Hands off the fraternal DPRK!

Although, without our protests, Donald Trump zassal ...
So says a prominent military expert from Russia, Igor Korotchenko.
Formally, this parade was dedicated to the Day of the Sun (Kim Il Sung's birthday), but this year, of course, the main recipient was Comrade Trump.
Infinitely, you can watch these performances already because of one narration accompaniment. Already goosebumps. I can imagine all the Pentagon hawks shaking along with Trump!
Well, seriously, I would really like to fuck this papier-mâché rocket, but this is an emotional feeling, in fact, this wonderful ass of the world needs to be cherished and nurtured.
This is a showcase! This is a showcase of socialism, this is a showcase of isolationism.
There is no better, more convincing argument than comparing the two Koreas.

Previously, this role was played by Germany with its two halves. Unfortunately, this visual aid is no longer ... And today you can already find idiots telling how the Germans from the Federal Republic of Germany envied their fellow tribesmen from the GDR))
Thank God, there are still two Koreas.This is even better, since for the Soviet people the level of the GDR-life seemed like paradise, and nobody could even dream of the FRG.
With the Koreas, the situation is different. Here you can choose which way to go. We are up to South Korea to crawl and crawl, but to the level of the DPRK, there is also much to "grow" ...
But, in fact, today we are marching towards North Korea with leaps and bounds.

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