How is Neptune Day going? The scenario in the camp with competitions

Children's camp is a place where thousands of children come every year to improve their health and have a good rest. During his stay in the camp, the child develops culturally and creatively, takes an active part in the life of the team, participates in contests and other events. However, there is a holiday that not only adults, but also children are waiting for. This is Neptune Day. The script in the camp is written for him in advance. About how you can do it, read our article.

Neptune Day script in camp

A brief background on the Day of Neptune

Neptune Day is a famous summer holiday, which falls annually on July 16th. Less often, it is carried out on July 1 or in the 30th day of each of the three summer months. At the same time, the latter option is more relevant to children's summer camps, which many continue to call pioneer ones according to the old habit. This is done so that all children from the first to the fourth shift can fully enjoy this wonderful and brightevent.

For those who have forgotten, we remind: Neptune, or Poseidon is the ancient Roman god, the master of the seas and oceans. Previously, he was revered by sailors and fishermen, traveling to plow the expanses of the sea. He has always been identified with a strong man with a thick and long beard and hair. He was depicted with a crown on his head and a trident (a symbol of power) - in his hand.

According to ancient legends, Neptune always appeared from the depths of the sea, accompanied by his suite, consisting of mermaids, sea horses, devils, and other underwater inhabitants. This character has not lost its popularity today. He is very fond of children vacationing in children's recreational facilities. We offer you approximate scenarios of the Day of Neptune in the children's camp.

Scenario number 1 to the Day of Neptune in the children's camp (scene one)

The presenter comes out and says:“Deep, deep under water in the kingdom of the sea-state lived King Neptune. Every day he went around his possession watch, counted the chests with pearls, rubies and gold, cleaned the crown with sea sand, swayed ships, and when he was bored, arranged balls. Here he invited overseas guests to them. ”

There are two participants, included in the script of the holiday "Day of Neptune". Heralds appear in the camp:"Attention attention! All inhabitants of the underwater kingdom! Today, King Neptune holds a ball and invites you all. He commands everyone to come to the bottom of the sea. Call your friends and neighbors with you. We will sing, dance and have fun! ”. Leave.

Leading out:“And the first guests hurried to the ball: goldfish, sea horses, gobies, octopuses. Take a look! Small jellyfish float to us! ”. Children dance dance "Jellyfish Crumbs".

Neptune's Day in a school camp scenario

Scene Two: Neptune’s children gather for a ball

Neptune Day continues (scenario in the camp). Leading says:“And at this time his daughter-mermaids are going to the ball in the sea king’s chambers”. Mermaids (5-8 girls) come out and under the song by Natasha Koroleva “Every little girl dreams of big love” perform a dance. After that, the mermaids start to fool around, play the game “I have 100 friends” and then they notice that among them there is no favorite young daughter of Neptune. The song from the animated film “The Bremen Town Musicians” - “Such, syakaya” is heard.

One of the mermaids says:"What to do? How to find our little sister? We urgently need to call the water ". All chorus shout:"Water! Water! Come and help us find our sister! ”. To the music from the cartoon “The Flying Ship” - “I’m Watery, I’m Watery”, a moderately plump man with a beard entangled in a fishing net goes out.

Watermark says:"What's that noise? What a screech? What happened? You scared me of all the frogs ".

Little mermaids chorus:“We have a holiday, and the youngest mermaid has disappeared somewhere. What to do?".

Watermark says:“This is grief, so grief. So what? I will help you this time too! Tea, dear uncle ». Whistles and calls for frogs. 5-6 frogs appear and perform a dance to the song "Green Lupato" from the cartoon "Kwaka-Zadavaka".

Watermark refers to frogs:“Hello, green! I need your help. The youngest daughter of Neptune has disappeared. You are everywhere. See all. Will you help her find it? ”

Frogs respond in chorus:"We will help". Go on searches. Water and little mermaids go.

What should be an interesting scenario of the Day of Neptune in the summer camp, we will tell further.

Contests for children: "Jumping like frogs"

Lead out:“Our frogs jumped. It's time for us to stretch our legs. Let's do a jumper competition. To do this, break up into pairs, stand with your back to each other, hook your elbows on your neighbor's elbows and squat to the music.The pair, whose movements will be asynchronous and unclench hands, loses. And, accordingly, the one who will last the longest wins. ”. A fast melody starts playing (any music with a perky tempo will do). At the end of the competition one of the most resistant pair is selected and awarded.

Neptune's day scenario in the camp with contests

Scene Three: The frogs are coming back.

We continue to write our script for the event - Neptune Day in the camp. On the seabed appear frogs, water and mermaids.

