"Heroes 5": codes and description

Heroes of Might and Magic V is a long-awaited continuation of a series of games of the genre with RPG elements. At this time, the development of the project took control of the Russian developers from the company Nival Interactive. The owners of the franchise from the studio “Ubisoft” supervised and published the fifth part of “Heroes”.

In today's article we have gathered some important information regarding the project, and also compiled a list of useful codes for "Heroes 5".

The plot of the universe Heroes V

The fifth part of “Heroes” made a significant indent from the history of previous games and transferred events to a completely new universe. The world was named Askhan, it is in it that users will begin their journey.

The plot originates twenty years after the last war with demonic creatures. The day of the imperial king's engagement is overshadowed by a sudden lunar eclipse, after which Shio devils appear in the palace. The king manages to destroy the uninvited guests, but the celebration has to be postponed indefinitely. Every day the undead is getting closer to the Empire, and this means that the heroes must again go to war.

Cheats for "Heroes 5"

Significant innovations

They are as follows:

  • in contrast to the predecessors, the graphics in the fifth part are 3D;
  • in multiplayer mode, a new option "Quick Battle" (in it, players can use the limiting of moves in order to reduce the time of the match);
  • now each side of the fighting can see the traces of their rivals - they change and increase with the size of the armies;
  • addition "Lord of the North" has got a special mode with simultaneous moves.

The next part of the article will deal specifically with cheats and codes for "Heroes 5", but first we will talk about how to get access to the developer line.

Console activation

Activating the mode of using cheat codes requires making some changes to the game file. Before proceeding to the next steps to open the console, we recommend creating a copy of the file.

  1. Open the game file autoexec. cfg via notepad. You can find it in a folder called gamedirprofiles.
  2. We scroll the opened document to the very end and enter (copy) the following: setvar dev_console_password = schwinge-des-todes (do not forget to put spaces before and after the equal sign).
  3. We go into the game and hold down the "" key (tilde, or the letter "E").If everything was done correctly, then after this action the console should appear.
cheat codes for "Heroes 5"

Cheats and codes for "Gerov 5"

The following commands must be entered in the console that appears. In order for them to be activated, you must press the Enter key.

  • add_exp "number" - the code adds any given number of experience to the character;
  • add_skill "skill / ability" - adds a certain number of points to a specific skill / ability;
  • add_army gremlin15 (do not forget to put a space before the number) - replenishes the army with 10 recruits, arrows, squires, guards, inquisitors, paladins, archangels (it is noteworthy that after activating this cheat team, the player "sacrifices" one selected unit);
  • show_player_money "player_number" - using this code to "Heroes 5", the user can access information on the number of resources belonging to any selected player;
  • show_hero_mp - the team shows all the information about the moves of any selected battle participant;
  • add_army town "city number" "0/1" - the army is filled with monsters from selected cities;
  • add_money "any value" - the player’s account is replenished with a certain amount of resources (the amount of gold increases a thousand times more);
  • add_all_spells - the selected user learns all the spells available in the game;
  • clear_money - player's account with all resources is reduced to zero;
cheats and codes for & quot; Heroes 5 & quot;
  • add_gold "any value" - the player’s account is replenished with the necessary amount of gold;
  • set_hero_luck_morale "value of luck", "value of morality" - the code makes changes to the basic definitions of the qualities of morality and luck in favor of one player;
  • and last: @Win "mission name" - the player passes the selected mission.

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