Hotel Beldibi Santana 3 * (Turkey, Kemer, Beldibi): photos, overview, features of the service and reviews of tourists

Beldibi Santana Hotel 3 * - one of the most popular hotels in Turkey among those that fall into the budget category. It should be noted that it is very often recommended by tour operators, you can also find a lot of positive comments about it left by tourists who chose to spend their holidays here.

So, what features does this place have for recreation? What can guests offer here and what is the approximate cost of a trip to Beldibi Santana (ex. Sir Santana 3 *, Kemer)? Consider all this further in more detail.

Beldibi Santana

General information

This hotel from the very moment of its construction (2017) quickly gained popularity, despite the short time of its existence. Tourists who have already managed to relax in it, say in their comments that their choice fell on this place not only because of its novelty and advantageous location.This was also influenced by the low cost of tours.

The total area of ​​Beldibi Santana Hotel 3 * is small - only 1000 square meters. This area has two main buildings, as well as a bungalow. Tourists really like the general view of the territory, as the hotel’s territory is very fresh and well-groomed, it is planted with flowering exotic plants that Russian tourists like.

As for the concept of staying at the hotel, accommodation with pets is strictly forbidden - some tourists in their reviews about the place to rest have already considered this a negative factor, but it should be understood that a similar rule applies in most resort corners of Turkey. In addition, smoking is strictly forbidden in the hotel’s apartments. It also does not provide rooms with conditions for people with disabilities - this should also be considered when checking in.

Beldibi Santana Hotel practically all tour operators recommend as a place for recreation, ideal for family and youth pastime - any category of tourists will find here a lot of comfortable conditions for themselves.

Based on the reviews left by travelers on the pages of specialized sites, the hotel has a rather high rating. So, on the well-known Tripadvisor portal, living and rest conditions in it are estimated at 4.5 points out of a possible 5, and if you take into account the data from the Booking site, then at this place a mark of 7.9 points out of 10 is assigned to it, which is also a good indicator.

Very often, in reviews of Beldibi Santana 3 *, travelers on the positive side note that many representatives of the hotel staff are fluent in Russian. This is what allows tourists from CIS countries to eliminate the speech barrier and calmly consult on all issues that arise.


The considered hotel is located in a fairly convenient location that tourists have already noticed in their comments posted on the pages on social networks.

Beldibi Santana 3 * (Turkey / Kemer) is located on 2 lines from the seashore, at a distance of 300 m. However, this circumstance does not frighten tourists at all, since it is possible to overcome this distance on foot, without making special efforts for this.

If we talk about the geographical position of the object, the place for recreation is located within one of the most popular and lively resort regions of Turkey - in Kemer, in the small village of Beldibi.It is in the center of Kemer, many travelers go in search of active nightlife and delicious food in catering establishments - there are plenty of them. For this purpose, many guests recommend renting a car at the hotel. You can also go exploring local sights.

What interesting places to visit nearby? Immediately it should be noted that all the main attractions of the region are not far from the location of the hotel, but this does not stop fans of vivid impressions. Travelers love to visit the aquarium, which is located in Antalya, as well as the aquapark "Aqualand" - these objects are located at a distance of about 18 km. In greater accessibility is located the city port, where merchant ships arrive, as well as Kemer pier. Admirers of beautiful nature do not miss the opportunity to visit local parks and reserves, of which there are many in the Kemer and Beldibi areas. The most famous among them are Konyaalti Park, Moonlight, and the Goynuk Canyon. The district has a large number of shops where you can buy not only clothes and groceries, but also souvenirs.Local jewelry shops, as well as salons selling leather goods are very popular. Four times a month, a market is gathered in the main square of Beldibi, where local products are sold, as well as textiles, carpets and other interesting products. As many tourists have already noticed, prices are pleasantly surprising.

