Harm of beer for men and women. Harm of non-alcoholic beer

The most common drink among men is beer. Many even consider it a low-alcohol beverage that does not cause any harm. It is possible to speak about the harmlessness of beer only when the permissible rate is not exceeded, which is only half a liter per week, but this is too low for brewers. Moreover, drinking beer is becoming popular among women and teenagers. Advertising this intoxicating drink assures the consumer of safety, as it is made from natural products. Still, the harm of beer is obvious, it can cause serious problems and even lead to alcoholism.

The development of beer alcoholism

Dependence on beer gained popularity for a long time, but it does not affect the lovers of a relaxing elixir. Problems with the heart, kidneys, liver, reproductive system - this is not the whole list of what beer alcoholism can lead to.Signs of it are not immediately noticed, and alcohol gradually destroys the human body.

harm beer

The development of chronic alcoholism from strong alcoholic beverages occurs 3-4 times slower than from beer. The result of the detrimental effect of a hop drink can be:

- high blood pressure;

- defeat of the analyzers of sight and hearing;

- cirrhosis of the liver;

- improper functioning of the spinal cord;

- myocardial dystrophy;

- gastritis, hepatitis, neuropathy, pancreatitis.

The harm of beer is also manifested in the fact that people who are ill with beer alcoholism never recognize it on their own. If they go to the hospital, then their condition is extremely serious, neglected, there is a decrease in personal assessment and dementia.

The influence of beer on the heart

One of the most destructive and harmful consequences of drinking is a bad heart. The danger lies in the fact that the body cavity expands, walls thicken, mitochondria decrease, which are caused by cobalt, designed to stabilize beer foam. The processes of inflammation in the stomach and esophagus can also be a consequence of the action of cobalt.The work of the heart violates carbon dioxide, which is in the beer. This can cause varicose veins and expansion of the borders of the heart. As a result, the normal functioning of the heart is impaired, it begins to pump blood poorly, it becomes flabby and sags. This condition of the body is called the syndrome of "kapron stocking" or the syndrome of "beer heart". With the systematic use of beer there is a risk of occurrence of such diseases as coronary heart disease, arrhythmia, heart attack.

harm beer for men

The effect of beer on the stomach

The harm of drinking beer is manifested in the functioning of the entire digestive system. People who suffer from gastrointestinal diseases are not recommended to drink beer. As a result of the increased persistent consumption of the hop drink, the gastric juice begins to stand out more intensively. Hydrochloric acid, which is contained in it, eats away mucous membranes, which contributes to the occurrence of inflammatory processes, the emergence of chronic or acute gastritis.

Beer abuse is clearly reflected in the work of the stomach. After drinking a few bottles of heartburn, bloating and heaviness of the stomach, belching.In addition, gas formation increases, digestion is disturbed, the volume of the stomach increases, which provokes the appearance of problems with excess weight.

The effect of beer on the liver

The main task of the liver is to cleanse the body of toxic and harmful substances, toxins that enter it in different ways. The liver is also responsible for removing the breakdown products of vital processes, producing glucose, preserving vitamins, and participating in the digestive process. For those who like to drink beer, the liver is in danger, as a very heavy load falls on it. Instead of removing unnecessary substances from the body, all the efforts of the liver are spent on combating toxic ethyl alcohol. Alcohol and liver are incompatible in principle, and if every day to consume a liter of beer, then this will be a direct and irrevocable way to develop hepatitis, which will eventually turn into cirrhosis. Fighting alcohol and fermentation products, the liver weakens every day. Based on this, you need to think carefully every time before opening another bottle of intoxicating drink.

non-alcoholic beer, harm

The influence of beer on the kidneys

Some say about the positive effects of the body on the kidneys, referring to the fact that it acts no worse than any diuretic.But is it really so? The urinary excretion caused by this low-alcoholic drink, unnatural, along with the urine from the body out beneficial vitamins and trace elements such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, fats, vitamin C, proteins. Due to their lack in the body, various abnormalities occur: the immune system is weakened, brain activity is disturbed, mood changes, insomnia often worries. Violation of the acid-base balance leads to more intensive work of the kidneys, which eventually suffer from this.

Effect on hormones

The composition of the beer includes toxic substances that affect the endocrine system. In the male body, as a result of the systematic use of beer, the production of testosterone is suppressed and the production of female sex hormones begins. As a result of the excessive use of this drink, women gradually begin to appear "beer mustache" and their voice grows coarser. In men, the breast begins to grow, fat deposits are deposited on the abdomen and hips, and thus the male figure takes on the shape of a female.

harm beer for women

Danger to men

It is believed that beer for men is completely harmless.This is yes, but on condition of moderate consumption. If you drink it in large doses, the harm to beer is quite significant for a man. Besides the fact that beer produces estrogen, it also has a general effect on the body. Estrogen contributes to the appearance of disorders in the male sexual functions, which leads to weak erections and the development of impotence.