The frogs fit in and say:“Kwa. Everywhere we visited. Even ashore ran out. But the princesses did not find ". Watery absentmindedly shrugs. Mermaids are scared closer. Neptune is entering. Frogs move to the side and cover their heads with their hands.

Neptune:"What happened? What's wrong? And for what reason did everyone gather here? ”

Fits Watery and timidly says:“Your daughter, Ariella, is gone. We searched all corners of your kingdom, but we could not find her. ”.

Neptune angrily:"What? Why no one reported to me? Disorder ". - Swings a trident on his charges.

One of the mermaids is interceding:“We just didn't want to upset you”.

Neptune removes the trident:“Well then? If you failed, I will try to look for a daughter myself. Bring me a golden fish.

Neptune's Day holiday script in camp

Scene Four: A Golden Fish Appears

Continuing to write the script for the Day of Neptune in the camp with competitions, say a few words about the Golden Fish. They say that if you catch it, then luck will certainly turn to your face. On stage, the same and Goldfish.

A fish appears and dances together with four other fish belly dancing to the song "Oriental Tales" performed by J. Friske. After the dance comes to Neptune:“You called me? What would you like? "

Neptune:“I know that you know everything and know a lot, have the gift of prediction and fulfill desires. Can you find my daughter, Ariella? ”

Fish comes closer:“I can do a lot and help you with your misfortune. But in return, I want to get a box of excellent pearls from you. ”.

Neptune:"Just? For the sake of my beloved daughter, I am ready to sacrifice any treasure. But only you will have to wait a little while my subjects collect pearls for you. ”.

Neptune Day (camp scenario): competition with tennis balls and spoons

Leading:“Guys, let's help Neptune and collect pearls for him”. For this competition you will need to divide the participants into two teams, as well as prepare bowls, tennis balls and tablespoons. The essence of the game is as follows: each of the players is given a spoon on which the ball rests; He must run, overcoming all obstacles in the form of pins, and not drop the ball. The team that comes faster wins without dropping a single ball.

Scene Five: the fish finds the daughter of Neptune

Neptune says:“Here is a promised pearl for you. Just find my daughter! ”

Fish takes a crystal ball. Looks at him for a long time and reports:“I see an island in the middle of the ocean. On it the city stands. There are many children and adults. Here they are all having fun, playing and having a good time. ”.

Neptune comes up and looks into the ball:“I see an island, a city, children, a beach”. Coming closer to children. He speaks:“Here they are. Well, admit it, who is your chief? Who stole my daughter and hid it? ”- swings at them with a trident. Continues:“Hey you devils, get out! Lead all you lead! "

10 devils come out. They run into the center, and then run to the children and deduce the camp director, manager, methodologist, fizruk, floater, chief cook, a couple of educators or counselors. All of them are expelled to the center of the site and covered with a huge fishing net.

Watery out:“Look at them, lord! It is they who torture the poor children. Six times a day, they are forced to eat, learn to walk in couples, sing and dance, sleep at sleepy hours, drive out for exercises in the morning and swim in the sea. ”- threatens them with a fist.

Neptune's Day on land in camp scenario

Neptune's youngest daughter appears:“Hello, Dad! I'm glad to see you all! ”

The little mermaids run up to joy and start hugging Ariella. Neptune also approaches it:“As I see, everything is fine with you. I got pretty even tanned ".

The Little Mermaid answers:"Yes. And there is. I rested on glory and had a pleasant time. Let go of all these people. On the contrary, they take care of children, entertain, heal and temper. Look how healthy and ruddy they are. Let's have fun. Today is Neptune Day. ”. The scenario in the camp for this action can be diversified by additional scenes of common dance of children and fairy tale characters.

Neptune comes to the net and frees people:“Well, if so, I order to reward everyone and send them on a one-time excursion through the sea!”. Devils run up, grab one employee and lower them into the sea.

Water:"That's all. It's time to get ready for the road. Be happy! All fair wind! ". All the main characters waving and leaving. The action is over. That turned out to be Neptune's Day on land (in the camp). Optionally, you can supplement the scenario of this event with your own contests and new actions.

Neptune Day Script at Summer Camp

How is Neptune's Day going on at school?

Sometimes children are forced to stay at home at school. In order to smooth out sharp corners and diversify their recreation, many educators or teachers spend their Neptune Day. What happens at this time?

Neptune's day in the school camp (the script can be simplified or vice versa - to finish) takes place in a simpler form. There is no sea and beach. Therefore, the easiest way to arrange it on the street or in the assembly hall. According to the script, Neptune is getting bored. He floats ashore to see which people can do.

Neptune's Day event scenario in the camp

The action is accompanied by songs and dances. Children prepare rooms, costumes.

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