How and what to wash things for newborns? 7 rules and options for safe means

Diapers, vests, pink and blue sliders - for new parents, perhaps, nothing is nicer in the whole world. Why? Because they are adored by the child. Baby clothes are one of the first things a baby can get.

Parents choose infant clothes especially carefully - they simply have to be safe and, of course, clean. Here you need to dwell on cleanliness, and for this it is important to know how to wash baby clothes, what kind of soap you can use, how to properly wash clothes of a newborn child.

Preparing a children's dowry

Purchased items in a specialty store for a child seem just great. And they are also soft, seemingly clean and seem completely safe. However, it is absolutely impossible to wear such clothes on a newborn without preliminary measures, because:

  • you do not know the conditions in which the diapers and vests were kept, who touched them before they appeared on the store counter;
  • for processing children's clothes use starch or even chemicals to make it look as presentable as possible.

That is why it is necessary to wash new baby clothes, especially as it is specially noted on the labels of all infant clothes that it is necessary to rinse them before the first fitting.

Preparing a children's dowry

To protect the newborn child from low-quality things that may contain hazardous chemicals, you can perform the following steps:

  1. It is necessary to remove any tags from the laundry, of course, you should definitely get acquainted with the information indicated on them.
  2. The water temperature is not more than 60 degrees. It is not necessary to wash for the first time at a higher temperature.
  3. Drops the clothes in a bowl, slightly we wash it, while it is impossible to squeeze and unscrew.
  4. Sliders and diapers should be thoroughly rinsed until the flowing water is clear.
  5. Then the linen is straightened and hung on the dryer.
  6. Ironing things a child should always on the inside, in contact with children's skin, but the outside can not be ironed.
  7. Wait for things to cool down, then carefully lay them down.

And what to do with a fur envelope, warm hats, which are needed for "winter" kids? Of course, it is impractical to wash them, ironing is simply impossible, but it is imperative to disinfect them. A steam generator is useful, and if it is not there, then you can use an iron set to steam mode. That is, you will not iron the surface of the iron, and steam.

Choosing a detergent for the child

What washing products are better to use? There are several popular types of substances that are suitable for delicate baby skin. To wash baby clothes you can:

  • laundry soap;
  • baby soap;
  • special powder and gel.

In order to decide whether to wash it with household soap or baby soap, a specialized powder or gel, and whether rinsing agents can be used, it is necessary to analyze each product and suitable washing methods for them in more detail.

  1. Laundry soap

In the old days, our grandmothers used to wash clothes for children with household soap only and still consider it as the best laundry detergent.And their opinion is not decided by reason, since this soap is exceptionally natural, without harmful chemical additives, which are contained in large quantities in ordinary powders.

Washing with soap helps to cope even with serious stains. After its use, baby clothes become soft, light and safe. To make it easier to wash, hostesses scrub the soap on the float and add things in the form of small chips, or make a soap solution. The only minus of washing with laundry soap is mom's fatigue, and modern mothers are already used to the washing machine.

Choosing a detergent for the child

  1. Baby soap

This tool is considered one of the most gentle and gentle for the care of infant things. First, it does not contain harmful ingredients. Secondly, the clothes washed with baby soap do not smell and are very tender to the touch. As in the case of soap, baby also rubbed on a grater and added to the basin or make a soap solution from it.

  1. Washing powder

Of course, you can wash your baby’s dowry with soap if mommy has a lot of active helpers. However, more often than not, a woman places all the worries on her shoulders, therefore she simply has no time to wash clothes by hand. That is why you have to wash things in the washing machine.And for modern technology, soap and chips are not suitable, so women often choose powder for newborns.

Before you buy a laundry detergent, you need to look at its shelf life, composition, which should not contain chlorine, phosphates, surfactants, because they can harm the health of the child.

