How 36 week of pregnancy proceeds

That's coming to its end rather difficult period of carrying a baby in the womb. Right now, the future woman in labor is fully aware that very soon she will become a beautiful mom. Of course, the 36th week of pregnancy suggests that every day, due to the presence of extra pounds, it becomes more difficult for a woman to move around and independently perform her usual household chores. What else is different this period?

Fetus at 36 weeks gestation

  • Now the baby in the womb should weigh more than three kilograms, with36 week of pregnancyprovided that the pregnancy proceeds in a normal way. The distance from the crown of the head to the tailbone is approximately 47 centimeters. The fruit by this time should already have accumulated a sufficient amount of subcutaneous fat, and its size every day becoming more and more. If before the skin was transparent, and the baby rather looked like an alien, now everything has changed dramatically. So, the skin has a pale pink hue, covered with a special lubricant.It was she who greatly simplifies the process of passing through the birth canal. The 36th week of pregnancy is characterized by the final formation of the main systems of the internal organs, which are already functioning independently.
  • Every day, the future mother is less feeling the tremors of the baby. Do not worry about this. The fact is that the 36th week of pregnancy is also determined by the fact that the fetus must finally take its position inside the womb and is preparing for birth. Yes, and to move the baby is now almost impossible due to the fact that space in the uterus is not enough.

36 week of pregnancy. Feelings of the future mother

fetus at 36 weeks gestationNow a woman is more like a conish than a beautiful slender lady. Indeed, she had to forget about the waist in the second trimester. Moreover, the mammary glands are also preparing for the appearance of the crumbs into the light. They swell and now some people observe the discharge of the first milk called colostrum. 36 weeks of pregnancy significantly affects the emotional state of women. So, many people notice excessive capriciousness and at the same time irritability. All this is connected primarily with the upcoming event, because all future moms noticeably worry and worry about how the process of childbirth will pass.

Pain and Discomfort36 week pregnancy sensations

Many of the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity complain of unpleasant sensations in the lumbar region, cramps in the legs, as well as pain in the pubis during this period. Indeed, such discomfort occurs and is most often associated with a growing tummy. On the other hand, some complain of hemorrhoids. So, small nodules, falling out of the anus, bring a lot of inconvenience, and in most cases are also accompanied by copious bleeding. In this kind of situation, you should consult a gynecologist, who will select the proper treatment. However, one should not hope for a complete cure, most likely, it will be possible to relieve only the main symptoms.

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