How he lived and when Alexei Loktev died - the hero of the film "I walk across Moscow"

Alexey Loktev, a biography whose personal life will be described in today's article, is an idol of many Soviet citizens. The popular film “I walk across Moscow”, which became a symbol, is one of his most successful works. How did a simple guy succeed in cinema and what did he have to go through on his way to him?

Alexey Loktev: biography

Alexey Vasilyevich was born in Orsk on December 30, 1939. When the boy was four years old, his family had to leave his hometown and go to Moscow. The fact is that the head of the family was offered a job there. So our hero became a Muscovite.

The father of the future actor worked at the factory, and his mother was an actress of the theater. It was from his mother, Alexey Loktev, who took over the love of acting. From a very young age, he dreamed of becoming a theater artist, and later on a movie.

Alexey Elbow

From school to college

In Moscow, Alexey Loktev went to study at a school and drama school at ZIS (today ZIL). The boy played a variety of roles in different roles and genres.At 17 years old, the guy was first involved in the filming of the youth film "Different Fates". The role was episodic, but still rooted the boy in the thought of becoming a professional actor. It seemed that he had experience on the stage and the heredity of the actor, but he was not accepted at VGIK.

Mom was upset for the child, and dad, on the contrary. He never supported his son and wife in choosing a future profession. Thus, Alexey Loktev, an actor inside, became a turner outside the factory where his father worked.

A year later, the guy again goes to take exams for admission to the institute, only this time he chose GITIS. Alexey Vasilyevich successfully passed the qualifying round, and finally became a student by the profession of dreams.

elk alexei actor

Wake up famous

In 1962, Alexey received the coveted diploma and became an actor in the Pushkin Theater. He alternated his work in the theater with the filming of films, so he was a revolutionary from the Kuban in the film "The Black Gull" and Gena in "Goodbye, Pigeons".

In 1963, the film “I walk across Moscow” appeared on the screens of Soviet citizens, where Alexey played a traveling fellow from Siberia, Volodya, who brought his personal handwritten story with him.Together with Alexey, Mikhalkov Nikita and Steblov Eugene - still unknown young actors took part in this picture.

This film played an important role in the career of actors, which we can now see in many movie masterpieces. After this "Moscow history" the guys woke up famous.

Alexey Elbows biography

Subsequent work

Next Loktev Alexey - an actor beloved by the audience, starred in the films "First Snow", "Our Home", "Tunnel", "In Russia". All films were successful, but not one became as popular as "I walk through Moscow."

The subsequent roles of the actor are minor, and even episodic. So we can recognize him in the young academic film "Stoves-benches".

Alexey Vasilievich, who has worked for ten years on the stage of the Pushkin Theater, decides to leave him and go to the Maly Theater. Here he serves art for eight years, after which he moves to St. Petersburg.


In the cultural capital of Russia, he is immediately recruited into the drama named after Pushkin. Salaries of actors, and almost all other people, have become very small due to the restructuring that has begun. Not many were able to survive this difficult time with dignity, and that's how Alexey Loktev began to “attach himself to the bottle” more and more often.

An actor’s career for him could end there.He left the theater and moved to the Tver region with his wife and young son. In the biography of the actor does not indicate what he did the next couple of years. The actor in recent years, many directors offered to act in good films, but he had no desire.

actor alexey elbows personal life

Return to Moscow

In 1989, when Aleksey realizes that he cannot continue this way anymore, he quits drinking and arrives in Moscow.

Initially, the man began to work again as an actor in the theater "Voice" under the direction of Astakhanov, but soon he begins to think about the work of the director.

Four years after returning to the capital, Alexei Loktev begins to stage his own performances. This is how the story about Talkov "I will return", "Believe" by Shukshin, "Fyodor and Anya" - about the life and fate of Dostoevsky.

Alexey became the creator of TAL Theater (Alexey Loktev Theater), on the stages of which he not only created performances, but also himself took part in them. The most memorable works were "Visions on the Hill" and "The Last Love of Dostoevsky."

Actor Alexey Loktev: personal life

About the personal life of the actor little is known. He was officially married once.His wife, Svetlana Loshchinina-Lokteva, also an actress of the theater, died at the age of 44 in 1988.

With the second wife, but already civil, - Usenko Elena, Alexey lived in the future, but did not manage to get married with her. Just a few days before the tragic death of Alexei, they decided to marry in heaven.

Loktev has four children and five grandchildren. Alexandra, one of the daughters of the actor, became the wife of Konstantin Kinchev - the leader of the rock group "Alice".

alexey elbows biography personal life

Recent years Lokteva

Many famous people were victims of car accidents or plane crashes. They are more common people are exposed to such danger, because of the work they constantly have to move from place to place.

In 2006, Alexey Vasilyevich was a participant in the documentary “How idols left,” which was his last.

Amur Autumn, a film festival taking place in the Far East, became tragic in 2006. Alexey Loktev, who with many other actors and directors moved from village to village with concerts, decided to go on September 17 not with the whole group, but at Toyota Crown with a member of the festival jury Novozhilov and several other assistants.

The route was sent to Blagoveshchensk, but a small group did not get there. They raced at high speed, and the driver could not cope with the car, crashing into a passing minibus.

In this accident, the beloved actor died. He suffered a head injury and died on the way to the hospital.

Aleksey Vasilyevich was buried at the Volkovsky cemetery located in St. Petersburg.

His last words before the accident were that life was wonderful, and Alexey Loktev does not regret anything. He died a really happy man!

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How Aleksei Loktev lived and when he died - the hero of the film I walk in Moscow 10

How Aleksei Loktev lived and when he died - the hero of the film I walk in Moscow 90

How Aleksei Loktev lived and when he died - the hero of the film I walk in Moscow 45

How Aleksei Loktev lived and when he died - the hero of the film I walk in Moscow 82

How Aleksei Loktev lived and when he died - the hero of the film I walk in Moscow 44

How Aleksei Loktev lived and when he died - the hero of the film I walk in Moscow 100

How Aleksei Loktev lived and when he died - the hero of the film I walk in Moscow 49

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