What is inexpensive to decorate the facade of the house? Review of materials

The final stage of a private house or cottage is the finishing of the facade. And here, as a rule, a question arises that is relevant to all owners. Owners of private buildings want to know what to cheaply finish. Facing the walls should be not only high-quality, but also attractive from an aesthetic point of view. But while few of the owners want to invest in the material that will allow the appearance of his house to become exclusive. After all, few have the opportunity to afford a decision to finish the external walls without taking into account their cost.

However, in search of an answer to the question of how to inexpensively finish the facade of the house, you should not go to extremes either. Stopping on a budget option, you should give an objective assessment of the characteristics of the selected material, in particular, its ability to withstand wind, frost, sun, rain and other environmental influences. After all, there is hardly a need to learn from their experience the saying that the miser pays twice.

The decoration of the facade is very cheap, of course, impossible.However, the selection of the building material, which, with other similar performance characteristics will have a lower cost, is quite real.

Best finish

What should be according to their characteristics materials for high-quality and inexpensive finishing of the external walls of the building? When choosing them, the owner of a private house must first pay attention to the following:

- the number of textures and color solutions offered by the manufacturer;
- resistance to the occurrence of visual defects and fading;
- similarity with natural material, especially if the variant with an imitation product is being considered.

how to decorate the facade of the house cheap with their handsThe next criterion is durability. The facade of the inexpensive material can be a real headache for the owners. After all, it will require annual repairs. The better to decorate the facade of the house cheap? Liked materials that have a good service life. This should be the main selection criterion.

Competently approaching the solution of the task at deciding the question “how to decorate the facade of the house cheaply?”, You will need to consider the final cost of the entire exterior cladding.It should include:

- financial costs for the purchase of one square meter or kilogram of material;
- the cost of components, necessary equipment and tinting;
- the cost of installation, as well as the preparatory work.

In cases where the selected options for materials have equal characteristics, it is worth paying attention to the final cost of their use.

Types of facade designs

The question of how to decorate the facade of the house cheaply, should be at the design stage. After all, only in this case it will be possible to correctly distribute the budget, as well as to develop in advance the organization of sound insulation and heat saving.
By type of facades are divided into:

- “wet”, created when using building mixtures;
- “dry”, equipped with the mounting of the material with fasteners (self-tapping screws, dowels, nails, etc.).

According to the presence of a gap between the lining and the external wall of the house, the facades are divided into ventilated and non-ventilated. Their installation is carried out in various ways. In the first case between the house and the cladding material remains free space, which serves to ventilate the air and remove moisture. For non-ventilated facades, the finish is attached directly to the wall.


How to decorate the facade of the house is inexpensive in material, while obtaining a durable and high-quality finish? One of the most common options is decorative plaster. This is the most simple and popular way, the use of which is able to protect and decorate a private house. Today in the market of building materials manufacturers represented a huge number of plaster compositions, which differ in the type of the resulting surface and in its basic properties. Those owners who wonder "how to decorate the facade of the house cheap and beautiful?", Can use the plaster, which has the following advantages:

- aesthetics in connection with the existing rich assortment and a wide choice of color solutions;
- water resistance, not absorbing and not passing moisture;
- the ability to withstand temperature extremes and the influence of the sun;
- remarkable sound and heat insulation indicators;
- good strength, as well as the ability to withstand small mechanical stress;
- ease of installation and no need for expensive equipment;
- low price.

Among the disadvantages of plaster emit:

- the possibility of cracks;
- peeling of coating layers;
- manifestation on the surface of the spots.

However, it should be borne in mind that all the disadvantages of plaster associated with its improper installation. If there were no mistakes made during its implementation, then there is practically no risk of such problems.

Plaster is of various kinds, otchivayuschiysya components of mixtures. This should take into account the owners, who are wondering about how to inexpensively finish the facade of the house. So, distinguish plaster:

- mineral;
- acrylic;
- silicate;
- silicone.

Consider the most budget options in more detail.

Mineral plaster

This material is especially good for those who are considering various options for solving the question: “How to decorate the facade of a private house at a low price?” The photo of such decoration is given below.

Mineral plaster is a budget and therefore the most common composition. In addition to low cost, the material attracts attention with a wide range of colors, excellent resistance to the effects of direct sunlight, as well as the development of microorganisms in it.

the better to decorate the facade of the house cheapMineral plaster is fireproof.In this regard, it is often used when a flammable insulation was used when facing the house. In addition, mineral plaster perfectly combined with any building materials. Its main disadvantage is the low elasticity index. This is sometimes a significant problem with the shrinkage of the building, when many small cracks appear on its walls. Such a nuance is worth considering the owners of newly built houses. On average, a material can last from 12 to 16 years.