If we consider the location of the hotel relative to the main transport links, the nearest airport is located almost 30 km away, in another major resort city - Antalya. In view of this, almost all travel agencies in Russia offer a ticket to Beldibi Santana (ex. Sir Santana), which already includes a transfer service for tourists in both directions. Travelers who used this opportunity, note that the transportation of guests is carried out on a modern comfortable car equipped with air-conditioning equipment.

Beldibi Santana Hotel


Speaking about living conditions, travelers, who spent their holidays at the Beldibi Santana Hotel, say that all apartments are very comfortable, and they offer new modern furniture made from high-quality materials.

The number of rooms of the hotel in question is small - there are only 46 apartments in it.All of them are made in the same style and are presented in one category - standard.

Each room has a small area, which is 16 square meters. m. In its limits installed furniture, designed to accommodate a maximum of three guests. Sleeping places for them are represented by a pair of beds, one of which is designed for one person, and the second for two. Near them are equipped with bedside tables, on which guests can store small everyday accessories. For large clothes there is a wardrobe.

Each room has access to a private balcony, which has a pair of chairs and a coffee table. Some tourists recommend drinking a cup of coffee here, reading a favorite book and sunbathing. The apartment has a dressing table and a large mirror.

The guests speak positively about the view from the windows of the apartments. In particular, from here you can observe not only the endless expanses of the sea, but also the tops of the mountains, as well as the picturesque gardens, which throughout the beach season delight guests with their exotic flowering.

Beldibi Santana Hotel 3 *

Technical equipment

Special attention is paid to the technical equipment of the apartments, which are offered to guests in Beldibi Santana. They note that comfortable conditions are always maintained here with the help of climatic equipment that allows you to set an acceptable temperature. It is presented in the form of a central air conditioner that operates on certain hours.

For a fee, guests staying here can use a landline telephone and Wi-Fi access. As for the rates, telephone calls are charged depending on the country to which the call is made and how long it is, and Internet access is provided for about two dollars per day.

If it is necessary to ensure the additional preservation of valuable items of small size, tourists have the opportunity to request installation in the personal safe room The cost of renting it is slightly less than a couple of dollars a day.

The hotel guests negatively say that the rooms do not have mini-bars in which you can store soft drinks. However, it should be noted that instead of them there are refrigerators in the Beldibi Santana apartments, in which tourists have the opportunity to store not only drinks, but also snacks, as well as food.Free time, many guests of this place to relax spend watching TV, which are installed in each room. Each of them is connected to a satellite broadcasting system, several Russian-language channels are broadcast here.


All apartments in this hotel have a private bathroom. As the guests note, everything in it is arranged so that guests can comfortably take a shower and relax after an active day. In particular, from the plumbing there is a bathroom, a shower and a sink. In addition, each tourist at the entrance to the hotel receives a set of bath accessories, which consists of a towel, bathrobe and a pair of slippers, as well as soap.

If desired, guests can use a hairdryer to dry hair.

Conditions for children

According to tourists, for the youngest guests in the hotel in question there are also some conditions that help make their stay at the hotel more comfortable. In particular, separate playgrounds located in the open air are equipped for children: one of them is designed for games and active pastime, and the second is a swimming pool.The hotel administration emphasizes that the children's pool here is made with all safety standards, has a special anti-slip coating, as well as a water purification system.

At the entrance to the hotel with a child, tourists can request the installation of a special bed in the room, which is designed for children from 3 to 12 years old.


Tourists say negatively that in Beldibi Santana 3 * hotel entertainment programs are rarely held. You can catch them only once a week and only during the period when the holiday season lasts, that is, from May 15. During such events, guests can watch performances of talented music and dance groups.

Due to the lack of conditions for active night rest on the hotel, most of the tourists go in search of it to the coastline, where there are several nightclubs, bars and restaurants, as well as to Kemer, where the nightlife is real.

Many tourists also prefer to have fun by mastering extreme water sports. Within the beach there are several points in which they are engaged in vocational training for surfing and water skiing.All activities are carried out under the guidance of experienced instructors and only with a license. Fans of scuba diving can also do it here by renting special equipment.