Popular brands of washing powders

Powders - a good alternative to soap solutions. You only need to choose the right option. Which is better? To answer this important question, try to see the mark "for children's clothing." Women's Forum allows you to select the following best powders for newborns:

  • The German powder Dally Med refers to the slightly allergenic means that do not contain phosphates. Among the advantages - natural ingredients, among the minuses - the presence of bleaches and fragrances.
  • "Aistonok" is a powder, a gel containing plant extracts and silver ions, soap. Dignity means - does not contain fragrances, slightly allergenic. Disadvantages - optical brighteners are present.
  • You can use the powder "World of childhood", suitable for washing by hand and in a typewriter.It is an antibacterial and disinfecting "drug" that does not lead to allergic reactions.
  • "Eared Nyan" offers a selection of products for washing clothes for newborns. The forum of mums and their statements allow us to say that this brand is in demand with them.
  • "Karapuz" for babies and newborns includes only natural ingredients, well washed out during the rinse.
  • Means "Our Mother" better than many powders to cope with any stains, enriched with silver particles and extracts of herbs.
  • You can wash clothes for the baby with Domal gel. The safety of this agent with chamomile decoction is confirmed by dermatological research.

What is the best way to wipe baby clothes? You can go to any women's forum, ask around for experienced mummies, but the exact answer will be given only by the skin of your baby. If there is no irritation, then this powder suits him.

7 rules of ideal washing of children's things

  1. Diapers of a newborn baby cannot be washed together with other things. Adult clothing hides numerous dangerous microorganisms living on the street.After washing with your laundry, you risk infecting your baby.
  2. Wash children's clothes can be in the car, especially if you put it on a special mode. Water temperature is about 90 degrees. At this temperature, the water does not create the effect of boiling.
  3. It’s not as important as you wash, it’s much more important to rinse your laundry. When you wash by hand, rinsing continues to clear water. In the technique you can set a special rinse mode.
  4. If the diapers are loose, pieces of feces should be removed before soaking. It is better to prewash the “surprise” with soap and water, as the bacteria, getting into the feces, become more dangerous. And the particles of feces in the general washing - this is already a danger.
  5. Can I use air conditioning? No, although this tool gives the fabric softness and aroma, but the excess chemistry of children's skin is definitely not needed. It will not be possible to wash the clothes with air conditioning anyway, therefore it should be put aside for your things.
  6. It is better to dry the washed diapers on the street, straightening them properly. Of course, in the absence of such an opportunity to dry things can be indoors, if it is well ventilated.

Washing children's clothes

How to whiten baby clothes?

The basic rule - do not use bleach! Means containing this element, often lead to allergies in newborns, and the smell is not the most pleasant. Some manufacturers propose to whiten overalls with optical brighteners, but they are also dangerous.

If you go to any women's forum, then it can be noted that for whitening moms are recommended to arm themselves with hydrogen peroxide. She has a list of advantages:

  • harmless to baby’s skin;
  • it is easily rinsed;
  • able to whiten almost any specks (including feces);
  • disinfects tissue from pathogens.

To make the laundry not gray, do not boil children's clothes. Temperatures of 80-90 degrees are enough if you wash in a washing machine.

Do I need to iron the clothes of the newborn?

The umbilical wound heals only a month after the birth of the baby, and during this period of time a variety of microbes and infectious agents can get into the children's organism through it. Therefore, this entire period you will have to iron children's clothing on both sides.

The happy owners of washing machines with steam mode are not so worried about ironing, because steam kills almost all pathogens.And yet at first the dowry should be ironed.

After the healing of the navel, the mother does not need to so selflessly plod over the ironing board.

Experts recommend ironing only some items that are most closely related to children's skin. Excessive sterility is also not the best option. During this time, you can relax and start caring for your baby with new forces.

The tips presented in this article will tell young moms about how and how to wash the clothes of a newborn baby. Such recommendations will be useful to newly minted parents who do not know how to wash diapers with soap or powder, when and how much you need to iron children's things.

For the opinion of more experienced companions, you can go to any "mother's" forum, but whatever you choose, your child will make his own edits and corrections. Only his delicate skin will choose the best and right powder for washing.

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