Acrylic plaster

What is inexpensive to decorate the facade of the house? Acrylic plaster is quite suitable for solving this problem. It is somewhat more expensive than mineral, but at the same time devoid of its main drawback. Acrylic plaster is more elastic, which does not spoil the facade when the building shrinks. In addition, this type of mixture is more durable. On average, its service life is 18 years.

Among the shortcomings of the material can be identified its flammability, which should be considered when choosing insulation. In addition, such a surface well collects dust, which will require further careful maintenance of the exterior walls of the building.

Silicate plaster

How else can you finish the outer walls of the house and at the same time achieve their maximum durability and quality? For this perfect silicate plaster, which is made with the addition of potash glass. It is to this component that the material owes its remarkable operational properties. Such plaster is the most durable, without losing its properties for almost 30 years. The material is quite elastic, which allows it to not crack when walls shrink. It does not attract dust to itself too much, and the dirt caught on it is washed off from the surface during rain.

Of course, such a plaster, in comparison with those described above, has a higher cost. That is why her choice directly depends on the budget possibilities of the house owners.

Facing brick

How to decorate the facade of the house cheap with their own hands? Facing bricks are also among the most popular materials. For these purposes, a special decorative material is used. Such brick is called front, facing or front. It has an excellent appearance, rich in various shades, shapes and textures.

what is inexpensive to finish the facade of the house

In addition, this material has excellent resistance to the ability to resist the harmful effects of environmental factors.

Ceramic brick

How to decorate the facade of the house of aerated concrete cheap? For this fit ceramic bricks. It is made from clay, which is subject to roasting. Such material, familiar to everyone, has the following advantages:

- durability;
- environmental friendliness;
- good heat and sound insulation indicators;
- resistance to temperature extremes, and, in addition, to fire and the bright rays of the sun;
- cheap.

how to decorate the facade of a frame house cheapAmong the disadvantages are:

- not always accurate geometry;
- the presence of limestone interspersed in a darker color;
- the possibility of destruction or fall when poorly executed solution;
- high degree of water absorption, reducing the frost resistance of the material.

Silicate brick

This finishing material is made by autoclaving a cement-sand mixture into which special additives are introduced. It is due to the simplicity of its manufacture and the low cost of the raw materials used, silica brick is considered the most affordable of all such types of linings.

Among its advantages are:

- high strength;
- exact geometry;
- environmental friendliness;
- good sound insulation properties;
- low price.

This material should pay attention to those who do not know how to decorate the facade of a wooden house cheaply.

Of the disadvantages are:

- not the best decorative look among bricks;
- considerable weight;
- low thermal insulation quality;
- high degree of water absorption;
- low frost resistance.

Concrete Facade Tiles

This finishing material is made on the basis of quartz sand, cement, filler, as well as various additives. Its advantages are:

- moisture resistance and durability;
- rigidity and strength;
- wide choose;
- low cost.

Among the disadvantages are:

- poor resistance to temperature extremes;
- a lot of weight when used for a “wet” facade;
- frequently found products with inaccurate geometry.


How to decorate the facade of a frame house cheap? When addressing this issue, it is worth considering one of the most simple to use modern decorative materials - siding. Manufacturers, it is offered in a wide range and in its operational characteristics is very durable (up to 50 years).In addition, siding has excellent heat and sound insulation properties.

how to decorate the facade of the house cheap

It is possible to decorate with a siding not only the frame house, but also wooden, brick, and also any surface. It will refine this material and for a long time built structure. This material is vinyl and wood, metal and cement. Consider the most budget option of such facing.

Vinyl siding

This facing is made from polyvinyl chloride. In appearance, it can imitate brick and stone, as well as wood and other natural materials.

Vinyl siding is the most popular material used on cottage facades because of the following:

- long service life;
- resistance to temperature extremes, corrosion, sun rays and fire;
- low weight;
- relatively low cost;
- wide range;
- ease of installation and further operation.

Often the advantages of vinyl siding include its resistance to various mechanical damage. However, with a strong impact, the integrity of the material is broken.

how to decorate the facade of the house of aerated concrete cheapThe disadvantage of vinyl siding is its inherent high level of linear expansion coefficient. This feature must be considered during installation.In addition, vinyl siding has low thermal insulation qualities, as well as the complexity of the repair if you need to replace one of the elements.


About the dangers of this material is relatively recently talked quite a lot. On this wave, slate has already begun to be forgotten somewhat in private construction. However, this issue is to understand to the end. Yes, in former times, unsafe health asbestos was used to produce slate. To date, the material of this component does not contain.

how to decorate the facade of the house cheap materialIn this regard, those who do not know what to cheaply finish the facade of a house, should purchase flat sheets of slate. They are perfect for finishing frame houses, as well as buildings made of gas silicate or aerated concrete.

A very interesting variant of the facade is the use of various combinations of flat and wave sheets of slate when facing it.

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