Hotel Tasia Maris Oasis 4 * (Cyprus): photos and reviews of tourists

While waiting for a vacation, some of us dream of sunbathing on the sea, others plan to dance the night away, and still others want to have time to visit as many interesting places as possible.

Many cities offer all this, but even with the growth of the exchange rate, the number of travelers who prefer Cyprus resorts does not decrease. The reason for this is not only the amazing nature, climate and local sights, but also the high level of service to which Russians have long been accustomed.

Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa is located in the eastern part of Cyprus, not far from the famous Cape Greco. This place attracts tourists primarily for its golden beaches, marked with the blue flag of the EU. For a lazy holiday, there are always free sun loungers and umbrellas, and for the active, any kind of sports: water skiing, diving, windsurfing, beach volleyball and much more.tasia maris oasis

With the onset of dusk, the city as if comes to life: numerous restaurants, bars and discos open their doors.On entertainment in Ayia Napa, we will definitely talk in more detail. However, the first thing you need to think about when planning a trip to Cyprus is your place of residence. Tasia Maris Oasis, like many other resort hotels, offers quality service and reasonable prices for the summer season.

In the center of events

In contrast to the resorts of Turkey or Egypt, in Cyprus, hotels practically have no private beaches. Glyki Nero Beach, Nissi Beach, Pantachou Beach and Loukkos Tou Mandi Beach can be visited by any vacationer. Sun loungers and umbrellas on municipal beaches are paid, but nobody forces them to rent them. You buy a folding umbrella and a straw stool in the nearest shop, choose a place closer to the azure water and enjoy a hot sunny day.

If you pay for a sun lounger and an umbrella, you will receive a receipt that is valid all day. You can safely leave the towels, leave for lunch, and then come back again. Almost all the beaches have Wi-Fi - you can find out the password only after payment.

Hotel Tasia Maris Oasis is only a ten minute walk from the sea. On the way, you can go to several souvenir shops, get a couple of invitation to the party, and just a small distance from the beach will allow you to keep yourself in good shape.tasia maris oasis aya napa

Accommodation options

Tasia Maris Oasis 4 * is a five minute walk from the center of Ayia Napa. The territory of the hotel and the main building are made in a modern style - exceptionally light colors and a large number of glass facades, partitions and other details. In the evenings, the dull white color at first glance is transformed with the help of multi-colored backlighting.

Tasia Maris Oasis offers several accommodation options to its guests:

  1. Cyprus is considered one of the most popular destinations among tourists with children, so family rooms are in special demand. Room size is 30 square meters. meters Designed for four people. In the room, in addition to a double bed or two single beds, there are two more sofa beds. The price includes satellite TV, air conditioning, electric kettle and hairdryer, toiletries, bathrobes and towels.
  2. Similar amenities are waiting for guests in the room category "junior suite" (area of ​​20 sq. M.). Additionally, an umbrella and deck chairs are installed on the spacious balcony. This option is designed for two people, however, in coordination with the hotel may be an extra bed.
  3. Standard double room with city or pool view. The area of ​​18 square meters. mA flat-screen TV, hairdryer, air conditioning, toiletries, bed linen and towels are provided.tasia maris oasis 4 reviews

Guest Services

Managers Tasia Maris Oasis 4 * (Ayia Napa), who are at the reception desk around the clock, are ready to make the rest as comfortable as possible. Almost all the staff speaks good Russian and English, which is often noted in their reviews by tourists. There are several restaurants and bars on site:

  1. The main restaurant serves breakfast and dinner.
  2. The poolside restaurant offers snacks and lunch.
  3. Drinks and snacks are ordered in the lobby or at the pool bar.
  4. You can share your impressions and just relax in the chill-out bar on the veranda.

Each room has a safe and fridge, which are charged separately. In addition, the outlet in Cyprus - the British sample, so at the reception you will be kindly offered an adapter - you should also leave a small deposit for it.

Laundry and dry cleaning, doctor on call, parking, currency exchange and car rental, moped or bicycle - these additional services can be paid in cash or using a plastic card.


For younger guests there is a special area for games, as well as a wonderful garden.Fans of outdoor activities can visit the fitness center with a gym, where you not only maintain your form, but also put your thoughts in order in the steam bath, sauna or during a massage.

Want to relax without leaving Tasia Maris Oasis? A large swimming pool, an open-air jacuzzi and a “paddling pool” are at your service, and there are comfortable sun beds and umbrellas for sunbathing - the testimonials say that there is enough space for everyone.

About nutrition

The issue of food, as a rule, excites tourists the most. Families with children who rent apartments with kitchens eat on their own - food can be bought in one of the Ayia Napa supermarkets. However, in Tasia Maris Oasis 4 * such accommodation is not provided, but there are several food options: breakfast, breakfast and dinner, and all inclusive.hotel tasia maris oasis

For breakfast, traditional dishes are always served: scrambled eggs, scrambled eggs, boiled sausages, several types of yoghurts, fruits, cereals, jams, hot and cold milk, a lot of pastries (especially the guests mention fresh croissants), pancakes, waffles and, of course, tea and coffee.