Studies by Scottish scientists have shown that by consuming more than 12 glasses of drink a week, a person already harms the body. Beer in doses that are close to 7 liters, threatens with the possibility of death from stroke.

Regular and excessive consumption of beer contributes to the expansion of the lumen of blood vessels, which eventually turns into hypertension. When a person has chronic kidney disease, beer is contraindicated because the diseased organs are overloaded due to increased urination. Therefore, the harm of beer for a man is as obvious as the harm of any other alcoholic beverage.

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Danger to women

Women who drink beer have a mustache and a coarse voice. The harm of beer for women who breastfeed is that it directly affects the health of the baby.

Experts unanimously argue that only moonshine can be compared with the negative effect of beer. In the female body, which received a large dose of beer, it can cause intoxication. Useful substances in the product are killed during the pasteurization of beer, so that information about its benefits is only a myth.

Many of the fair sex do not see the danger in the use of the drink, as it consists of phytoestrogens - compounds that prolong youth. It is worth remembering that only those substances that are developed by him are useful for the organism. The use of phytoestrogens significantly reduces the body's natural production of this hormone. The harm of beer is that it contributes to premature aging due to the gradual atrophy of the hormonal system. Also, regular consumption of beer for women faces endometriosis, the appearance of a cyst in the ovaries.

Harm of beer during pregnancy

Women are strongly advised to refrain from drinking alcohol, including beer, especially in large doses.The harm of beer for women consists not only in influencing its body, but also on the health of its future children. The use of even low-alcohol beverages threatens to stop the external flow of hormones, which makes it difficult to get pregnant. There are also cases when a pregnancy develops, in which the fetus dies with time. This is the so-called missed abortion. In addition, women who regularly consume beer, can begin preterm labor and exfoliate the placenta. The harm of beer to the health of a pregnant woman cannot be exaggerated, so expectant mothers should think about the possible consequences before buying another can of intoxicating drink.

harm to drinking beer

Nonalcoholic beer

Some fans of the magic elixir may be asked about what harm from non-alcoholic beer. The technology of making non-alcoholic beer is identical to the technology of making ordinary beer. The only difference is in the suppression of fermentation and the use of special yeast. Alcohol from beer is removed by vacuum distillation or by reverse osmosis.There are two ways to remove alcohol: membrane and thermal. In the process of the first, special solvents are used, which change the taste, and at the second all useful substances disappear.

The legislation of many countries imposes a restriction on the alcohol content of beverages, so many companies that brew beer moderately reduce it in their products. This reduces taxes and makes it easier to get a license in small shops. In countries where Islam is practiced, alcoholic beverages are prohibited, so beer is made with the aromas of strawberries, apples or peaches. The harm of this drink also affects the human body. In some US states it is prohibited to sell non-alcoholic beer to those who have not yet reached the age of 18.

Harm of non-alcoholic beer

Among scientists, there has been a long discussion, the main object of which is non-alcoholic beer. The harm of this drink is proven, but it still does not lose popularity in the society of those lovers who intend to lead a sober lifestyle or are constantly driving a car. The harm of beer is manifested in a negative effect on the internal organs of a person, especially on the heart.Non-alcoholic beer, as usual, affects the functioning of the endocrine system. Non-alcoholic beer is strictly contraindicated to those people who have already suffered from alcohol problems. Also, non-alcoholic beer should not be consumed by pregnant and lactating women. Removing alcohol from a drink does not clear it of harmful substances that are in it.

harm of beer on the human body

What is not customary to talk

As modern research shows, beer is the first legal drug that paves the way for others. Narcologists are unanimous in the fact that alcohol is the most aggressive of all drugs. Special harshness in human behavior results from the abuse of beer. It has also been scientifically proven that the harm of beer on the human body can be compared to the harm of moonshine. After all, beer in the fermentation process retains esters, methanol, fusel oils, aldehydes.

Recently, Russia is showing records in beer consumption. This is not strange, because advertising imposes on citizens the thought of the benefits of beer, of the positive effects on the body of adults and children. The most absurd is the recommendation of some media to use beer for children for better sleep, and for lactating women and pregnant women for better lactation.Advertising does not care about the health of the nation, but about its potential customers. It is designed primarily for young people who are accustomed to beer early and then will not be able to refuse it.

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