Headset Plantronics: models, instructions, reviews

When talking about bulky tablets, you often want to find a solution that will allow you not to experience discomfort from the size of the device during conversations. The Plantronics headset of any series and model will provide an opportunity during a conversation with the interlocutor to walk or do other things without holding hands. Consider the most successful devices from this manufacturer.

Plantronics EXPLORER 500

This headset is different in that it transmits sound in a fairly high quality. It is delivered in a box that has transparent edges. Therefore, you can easily evaluate the design of the device and determine in time whether it is suitable or not. What is included? Nozzle on the ear of the consumer, a charging cable, a bow that allows you to mount, an adapter that connects to the cigarette lighter, documentation. Charger plugs are decorated interesting - they have a magnetic lock.

The Plantronics headset comes in two colors: white and black. Among themselves in appearance, they differ in the applied pattern.On the case of the headset is a special button that allows you to transfer the device from one mode to another. The LED informs the user about exactly how the device works. The surface of the model 500 is made of plastic. It is equipped with a soft-touch coating. The case is non-marking, so fingerprints will not be visible. The microphone disappeared on the side, it is decorated pretty nicely. Its grille protects the part from excessive contamination. During the wind, it is convenient to talk, speech is legible, the interlocutor does not hear noise and other interferences. In order that the extra sounds do not interfere with the conversation, an additional microphone is installed. Unfortunately, moisture protection is not provided. In general, the Plantronics headset is comfortable; when worn over time, the device ceases to be felt on the auricle, there is no discomfort. The control is excellent, there are no problems during operation.plantronics headset

Plantronics EXPLORER 500 headset software

The headset will work with the device immediately after instant connection. In order to start using additional features, you will need to download a small number of programs.They are compatible with any mobile operating systems. The main security with which Plantronics Bluetooth headset is being sold allows you to view general device information, as well as monitor battery power. There are several additional options and the ability to change the language. Moreover, built-in brief instructions on the use of the headset.

If you wish, you can install additional software that will allow you to search for a headset within a few meters.bluetooth headset plantronics

Headset Plantronics EXPLORER 500 in work

The addiction to wearing occurs already on the first day of using the device. The user ceases to feel it. Even with a long period of wearing irritation and discomfort do not appear. When making a call to get a smartphone or tablet is not necessary.

According to consumer reviews, the Plantronics Bluetooth headset is truly a great device. It allows you to remotely monitor incoming and outgoing calls, type text using voice, reply to messages. Interlocutors hear the voice quite well. Due to the high level of noise reduction, you can talk in a moving car or in a noisy lobby.Emphasis made the manufacturer to enhance the high frequencies. Such a decision influenced the playback of music tracks, but the conversation is still guaranteed HD-quality.wireless headset plantronics

Plantronics Voyager Edge

Plantronics' Voyager Edge wireless headset is presented in a modern and interesting design. The device has sharp corners that attracts additional consumers. In the gray version of the device, the front of the headset is made of plastic. The case does not get dirty.

Inspecting the device, you can see the connector for the charger. Inside the case is a mesh of bright material. It was she who protects from the wind. There are three microphones. The manufacturer has taken care of protection against the ingress of dust and water. It is allowed to use in the rain.

You can wear a headset with or without the handle. It comes in several sizes, so it will be easy for you to choose the necessary one. Sits perfectly on the ear, there is no discomfort. Plantronics wireless headset has a pillow that is made of silicone - it is soft and does not interfere with the consumer. Comes with a case. It is ideal for those who prefer to use the headset only while making a call. Next, consider whether it is convenient to control the device.headset plantronics reviews

Plantronics Voyager Edge Management

The Plantronics headset, reviews of which are positive in most cases, has special buttons on the case. The developers have installed a lever to switch the volume. Switching on and off are performed using a special button. You can accept the call by pressing the key on the front. The microphone's foot is equipped with a command activation function, so control is also carried out using voice. Unfortunately, they only work in English. The overall management system is clear and simple.

Of the available commands that the headset provides, you can note the following: the ability to find out the battery charge, the operating mode, call back a contact, or send a message. The last option is disabled if necessary. The function works fine, so you should not worry that the headset will suddenly not let you know about the incoming call. The device can notify the number of the subscriber recorded in the contact book. However, this works only for those who are signed in English.plantronics headset instruction

Battery specifications

The manufacturer announced that the headset is capable of working without recharging for about 6 hours. If there is a cover, then the term is extended to 16 hours. These numbers are quite impressive.How to extend the operation of the device from the Plantronics battery? The headset, the instructions for which describes in detail the characteristics of the battery, is equipped with good performance. To check this, it is enough to take it out when you make a call and talk using this device, and after the end of the conversation put it back in the case. At the expense of sensors, it is not necessary to press a button to accept a call. The manufacturer clearly made sure that the consumer did not suffer from a lack of battery power. After all, the standard five hours is often not enough. In order to charge the headset, it will take about 90 minutes.wired headset plantronics

The result

The article describes two popular and successful models of the Plantronics brand. They have received many positive feedback from consumers. What is the difference between a Plantronics wired headset and one that works with a Bluetooth module? The fact that the latter is much easier to use. Although there are flaws in the quality of a weak battery, yet such devices are much more convenient than wired ones.

What model to prefer is a personal matter for everyone, but still it is worth looking at the options that have been suitable for many consumers.

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