opinion of a neighbor or work colleague. These people can also confuse speculation and truth.

Batyushka, on the contrary, will be able to answer the questions of interest in an accessible and correct way. His task is not just to strike out briefly, but to explain to the person why in this situation it is worth doing this way.

Before answering you how many times you can be a godmother, the priest will surely ask if you are a believer and ask about relationships with children for whom you have already become a church mother.

how many times can you become godmother

Religion and people

The main disputes arise because of gossip. For example, you can often hear that a woman should be the first to baptize a boy. According to this dilemma, the church gives a clear definition: no matter who becomes. Gender does not matter at all. But there is another concept, deeper and little-known.

The main responsibility for the child is borne only by one person who stands in the first couple (besides the same sex with the child). That is, the godfather will report to the other world for the boy, and the woman for the girl. If you do not yet have “real” godchildren, then the answer to the question of how many times you can be a godmother comes up on its own - how life will be. The tradition to take under the same gender as the other, the opposite, is not church, but folk.Moreover, one person can baptize a child.

how many times can you become a godmother

Priests and Nuns

If you have given up the title of kuma, and your acquaintance has no one else to take, then sad parents should explain that they can baptize a child without strangers. Of course, the church does not recommend such an action, because in case of accidents, when the child remains an orphan, it falls under the care of the godparents.

Individuals who participated in the sacrament should take the child into their family and raise them as their own. Such information is another reason to think about how many times you can be a godmother, and whether you are ready for such a step.

The priest who will perform the ritual can also become the father of the infant. He is like no one else will join the child to the church. With his help, the child will grow up with faith.

Another myth that often goes around among the people is that a pregnant woman does not have the right to be a mother to another child. In fact, anyone can become a godfather. The main criterion is awareness of responsibility.

How many times can be the godmother of an unmarried girl? As you wish. Even nuns become mothers for babies acquaintances. They also take great care of the spirituality of the children.

how many times can you be a single mother godfather

Parenting details

Contrary to speculation, it should be noted that godfathers can take a church marriage without obstacles. After all, they are not blood relatives. But in the future they should not be in one pair.

How many times can you be a godmother in the same family? As you wish. But if you are asked, then you fulfill your duties perfectly.

The main task of the godparents is to be a faithful friend of the child, an adviser, and a teacher. If the child is sick, you need to pray for his health and bring your whole family to the ceremony. It is worth asking the Lord for the house of the adopted son or daughter. Together with the baby, one should attend the service and take communion, tell him about the existence of the saints and help them live with faith in their hearts, and then take care of their children.

how many times can you be a godmother in the same familyEach of the godchildren need to pay attention not only for the holidays. An individual child requires certain words, his approach. If you are able to help your son or daughter, then God will surely thank you. He will send happiness and good luck.

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