Honda Elysion car review

CarHondaElysionIt was developed by the Japanese company of the same name with the aim of self-approval in the minivan market. The novelty was first introduced during the Tokyo Auto Show in 2003. It should be noted that similar models from its main competitors (Nissan and Toyota) saw the light a few years before.

First failures

The serial production of the car began in May 2004. The developers pinned great hopes on the model and claimed incredible potential.HondaElysion. ReviewsExperts and first auto buyers showed that the success of any car does not greatly depend on the wishes and ambitions of the manufacturer.

Honda elysion

For the first few years, the number of sales of new items did not reach the expected volumes, in contrast to its main competitors. In this regard, the company leaders decided on the need for an urgent car upgrade. According to their idea, eachcharacteristicHondaElysionAs a result, in 2006, a new version of the minivan was born.

Exterior and interior

The updated version of the car should emphasize the present of its owner and hint at the belonging of the car to the high class. In general, the model began to look more solid. Japanese engineers have equipped the new elegant grille, chrome-plated. HeadlightsHondaElysion, compared with the previous modification, were slightly raised.

honda elysion reviews

Chairs inside are arranged according to the scheme 2-3-3. Both the sliding and the back doors were equipped with automatic devices. In the interior decoration has become widely used so invited inserts under the tree. Thus, the salon began to look more expensive. A liquid crystal display appeared on the front console, which fit very ergonomically here.


Under the hood of the carHondaElysioncan accommodate a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine or a three-liter V-shaped "six". The first version of the power unit is equipped with an automatic control system for the opening of valves and valve timing. Due to this, power at high revs is more efficient, while in the low range, maximum torque is achieved.In cars with the second version of the engine, the possibility of automatic adjustment of the number of functioning cylinders is provided. In other words, depending on the driving style, the car can independently switch on or off the last three cylinders, which allows to significantly reduce the size of fuel consumption. Both engines work in conjunction with a five-speed manual transmission.

Top version

The desire of the company to surpass its competitors is clearly visible by the most "charged" modificationHondaElysion, which is called Prestige and is considered a full-fledged representative of the VIP-family.

Characteristics of Honda Elysion

The most powerful of all engines available in the arsenal of this manufacturer is installed on the machine. It is a six-cylinder V-shaped unit with a volume of 3.5 liters. The motor is made using advanced technologies in the automotive industry of the time. The power of this engine reaches 300 hp. The body of the minivan is slightly increased compared to the standard version. Thus, the developers have made the car look even more representative. As for the interior, its design, with the exception of some small details, has not changed.

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