Beldibi Santana 3 * reviews


In the reviews of Beldibi Santana 3 * it is often said that the hotel has an individual aquazone. It is small in size, which many guests perceive as a minus - its total area is 55 square meters. m

There is a small sun terrace around the pool, where guests can sunbathe in the open air, sitting on large loungers. In order to protect themselves from the harmful effects of the sun, tourists can use beach umbrellas.

Beldibi Santana 3 * Turkey Kemer 2 line


Travelers are positive about food, which is offered in Beldibi Santana Hotel 3 * (Turkey / Kemer / Beldibi). Here it is carried out in a large restaurant and bar, which is located near the pool.

The main restaurant is open from seven in the morning until half past eight in the evening. Starting from the moment of opening, a buffet is served at the establishment, for which all guests who live according to the all-inclusive concept are invited.As the guests note, very talented chefs work at the local restaurant who prepare dishes in the style of Mediterranean cuisine, as well as European. The guests of the hotel pay special attention to true oriental sweets that are served here - they, judging by the reviews, have extraordinary taste qualities.

As for the bar, in the "all inclusive" mode it operates from 10 am to 9 pm. After this time, this institution works exclusively on a fee basis. The menu includes flavored desserts, snacks, and the freshest exotic fruits. Guests of Beldibi Santana 3 * (Turkey / Kemer) note that the bar offers a huge assortment of soft drinks and colorful cocktails, including alcoholic beverages.

The hotel has a small barbecue area. If necessary, tourists can cook for themselves vegetables, meat or fish. All accessories that will be needed for this can be requested from the administration - they are provided completely free of charge.

Beldibi Santana Hotel 3 * Beldibi Kemer Turkey

Sport and spa

As the statistics show, a huge number of tourists who rest in Beldibi Santana Hotel 3 * (Kemer / Beldibi), love to devote part of their time to relaxation procedures.For this purpose, the hotel in question provides an excellent thermal area, represented by a combination of hammam, sauna and bath. It should be noted that a team of experienced parmasters works here, who will be able to organize recreational soaring. All the services provided in this complex are paid and very popular.

As for sports fans, for them Beldibi Santana is equipped with a room for playing table tennis. Also, tourists can engage in exercises on the open playground, some of the rest prefer to play volleyball on it. In addition to all this, on the coastline tourists are offered a huge selection of water sports and sports, which have already been mentioned earlier.


Sea lovers prefer to spend most of their time on the coast. The hotel has its own plot on a common lane, the length of which is 50 meters. In the reviews of Beldibi Santana Hotel 3 *, guests say that the site is quite clean and picturesque. It is covered with soft sand, which in some places is mixed with small pebbles.The descent into the sea is gentle and gradual, which allows you to relax with your children and almost never worry about their safety. Sun loungers and umbrellas are installed throughout the beach area - these accessories are available for free. Tourists who rested here in the comments left recommend taking a towel to the beach, as they are not available here.

For the convenience of tourists near the coastline installed showers, public toilets, as well as changing rooms. This makes guests on the beach more comfortable.

The beach strip and the territory of the hotel are divided by a busy highway and a promenade. Some tourists consider this a significant disadvantage, especially if the rest is in the company of a child. In addition, there is no underground passage to safely cross the road.


If we talk about the cost of the tour in the hotel in question, many tourists consider it quite acceptable. In the reviews about Beldibi Santana, most of the guests say that the average cost of the tour here is only about 25,000 rubles, which almost every Russian can afford.In addition, the price includes not only a two-week stay in the apartments of the general standard category, but also transportation costs for return flights and transfer. If desired, vacationers can also include in the price of the general package tours of interesting places Beldibi and Kemer. However, seasoned travelers categorically do not recommend this, since upon arrival in Turkey it is found that their cost is almost half as much.

Hotel Beldibi Santana 3 *

Separately, guests can pay for additional services at the hotel, such as renting a safe or using Wi-Fi. As for the methods of calculation, you can pay in cash (in dollars) and by bank transfer, using the cards of international banking systems.

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