During lunch and dinner, guests are introduced to Greek cuisine. Several types of meat and fish, side dishes and salads, fruits and desserts.At dinner, drinks are paid, but no one insists on buying them.

Tasia Maris Oasis chefs get a solid top five for the quality and variety of dishes. Reviews also note the work of waiters who instantly take orders and fulfill any wishes.

Food in the city

We know for what reason the option “breakfast only” is most often chosen by the guests of Tasia Maris Oasis 4 *. Ayia Napa is a wonderful resort town, where every corner has a cafe, restaurant or catering establishment.

Almost all travelers have heard about the generous portions of Cyprus, which are almost impossible to eat alone. Many people out of habit order soup, salad and second, but they cannot even manage half.

In their reviews, vacationers are advised for seafood to go to the beach. The most popular seafood restaurant is Ocean Basket. Baked cod, mussels in garlic sauce, shrimp and other seafood - no doubt about the freshness of these products.

Anyone who misses Russian cuisine is on the direct route to Teremok. Bears, dumplings, okroshka on kvass and dumplings with potatoes, children's menu with cereals and karaoke in the evening will make your stay comfortable for youth companies and friendlyfamilies.

Traditional Greek dishes can be enjoyed in one of the many Cypriot taverns. Near the hotel Tasia Maris Oasis is a wonderful Platia Meze Restaurant, the design of which is made in blue and white colors, and for the sound of Greek motives. The menu will definitely find (and those who have been here strongly recommend trying them) the following dishes:

- Khalumi - salted sheep cheese grilled;

- souvlaki - reminds kebab;

- moussaka - an amazing dish of eggplant and minced meat;

- meat and fish meze.

Do not miss

Just a few steps from the Tasia Maris Oasis (Ayia Napa) is the main attraction of the city - the Monastery of the Virgin of Napa, built around the XIV century. At the moment, there are many Cypriot monasteries, but this one came to us in its original form. A corner of peace and quiet, where you can worship the icon of the Mother of God, admire the ancient architecture and just relax from the noisy city.tasia maris oasis cyprus

The port, where most excursion managers work, is also close to the Tasia Maris Oasis hotel. Ayia Napa offers a lot of interesting entertainment, which you can make a separate review.Sea caves and grottoes, a trip on the Black Pearl pirate ship, the Museum of the Sea, the aquarium, jeep safaris and much more can be found in the colorful booklets.


Abandoned cities have always attracted adventurers to themselves, and today there are many who want to look into the past to see with their own eyes how people lived 30-40 years ago.

In the late 60s, Famagusta, or rather, its Varosha quarter, was considered one of the most popular tourist and entertainment centers in the world. However, in 1974, the Turkish army took control of the city, and the entire Greek population was forced to leave their homes. Varosha was closed, and until today there is no access there. Luxury hotels, shops with clothes and even the tables in restaurants seemed frozen in time. It was after the Turkish invasion to replace the lost resort that the active development of Ayia Napa began, and then the immediate vicinity.

On the tour you will hear all the details, learn the history of the person who was born in this city, and also be able to look at the abandoned buildings from a distance.

Tickle your nerves

As we have said, parasailing, water skiing and other extreme sports are on the nearest beach,ten minutes walk from Tasia Maris Oasis 4 *. Traveler reviews also recommend a look at the water park.tasia maris oasis 4 Cyprus

WaterWorld Park - Europe's largest water park, the main theme of which is Greek mythology. On the territory there are not only the slides themselves with the original names (“Icarus Fall”, “Chariot Racing” and others), but also several bars, restaurants and small shops. In addition, there is a SPA in WaterWorld. This water park is one of the most popular entertainment in Ayia Napa, so there are small queues for rides. You can save on entry tickets using online purchases or flyers, which are sometimes distributed on the streets.

Another place not for the faint of heart is Nightmare, or the room of fear. Darkness, narrow labyrinths, cages with wild animals, maniacs with chainsaws and soldering irons - all the action is accompanied by children's crying, screeching, creaking and other terrible sounds. When buying a ticket, the staff honestly warns you that it will be very scary - at any time a visitor can turn around and leave. Such cases are, however, most often from the room of fear you hear at first wild screams, and then full of laughter. In any case, the sea of ​​emotions you provided.

Right choice

Ayia Napa is often compared to Ibiza. Indeed, there are all conditions for youth recreation. In the center of the city there is a bar street where you can walk all night long. As a rule, boys and girls who come here to “break away to the fullest” are not picky and choose the cheapest accommodation - in numerous hostels you can rent a bed for very little money.

However, if the hotel’s reputation plays an important role for you, then we advise you to opt for Tasia Maris Oasis. Modern design of the rooms, excellent location, cozy territory and high level of service are perfect for couples and single travelers. What, in fact, evidenced by the numerous reviews and vacationers here.tasia maris oasis 4 ayah-napa

The staff will do everything possible so that you have only pleasant impressions of staying at Tasia Maris Oasis 4 *. Cyprus is a wonderful island that you definitely want to visit again. The holiday season continues until mid-October - hurry to touch the history and see the unique nature with your own eyes.

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