Hotel Pristine Resort 2 * (India, Goa): description, rooms, reviews of tourists

When choosing a place to spend a vacation, many tourists turn their eyes towards India. After all, this country is famous for its exotic and originality. Here tourists are waiting for beautiful beaches, unique culture and interesting traditions, sincere hospitality and a huge selection of excursions.

If we talk about beach holidays in India, then the most popular place for this is Goa - it is this state that is associated with this paradise, picturesque coasts and, of course, comfortable hotel complexes for every taste. By the way, Pristine Resort 2 * is considered one of the good places to stay.

Of course, before the trip is still worth to know as much as possible about the selected hotel. For example, you need to study the official information, find out exactly where the hotel is located and whether it is convenient to get from it to the beach and the city. What do former guests say about this place?Is it possible to have a pleasant stay at the Pristine Resort 2 *? Goa is a wonderful place for a bright holiday and I would not want to spoil the memories of the time spent here because of some minor troubles. So what is the quality of rest worth counting on?

Location: where is the hotel complex?

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Experienced tourists when choosing a hotel pay attention to many factors, including its location. Where is the hotel complex Pristine Resort 2 *? India, South Goa, Arossim (a picturesque town by the sea) - it is here, surrounded by tropical gardens, that you will spend some wonderful days. This is a small picturesque village where mainly tourists live. Nearby are cozy cafes and shops, so that you will hardly feel detached from civilization.

The nearest airport is in the city of Dabolim - the distance to it is about 22 km. Naturally, you can count on a transfer to the hotel, and the road itself will take not so much time. The nearest large city Margao is located 12 km away - you can even reach it by public transport.

Hotel Pristine Resort 2 * (India, South Goa): brief information about the infrastructure

Of course, it is worth asking about how the hotel territory looks like.The hotel complex Pristine Resort 2 * (Arossim) consists of four three-storey buildings, built in the classical style - with something they resemble cozy coastal villas. The hotel has its own territory, although it is small - its area is about 2700 square meters. As the reviews say, the courtyard of the hotel is very beautiful and pleases the eye with lush bright greenery. You can stroll through the lawns, enjoying the colors of exotic flowers and shrubs, traditional Indian decorations.

By the way, the hotel complex Pristine Resort 2 * was opened not long ago - tourists have been welcomed here since 2008. During this time there have already managed to carry out several repairs, so that guests can enjoy the cleanliness and, of course, the availability of modern equipment.

Information about the rooms and photos of living rooms

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How are the guests of the hotel complex Pristine Resort 2 *? Reviews suggest that the rooms in the hotel are comfortable enough, especially considering the fact that this is a two-star Indian establishment. By the way, this is a small hotel - there are only 20 rooms on its territory, all of them are standard, double. True, upon request, an extra bed is quickly brought into the room, which may be necessary for a child.

Rooms will delight you with fresh renovation, simple decor and cleanliness.You will be able to use modern technology, in particular, telephone and TV (you can watch several Russian channels). There is also air conditioning and a fan - this will certainly help to cope with the heat. For greater convenience, each room has a small safe, where tourists store valuables. Drinks from the minibar are charged separately, but drinking water is provided free of charge.

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The bathroom is small, but covered with clean snow-white tiles and equipped with modern fixtures. There is a toilet, a small shower cubicle, as well as a mirror and a washbasin. Hair dryer can be requested at the reception. You will certainly be provided with a hygiene kit, which consists of soap, shower gel, shampoos, toothbrushes and toothpaste, shower caps and other accessories. You can also make use of soft slippers and bathrobes. Of course, clean towels are delivered daily to the room. Maids do a great job cleaning - the room is always clean and fresh. By the way, room service works round the clock (paid service).

Catering hotel guests

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Meals - a question that must be considered when planning a trip.What does the Pristine Resort 2 * hotel complex offer? India, Goa in particular, is famous for its delicious, exotic cuisine. The hotel has its own restaurant, and, paying for accommodation in one of the hotel rooms, you get the right to free breakfast.

How is the restaurant Pristine Resort 2 *? Reviews of former guests confirm that the menu here is not bad - there are vegetable dishes and an abundance of fresh fruits, snacks, toast with jam and pastries, cereals and some traditional dishes that are eaten for breakfast by residents of India.

