How many domestic guinea pigs live?

For the first time, the Guinea pigs were tamed by the South American Indians 7 thousand years ago. And today this funny animal has spread around the world. Many do not dare to start small rodents because of their short life span. Rats and hamsters really live 2-3 years, or even less. But does this concern guinea pigs? Let us see how many years guinea pigs live and on what their lifespan depends.

Factors affecting the life span of a guinea pig:

- heredity;

- conditions of detention;

- food.

how many guinea pigs live

How many years have guinea pigs live?

There are about a dozen breeds of guinea pigs. Many are interested, for example, how many bald guinea pigs live and whether their lifespan is different from normal. On average, the life of this animal is from 5 to 10 years. Agree, a significant difference. And long-livers are able to live up to 15 years.

Many people are interested in how many guinea pigs live in rosettes, because this breed is now quite popular.Wool of these animals grows "rosettes". Such pigs are difficult to breed, require special care, and live a little less than the average - up to 6-7 years.

Find out how much skin guinea pigs and baldwin live. When these breeds first appeared, they had a weak immunity and, accordingly, did not live long. Even today you can find information that bald pigs live only up to three years. But it is not. As a result of selection, their health has improved, and they can live for 8-9 years. Smooth-haired satin and Dalmatian breeds live 7-8 years.

Still, these are conditional numbers, and not only the breed of the animal is important, but also the conditions of its life, heredity, and health upon purchase. Let's talk about what you need to know, so that your mumps live as long as possible.

how many years do guinea pigs live

Where can I buy?

First, let's figure out where you can buy guinea pigs. It may also depend on how long the animal lives. First, there are nurseries, where purebred pigs are displayed. Representatives of the nursery participate in exhibitions for rodents. Buying a guinea pig in the nursery, you can be sure that the animal will respond to all signs of the breed.As in the cattery for cats and dogs, there are pets of pet-class and exhibition guinea pigs.

How much these animals live depends not only on health, but also on heredity and breed. In the nursery you can not only look at the living conditions of your future pet and his parents, but also learn about his grandparents, their age and life expectancy.

Secondly, the mumps can be bought by advertisement from an amateur breeder. In this case, you can at least assess the conditions of detention and the health of the mother of the babies.

Finally, the third way to acquire a guinea pig is to buy an animal at a pet store. In this case, you will not learn anything about the parents of the animal and the conditions of its maintenance at an early age, so you should sensibly assess its condition today.

how many guinea pigs live

How to choose?

So, you come to the pet store or to the breeder. You liked the domestic guinea pigs. How long do these animals live in captivity? First of all, the life expectancy of your pet will strongly depend on the conditions of its maintenance after birth and the state of health at the time of purchase. After all, if you buy a sick animal, then it will not live long.

If you do not like dirty cages, which obviously have not been cleaned for a long time, and the animals look untidy, then do not rush into buying.

A healthy guinea pig is active, runs around the cage, goes about its business. Of course, the animal can rest. If the animal is constantly sitting, buried in the corner of a muzzle, then this is a sign of stress or poor health.

Ask the seller to get the animal you like. In his hands, he should not break out and squeak. Carefully inspect his face. Eyes should be shiny, without tears, pus. Spout - dry, without discharge. The mouth should close well. Wool - shiny, clean, without bald spots.

Pay special attention to the anus. It must be clean. No stuck together dirty coat on the pope and stomach should not be. Wet coat on the pope - a sign of diarrhea. This means that mumps is sick and can not buy it. The belly may be a little dusty due to sawdust.

how many skinny guinea pigs live


It is in the cage or terrarium that guinea pigs spend most of their lives. How much these funny animals live in captivity depends directly on the conditions of their detention. The dwelling should be at least 30 * 40 cm in area, for a couple - 40 * 50 cm, and also protected from drafts.

For bedding, use sawdust of medium fraction or granulated wood fillers. Do not use newspapers, lead poisoning is possible. Cloths and cotton wool are also dangerous. The threads can wrap around the fingers of the pig and seriously damage them. Keep your litter clean. If you use a harness for walking, make sure that it was in size.

If the pig is in a dirty, small, damp room, it will often get sick and will not live long.


Let's talk about what guinea pigs eat, how much they live and what is the normal weight of these animals. After all, the right diet - the guarantee of health of any animal. It is very important to observe the menu, typical of pigs in nature. Proper nutrition is provided through specialized feed, but feed alone is not enough. Pig needs fresh vegetables and fruits, hay, sprigs.

Feed and hay must be of high quality, without signs of debate, rotting, excess dirt, mold, odors, etc. Vegetables need to be washed and cut into slices. The skin does not need to be removed. Improper diet can significantly reduce the life of the mumps.Check the list of permitted and prohibited products.

 how many guinea pigs live


Talk about the care that guinea pigs need. How long do these animals live in captivity and how difficult is it to care for them? The guinea pig needs to be bathed periodically using a dog shampoo. For hygiene, you can use dry shampoo. In addition, the mumps, if necessary, need to cut the claws. Long-haired animals need to be combed.

how many bald guinea pigs live


Various diseases are a factor that can significantly shorten the life span of any mumps. Consider the signs by which you can determine the beginning of the disease, which will allow time to consult a doctor:

  1. Changes in behavior - lethargy, desire to hide, poor appetite.
  2. Gilt lying in the corner, closes his eyes.
  3. Shallow breathing, shortness of breath, wheezing, cough.
  4. The animal has become much more likely to drink.
  5. Diarrhea, wool stuck on the belly.
  6. Loss of wool.
  7. Discharge from the nose, eyes.
  8. Ulcers on the skin, bald spots.
  9. Chill, shivering.
  10. Dry stools, no stools.
  11. Cramps.
  12. Gilt often itches.

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