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Harold Perrino (former surname sounded like Williams) - an American actor remembered by the audience of the world rolled by the roles of Michael Dawson (series “Lost”), working in the last two films of the trilogy “The Matrix”, as well as the incarnation of Mercutio in the sensational film production Romeo and Juliet, directed by Baz Lurman. Harold played with Anthony Hopkins in the thriller "On the Edge." He is also known as a musician and singer. The actor does not hesitate to participate in political life - in particular, he supported Barack Obama.Harold Perrino

Harold Perrino: Biography

Born the future famous actor on the seventh of August, one thousand nine hundred and sixty-three, in the most densely populated area of ​​New York called Brooklyn. His parents were Harold Williams and Sylvia Perrino, who had never been married. To avoid confusion, the future actor officially took the maternal surname. Harold studied at Shenandoah University (Conservatory), where he studied music theory and history. But life did not allow him to graduate from this school.

First roles

As a stage actor, Harold Perrino began working in nineteen eighty-six. He was noticed and began to be invited to the castings. Two years later he began to act in films. He played cameo roles in the films Extortion and The King of New York. In the early nineties, Harold tried himself in the series, in particular in the episodes of "I fly away." In 1995, he played the first significant role of Thomas Cole, nicknamed Rashid in the drama Smoke, for which he was nominated for the Independent Spirit award. Then he participated in the film production of “Blood and Wine” and finally appeared in the role of Mercutio in the sensational melodrama “Romeo and Juliet” with the young DiCaprio, where the action of the tragedy of Shakespeare is transferred to modernity. English classics and subsequently attracted the actor. He especially likes the plays of Shakespeare and has appeared in the last productions of “Lady Macbeth” and “The Storm” (in the latter he played Ariel).Harold Perrino Movies

The most famous films

In the mid-nineties, the actor makes a brilliant career. After the success of the film "Romeo and Juliet" Perrino Harold starred in the adventure film "On the Edge", in which he plays an assistant to the main character Stephen, who dies in a fight with a bear.A year later, he was invited to the series “Prison of Oz” about psychological experiments on dangerous prisoners in a special block called “The Emerald City”. The actor acts as a prisoner with disability Agastes Hill, who likes to sum up the moral results in each episode. But what was the most recognizable role that Harold Perrino played? Films, where the actor participated, and later brought success, but it was “The Matrix” that became unforgettable. Harold plays the cameraman, and then the pilot of the Nebuchadnezzar rebel ship. The actor participated in this role and in an online game based on the “Matrix”, where he taught new gamers. From two thousand and four years of Perrino removed in the drama "Lost". There he played the role of Michael Dawson, one of the survivors on the island after the liner crash. This is a complex and multifaceted character, child-loving, interesting and trying to improve relations with a teenage son. Last season he dies and reappears only as a ghost.Harold Perrino biography

Harold Perrino: recent roles and personal life

Over the past ten years, the actor has appeared in several other popular films and TV shows: “30 days of the night.Dark Times, Transit, Sons of Anarchy. He is also remembered for his role as Steve, the bass guitar player in the comedy Wedding Orchestra. Of the films of recent years, where he has played significant roles, “Squealer”, “Nation Z” and “Constantine” are worth mentioning. Recently, Harold returned to work on stage. Last year he played Lopakhin on Broadway in the production of "The Cherry Orchard" based on Chekhov's play. The actor is married to a successful model, who also tried herself in the role of an actress. Brittany Perrino presented him with three daughters - Aurora Robinson, Winter Aria and Holiday Grace. The youngest daughter was born three years ago. Harold's wife also starred in episodic roles in several TV shows, in particular in Survivor.Perrino Harold

Musical career

Harold Perrino successfully tries himself not only as an actor, but also as a singer. He made his debut in two thousand and seven, with the single "Stay Strong." The money collected from its sale went to the treatment of wounded American soldiers. Then he appeared in the video clip of the famous “Yes, wi-ken”, which played a significant role in the election campaign of Barack Obama. For the actor is very important musical career.In this regard, Harold is working with producer Tomo in der Mühlen and with him is preparing to release the disc. He often appears on television shows live with a musical group (two guitars, bass player and keyboard player). In the same composition in April, two thousand and ten, he played in the New York club "Ze Mint". He is invited to act in various music videos.

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