Of course, the rest of the day the restaurant also works - you can have a snack in it at any time, but already ordering dishes from the menu and paying the bill. They cook well here - they offer dishes of European and Indian cuisines.

By the way, there is no problem with eating with the guests. This resort village is designed for tourists, so there are a lot of cafes and cozy restaurants here - you can choose a kitchen to your own taste. You can even eat on the beach.

Distance to the beach

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The hotel complex Pristine Resort 2 * is located near the beach. The distance to the sea is about 650 meters.The road takes about 10-15 minutes, but the guests are not against daily walks in the beautiful village. In the reviews, travelers say that the coast is really very beautiful here - the water is clear, and under the feet is soft white sand.

As is customary in India, the coast is divided into several sheikas - here you can have lunch or even dinner, rent large deck chairs and umbrellas. Beach towels are also available at an additional cost. By the way, the beach service is at a decent level - here the tourists relax and have a good time.

Fun by the sea

Arossim is a small village in which the influx of tourists is very rare. You should not rely on noisy beach parties or bright views. But without it, on the shore you can relax. Many travelers prefer to spend time swimming with a mask - the sea is transparent, and the underwater fauna is very diverse and beautiful. By the way, in the village you can even take a diving course.

Tourists often use the services of professional windsurfing instructors - the waves here are small, which is ideal for beginners in this sport.Of course, you will have the opportunity to rent non-motorized water transport, ride a boat or water ski.

Additional amenities for guests

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What else can the Pristine Resort 2 * hotel complex offer to its guests? Reviews confirm that the hotel has all the necessary conditions for a comfortable stay. Guests, for example, can use the parking for free. Renting a moped or a car on the territory of the city is not difficult - this is how a lot of tourists come in, spending days in an independent state survey.

In the village of their services offers laundry, and you can exchange money in almost every store. There is also free internet in the hotel, although it is available only at the reception and in the lounge.

How do tourists spend time in the hotel?

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It should immediately be said that this hotel complex serves only as a place for a comfortable, cozy overnight stay - most of the time it is spent on the beach, on excursions or in the center of the village. Therefore, there is no special entertainment here.

In the courtyard for guests there is a small swimming pool with a terrace-solarium. The water here is fresh, clean and cool - you can refresh yourself in the morning.Nearby are sun beds with comfortable mattresses and sun umbrellas. Some guests prefer to sunbathe here. And by the pool tourists get acquainted, spending time in pleasant communication.

Can you count on amenities for children?

Today, many tourists travel with the whole family, in the company of children. Is the Pristine Resort 2 * hotel complex suitable for this? India, the south of Goa - a great place for rest and recovery, which contributes to the mild climate and healthy air of the sea coast. But, unfortunately, this hotel does not offer any additional services for children. Of course, the rooms here are comfortable, and accommodation with a child is not prohibited, and in the restaurant menu you can find something suitable and useful, but there is no entertainment for the little tourists in the hotel.

What type of holiday is the hotel suitable for?

Immediately it should be said that the national composition is mixed here - at the Pristine Resort 2 * hotel there are Indians, Chinese, European and Asian travelers, which will give you the opportunity to communicate with completely different people. The hotel is recommended to those tourists for whom the main thing for traveling is the beach and the clear sea.This place is ideal for a relaxing, even to some extent secluded relaxation.

Hotel complex Pristine Resort 2 * (Goa): reviews and recommendations from former guests

Official information, of course, is very useful. But what do former guests think about living on the territory of Pristine Resort 2 * (Goa)? Most of the reviews confirm that this is a beautiful and cozy place where you can spend a good vacation. New buildings with modern equipment, and the area is very beautiful. By the way, the pool here is very clean, and the yard is cleaned daily.

The same can be said about the rooms - they are small, but stand out with modern furnishings. There is a working home appliances, and hot water is constantly. They clean it very well - the staff clean every day. The menu in the restaurant seems to some guests a little monotonous, but in general the food is tasty. And many employees perfectly understand the Russian language, so there are no barriers in communication. By the way, the workers are very hospitable and polite - the guests say they feel at home.

In general, tourists recommend the hotel complex Pristine Resort 2 *.Goa is an ideal place for an exotic, bright, memorable holiday. And settling in the hotel, you will not spend a lot of money on accommodation, because the prices are affordable.

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