How many countries in the world for 2014

This seemingly simple question of how many countries on Earth, it turns out, is difficult to give a definite answer. After all, it is necessary to understand that there are independent states, territories with an uncertain status, islands that are disputed by several countries, and even virtual plots.

UN Classification

How many countries in the worldIf you want to find out how many countries there are in the world, then it is better to turn to a competent source - the United Nations. After all, all recognized independent countries are its members. At the same time, it is important to formulate the question correctly, because the number of states is not constant, it changes all the time. Some countries appear on the political map, others unite or simply cease to exist. So, many are interested: how many countries are there in the world now? 2014 noted the presence of 193 states declared members of the UN. But besides them, there are still observers:

  • Holy See, which owns its own world-famous sovereign territory - the Vatican.
  • Palestine is an emerging state that must be located in the Gaza Strip and occupy part of the west coast of the Jordan River.
  • The Order of Malta, recognized by some as a dwarf state.

Other territories

How many countries are there in the world?But not all countries are members of the UN. For example, in the world there are 10 states with undefined status. Six of them are not members of the United Nations, but are recognized by one or more of its members.

These include such republics as South Ossetia, Abkhazia, and Kosovo. Also the countries with uncertain status are the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, the Sahara Arab Democratic Republic of China, and the Republic of China. The latter is also known as Taiwan. Sometimes, when calculating how many independent countries are in the world, they are also included in the general list.

There are also sovereign territories, the existence of which is not recognized by any UN country, but which have officially adopted other partially recognized states. These include the Pridnestrovian Moldavian, Nagorno-Karabakh, Donetsk People’s and Lugansk People’s Republics.

The special status of the territories of Eurasia

There are also possessions with their own citizenship, the provisions of which are specified in international agreements. So, separately distinguish three territories. These are the Aland Islands belonging to Finland, Hong Kong (Hong Kong) and Macao (Macau), which are China.

In addition, when calculating how many countries in the world, 35 territories are allocated, dependent on other countries, but with their permanent population. So, these are the crown lands belonging to Great Britain - the Isle of Man, Jersey, Guernsey, and its 10 overseas territories. They are Bermuda, Virginia, Cayman, Falkland Islands, Gibraltar, Montserrat, Turks and Cayos, as well as St. Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha, Pitcairn.

In Denmark, there are two autonomous regions: the Faroe Islands and Greenland. The Netherlands owns three overseas territories: Sint Maarten, Aruba, Curaçao. France has five communities: St. Maarten, Wallis and Futuna, French Polynesia, St. Pierre and Miquelon, St. Barthelemy. One education with the special status of France - New Caledonia is also highlighted.

Education of other countries

How many countries in the modern worldAustralia has three outer territories: Christmas Island, Norfolk, Cocos.

The US has five overseas possessions that are not affiliated: Northern Mariana, US Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Puerto Rico, Guam.

New Zealand controls one dependent territory, Tokelau, and there are two public entities in the free association with this country: the islands of Niue and Cook.

Other dependent territories

Speaking about how many countries in the world, do not forget about dependent areas, on which there is no permanent population. These include the small islands of the United States, three overseas territories of Great Britain, three external sites of Australia, three territories belonging to Norway, and two administrative entities of France. There are a total of twenty in the world.

Finding out how many countries in the modern world, you should not forget about the territories that are formally part of the states, but remote from them. For example, this is Hawaii, belonging to the USA, territories of Spain, located in Africa, two regions of Portugal, which are considered autonomous: Madeira and the Azores.

Separate territories

How many independent countries in the worldIn addition to the above, we should not forget that the belonging of the Paracel Islands and the Spratlys is disputed by several states.

But Antarctica to this day is considered a neutral territory.
True, there are 7 countries that claim to be part of it.

Also separately distinguish the Order of Malta, which is a state-like entity. He has diplomatic relations with 81 countries, he has observer status with the UN. Some call it a dwarf state. Separately, they proclaimed themselves independent Principality Seborga, located in Italy, Sealand, Molossia, Kingdom of Tavolara. They are also called virtual states.

Total number of countries

If we focus only on data officially recognized by the UN, then there are 193 countries and the territory of the Vatican in the world. But, in addition to this, there are 10 more states with an uncertain status and other territories. Therefore, according to some estimates, there are more than 260 countries in the world, at the beginning of 2014 there were 262. There are many sources that answer the question of how many countries are in the world.

Economic development

It's no secret that all states differ not only in size, population, but also in their standard of living. The latter indicator is primarily affected by their economic development.So, the list of developed countries can get those in which GDP per capita is more than 20 thousand dollars. This indicates a sufficient level of consumption and investment. In addition, the level is indicated by the transition of the economy to the postindustrial stage, which is characterized by the development of the service sector. It employs most of the population.

How many developed countries in the worldIf you want to know how many developed countries are in the world, then it will be interesting to you that there are more than thirty of them. The leading positions are occupied by the following countries: USA, Japan, Great Britain, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Brazil.

There are much more developing countries in the world. These are countries located in Latin America, Asia, Africa, and sometimes post-Soviet territories belong to this category. They are characterized by low and medium income. Finding out how many developing countries in the world are somewhat more difficult. After all, they include countries that occupy a special place in the international economy; they must be subject to the action of world trends and laws. Most of these countries are suppliers of raw materials, fuel and buyers of finished products. These include more than 130 countries.They are home to more than 80% of the global population. But even among themselves they differ greatly in the level of per capita income.

Religious affiliation

How many developing countries in the worldExperts divide countries not only by their affiliation to different continents, but also by the religion prevailing in them. The most common and popular religions are Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism. For example, Muslims, who make up of the population of the entire planet, are in about 180 states. If we talk about how many Muslim countries in the world, it is necessary to take into account only those in which the number of people professing Islam prevails. Thus, more than 80% of Muslims live in 39 states. Another 13 countries, there are from 50 to 79%. They play a significant role in 15 states. They contain from 20 to 49% of people of this religion. Also in 33 countries they are in the minority, but have a certain influence (from 5 to 19%). Still in 97 states there are up to 5%. At the same time, there are 26 Muslim countries in Asia and 16 in Africa.

But the more common is another religion - Christianity. It brings together about 32% of the total population of the planet.87% of all Christians inhabit 157 countries where this religion is the main one.

Nuclear states

To understand global political processes, it is important to know who has the levers of influence. One of the main indicators of influence recognized the presence of nuclear weapons. According to various estimates, there are more than 20.5 thousand warheads in the world. Gradually, its number decreases, this is offset by long-term programs aimed at upgrading this area. When figuring out how many nuclear countries there are in the world, one must understand that the most influential of them are the United States, Russia and the United Kingdom. That they have the maximum number of warheads. For example, there are more than 10 thousand of them in Russia, moreover, almost 2.5 thousand are in a state of readiness. About 8.5 thousand are in the States, more than 2 thousand are ready to be launched

How many nuclear countries are there in the world?There are also missiles equipped with nuclear warheads in France, China, India, Pakistan, and Israel. At one time, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan refused such weapons.

Globally Distributed

Many people are also interested in finding out not only how many countries there are in the world, but also how they are distributed.Thus, seven states are located in the territories of Central and North America. In South America, there are 15 countries.

On the political map of Asia, one can count 35 states, including overseas territories, special administrative regions. Far more are sovereign separated countries in Africa. There are 58 states. These include overseas territories and regions, partially recognized countries.

In Europe there are 54 states. The total number of them included partially recognized countries, the crown possessions of Great Britain, its sovereign military bases, overseas territories. The countries of the Middle East include 17 states.

Also separately distinguished territories located in the Caribbean. There are mainly overseas departments, communities, territories of various world powers, such as Great Britain, France, the USA. But there are sovereign states. There are a total of 29.

The same situation is in Oceania - 29 states and overseas territories.

From this it can be seen that the countries are unevenly distributed across the continents. The same applies to the number of people living in them.

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